P.M. Singers: Night In The City (00 1 CD)

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P.M. Singers: Night In The City

Song Name   Arranger
New York Afternoon   Phil Mattson
Desafinado   Phil Mattson
Body And Soul   Phil Mattson
I Hear Music   Phil Mattson
Night In The City   Michele Weir
How Long Has This Been Goin' On   Phil Mattson
A Child Is Born   Michele Weir
Jeanine   Phil Mattson
I'll Be Seeing You   Phil Mattson

Directed by Phil Mattson

Formed in 1982 by students of the esteemed director Phil Mattson, members of the P.M. Singers became identified with the Phil Mattson School and many have gone on to great professional and academic success in their own right. (Two examples are Joe Finetti, who now sings with The Bobs, and Michele Weir, a respected educator and arranger.) This mixed group has the talent and range to master the most technical of charts, as well as the warmth and emotion to stir the heart-witness"A Child Is Born," with a facile piano accompaniment by Phil Mattson himself, who plays keyboards throughout. Many of the arrangements allow one voice to solo, adding and subtracting harmonies for interest and variety. "I'll BeSeeing You" is a cappella and allows the melody to shine, gradually opening up the song with a frugal harmony that never interferes, but builds to a subtle crescendo and then resolves to an elegant closing cadence, the lead voice holding the final note while the lower parts complete the subject. A pleasure to listen to and a model of arranging virtuosity.

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