Voice Male: Up, Up & Away (00 1 CD)

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Voice Male: Up, Up & Away

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Breakfast At Tiffany's    Todd Pipes   John Luthy / Voice Male
Little Bitty Pretty One   Robert Byrd   Huey Lewis and the News
My Maria   D. Moore / B. Stevenson   John Luthy
Mr. Bass Man   Johnny Cymbal   Brad Ransom / Lowell Stewart
Celebration   D. Thomas / C. Smith / G. Toon / R.E. Bell / R. Mickens / J. Taylor / E. Deodata / G. Brown / R.N. Bell   Mike Bearden
Cultural Narrative With Traditonal Accompaniment
Loch Lomond   Ralph Vaughan Williams
Me And Julio (Down By The Schoolyard)   Paul Simon   Extempo
Rubber Duckie   Jeffrey Moss   Todd Seymour / Lowell Stewart
What's Wrong With Me?   John Huff
Lean On Me   Bill Withers   Voice Male
I Can See Clearly Now   Johnny Nash   Jamie Dieveney
Voice Male   Mike Bearden
The Shadow Of Your Smile   P. Webster / J. Mandel   John Luthy
Zombie Jamboree   Conrad Mauge Jr.   Sean Altman / David Yazbek / Bill Straus

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