Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 2004 (00 1 CD)

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Various Artists: Harmony Sweepstakes 2004

Song Name   As Performed By
Happy Birthday   Alpha
Themes/Variations on It Don't Mean A Thing   Chapter 6
Blue Bayou   Idea Of North
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida   Clockwork
Salsa Te Triago Yo   Alpha
7th Wheel    Chapter 6
Charlie on the M.T.A   Heebee-Jeebees
Take 5    Mosaic
St. Louis Blues   Road Show
I've Got Rhythm/Fascinatin' Rhythm    Clockwork
God Bless This Child   Vox Bop
Obsession    Impulse
Cree (Believe)   Alpha
Isn't She Lovely   Idea of North
Use the Force   Heebee Jeebees
The Commercial Medley   Vox Bop
Bye Bye Blues   Road Show
Shining Star   Mosaic
Kiss From A Rose   Impulse

This year's Harmony Sweepstakes reminded all who participated, how magical making music can be. Now, we all can share that magic by listening to this excellent live recording. With 20 years gone by, this national competition is still going strong and bringing out the very best in a cappella singing. This year's show had an excellent assortment of various styles, including jazz, pop, contemporary, Latin and much more. There were lots of humorous moments, including the national champions, Chapter Six's original song, 7th Wheel, as well as somber/uplifting moments including the beautiful performance of Kiss From A Rose by Impulse. Of course no one could forget Clockwork's performance of Inna-Godda-Da-Vida or Vox Bop's Commercial medley. With continuous stellar performances from all eight groups, this 19 track CD is sure to keep you entertained.

Listen to Walk The Straighter Road in RealAudio.

2004 00 1 CD $12.95   Mixed | United States | A Cappella | Harmony Sweepstakes CDs