Real Group: Live In Stockholm (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: Live In Stockholm

Song Name   Arranger
Splanky   Margareta Jalkeus
When I Fall In Love   Anders Edenroth
Good Bait   Peder Karlsson
Lil darlin'   Anders Jalkeus
There Will Never Be Another You   A. Jalkeus / Anders Edenroth
Night And Day   Anders Edenroth
Waltz For Debby   Peder Karlsson
'Round Midnight   Mikael Raberg
I've Found A New Baby   Peder Karlsson
Come Sunday   Anders Jalkeus
Strawberry Fields Forever   Peder Karlsson
Den Lysnande Maria   Anders Edenroth

Produced by The Real Group / Jan Apelholm

Wah-wah-wa-wa-wahao, and so we dive into the beginning of "Splanky," that classic of wordless scat with the driving jazz chords which usually need the accompaniment of a big band to be so effective. Yow! Ok, ok, lets quiet it down with the subtle vocal intertwining of "When I Fall In Love." And now give them a medium tempo, combo feeling, with "Good Bait." Thus a great performance takes the audience though successive tempo changes, moods, and by a recording lets those of us who never had the chance to see the live Real Group experience that. They are so polished that it is easy to forget this is live until the end of each song reminds us of the audience. Every Real Group fan should have this one.?

Listen to Waltz For Debby in RealAudio.

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