Real Group: Debut (00 1 CD)

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Real Group: Debut

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
All of Me   Anders Edenroth
Misty   Anders Jalkeus
Joy Spring   Anders Jalkeus
Coffee Calls For A Cigarette   Anders Jalkeus
Medgon Knsliga Fr Grnt   Peder Karlsson
Blues For Alice   Anders Edenroth
Li'l Darlin   Anders Jalkeus
Night And Day   Anders Edenroth
As Time Goes By   Anders Jalkeus
BĀtlĀt   Anders Jalkeus
My Romance   Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart   Anders Jalkeus
VĀrsĀng   Peder Karlsson
Who Put The Bomp   Anders Edenroth

Produced by The Real Group

This album is the first by The Real Group (recorded in 1987) as you might suspect from the title. It was recorded with two microphones straight to a two-track tape deck with no mix down. Amazing! They are already so good you won't realize that fact by the most critical listening. What dynamic balance! The original release was a vinyl edition of 2500. In 1995 that early recording was rereleased on cd and given the appropriate title, Debut. Of the thirteen tunes, three are sung in Swedish, while the rest are the types of familiar covers that we've come to expect, "All Of Me," "Misty," "Li'l Darlin'," "Night And Day," "As Time Goes By," "My Romance" and "Who Put The Bomp," among others. It's a must for anyone who is following the career of this extraordinary group.

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