Moses Hogan: Deep River Songbook (High Voice) (Solo 01 Songbook)

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Moses Hogan: Deep River Songbook (High Voice)

Song Name   Arranger
He Never Said A Mumblin Word   Moses Hogan
My Good Lord's Been Done Here, Were You There?   Moses Hogan
He's Got the Whole World in his Hands   Moses Hogan
Give Me Jesus    Moses Hogan
Somebody's Knockin' At Yo' Door   Moses Hogan
Let Us Break Bread Together   Moses Hogan
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child   Moses Hogan
Walk Together Children   Moses Hogan
Where You There?   Moses Hogan
Deep River   Moses Hogan

Directed by Moses Hogan

Features 10 spirituals as interpreted by acclaimed conductor and arranger Moses Hogan.

3346 Solo 01 Songbook $16.98   40 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12 | Solo | Spirituals for Solo Voice