Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 1997 (00 1 CD)

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Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 1997

Song Name   As Performed By
Say   Sovoso
Say A Prayer   Sovoso
Stray Cat Strut   DaVinci's Notebook
Nuclear Power   Graffiti Tribe
Change The World   Graffiti Tribe
Nothing Is Written   This Side Up
Hush   This Side Up
Higher And Higher   Chicago Voice Exchange
Spiderman   Chicago Voice Exchange
Get Down Tonight   Five O'Clock Shadow
All I Want   Five O'Clock Shadow
Some Kind Of Wonderful   Kickshaw
Thinkin' About You   Kickshaw
Human Nature: Seven Seconds   M-Pact
Celebration    M-Pact
If I Lost You

The earliest recording of a Harmony Sweeps National Finals that is still available. It was a classic year!

2597 00 1 CD $9.95   Mixed | United States | A Cappella | Harmony Sweepstakes CDs