Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 25th Anniversary (00 2 CDs)

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Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 25th Anniversary

Song Name   As Performed By
Sly and the Family Stone Medley   17th Avenue All Stars
Mas Que Nada   The Idea of North
In a Mellow Tonen   +4Db
Blackbird   Hi-Fidelity
Bridge Over Troubled Water   Naturally 7
Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie   Moira Smiley & VOCO
Wizard of Oz Medley   Chapter 6
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida   Clockwork
Mary Don't You Weep   Traces
O Sinfuni Mungu   Harmonytrix
Get Down Tonight   Five O'Clock Shadow
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face   Acapelicans
Paper Moon   Five O'Clock Shadow
Stray Cat Strut   The Coats
Plastic Jesus   The New Originals
Route 66   Pickup 6
Spiderman   Chicago Voice Exchange
Sweet Georgia Brown   Metropolis
Change in My Life   M-Pact
Star Wars   Moosebutter
O Fortuna   FACE
That's How You Jazz   Citylights
Say   SoVoSo
16 Tons   Road Show
Tron   Mouth Beats
Bye Bye Norman   Love Notes
When the White Lilacs Bloom   Vocaldente
Brand New Day   Maxx Factor
Book of Love   Rezonate
The Future Pt. 2   Mouth Beats
Don't Break the Heart   Maxx Factor
Nothing at All   Vocaldente
Bill Bailey Medley   Love Notes
Angel   Evolution
Cat is High   Roadshow
Ghost Train   Rezonate
What I Like   3 Men and A Melody
Bless the Broken Road   Cartoon Johnny

This 25th Anniversary collection is 2 discs of prize-winning tunes and Big Fun from the first 25 years of the best a cappella show on the planet, The Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals! The first disc has 23 of our favorites from these shows, and it was, you might imagine, very hard to pick from:- let's see-8 Regional Winners per show times 25 equals 200 great groups, times 3 or 4 songs per group, well, you get the picture. How can we forget The Idea of North's "Mas Que Nada," Naturally Seven's "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Chapter 6's marvelous "Wizard of Oz Medley" or Moosebutter's hilarious "Star Wars?" Now we, and you, don't have to! Just to give you a taste of all the goodies on Disc 1, we present a list of the groups that are included: 17th Avenue All Stars, The Idea of North, +4db, Hi-Fidelity, Naturally Seven, Moira Smiley & Voco, Chapter 6, Clockwork, Traces, Harmonytrix, Acapelicans, Moodswing, The Coats, The New Originals, Pickups, Chicago Voice Exchange, Metropolis, Moosebutter, Face, Citylights and SoVoSo. The second disc has 18 songs from the amazing 25th Anniversary Finals, featuring "Book of Love," "Cat is High" and "Ghost Train" from 3rd Place winner Rezonate, "Bye Bye Norman" and "Bill Bailey Medley" from 2nd Place winner and Audience Favorite, the Bay Area's own The Love Notes, and "Brand New Day" and "Don't Break The Heart" by National Champs Maxx Factor. Also included are "When the Lilacs Bloom" and "Nothing At All" from 2008 Champs Vocaldente, plus tunes from Road Show, Mouth Beats, 3 Men and a Melody, Cartoon Johnny and Evolution. It always seems to us that every Harmony Sweeps National Finals is even better than the last, but there's really no comparison, because they all are wonderfully unique. So, for a very reasonable price, treat yourself to this Sweeps banquet, and, as we have, settle back and savor each of the a cappella goodies within!

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2009 00 2 CDs $16.95   Mixed | A Cappella | Harmony Sweepstakes CDs