Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 1998 (00 1 CD)

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Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 1998

Song Name   As Performed By
In a Mellow Tone   +4db
Some Lucky Day   Metropolis
Good Lovin'   Heebee-jeebees
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face   Acapelicans
This Island Earth   Cool Schooz
That's How You Jazz (medley)   City Lights
Wake Up Call   Blind Man's Bluff
Get It On   Ball In The House
Virtual Insanity   Blind Man's Bluff
Happy World   Acapelicans
Maritime Folk Song   Heebee-jeebees
Chili Con Carne   +4db
Coronet Man   City Lights
Yakko's World   Metropolis
Crawlin'   Ball In The House
Sign Your Name Across My Heart   Cool Schooz
Improvised Jam   SoVoSo

Produced by Buddy Saleman / John Neal

We are fortunate indeed to have assembled such a truly talented group of finalists for the 1998 Harmony Sweeps. Winners Metropolis, the barbershop quartet from Southern California, sing "Some Lucky Day" and the entertaining "Yakko's World." Audience favorite (and second-place finishers) +4dB begin the festivities with "In A Mellow Tone" and also perform the Real Group's "Chile Con Carne." Other groups include Canadians the Heebee-jeebees, catalog favorites Blind Man's Bluff, Ball in the House and Acapelicans (from Australia), Cool Shooz and the third place winners, the Sweet Adelines' quartet City Lights. Bonus performance: An improvised jam by our evening's hosts, SoVoSo.

2998 00 1 CD $12.95   Mixed | United States | A Cappella | Harmony Sweepstakes CDs