Real Group: Get Real (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: Get Real

Song Name   Arranger
A Cappella in Acapulco   Anders Edenroth
A Child is Born   Mikael Raberg
Dancing Queen   Karlsson / Anders Edenroth
Wait and See   Anders Edenroth
How Come It Is So Hard To Be The Way You Are   Anders Edenroth
What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?   Gene Puerling
For the One I Love   Anders Edenroth
Flight of the Foo-Brids   Anders Jalkeus
Love Is Meant For Everybody   Peder Karlsson
Come Together   Morgan Ames
Strawberry Fields Forever    Peder Karlsson
It Don't Mean a Thing   Anders Edenroth
Kristallen Den Fina   Peder Karlsson

Produced by The Real Group / Jan Apelholm

A Korean import, this CD is similar to the Real Group's earlier release, 'Unreal,' with a few very exciting differences. If you've ever looked at their sheet music collection published by 'Walton,' you may have stumbled upon a song called 'How Come Its So Hard To Be The Way You Are?' If you've listened to a decent amount of their Swedish repertoire, you would have learned that the song is actually the English version of 'Varfor Far Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Ar?' But where can you find the English version of this song? Look no further, its on 'Get Real.' A few other new highlights to this CD are a studio version of 'Strawberry Fields Forever,' their award-winning cover of 'Dancing Queen,' and you'll get to hear English lyrics added to 'For The One I Love.' All three of these additional tracks show off the group's virtuoso ability to create a vocal accompaniment that you will swear sounds more like other instruments rather than the human voice! While you may have heard many of the tracks on this CD before, this is a must have for all Real Group fans worldwide!

4754 00 1 CD $19.98   Mixed | 5 Members | Sweden | A Cappella | Vocal Jazz CDs