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Like any instrument the voice must be taken care of properly and unlike other instruments your voice is the only one you will have nor can you take it to the shop to get fixed. One must also do proper warm ups and exercises and to be careful not to strain the voive however sometimes things go wrong. We have here a wide selection of material from experts in the field who will tell you how to protect your voice and how to fix it if you are having difficulties.

James C. McKinney: Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults

Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults

Diagnosing Vocal Faults
A Basic Approach to Vocal Sound
Breathing and Support
Voice Classification
The Speaking Voice

Popular for more than two decades among college voice teachers and their students, this outstanding, authoritative vocal pedagogy text is an invaluable manual. It thoroughly examines the vocal problems prospective voice teachers will encounter daily in the teaching studio and choral rehearsal. The author’s approach is a unique one, based in large part on diagnostic procedures similar to those used by doctors. As each vocal fault is presented, its identifying characteristics or symptoms are stated, its possible causes are discussed, and corrective procedures are suggested. An especially valuable feature is the book’s accompanying CD that contains 14 male and female voice samples of the various vocal faults discussed in the text, enabling students to better identify basic characteristic sounds associated with each fault. Current and prospective choir directors and voice teachers who need help in improving the vocal sounds of choir members or students will find this practical guide-book to be an ever-present help in time of trouble.

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Lis Lewis: Pop Singers First Aid Kit

Vocal Health
The Right Teacher
Rehearsing Your Performance
Ready, Set, Perform
No Clones
CD: Why, When & How
CD: Breath Control
CD: The Exercises

This book/CD pack by veteran vocal coach Lis Lewis (Steve Miller, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Gwen Stefani) will help singers of all styles of music: warm up their voices, increase their endurance and range, correct bad habits, and sing longer and better! It is divided into two sections: The Singer's Troubleshooting Guide covers vocal health, finding the right teacher, practice, auditions, rehearsing, recording and performing, and The Singer's Warm-Up CD features helpful exercises to prepare the voice for serious singing.

Female Voice
6023 BOOK & CD $19.95
Male Voice
6024 BOOK & CD $19.95

Joseph Klein & Ole Schjeide: Singing Technique - How To Avoid Vocal Trouble

Singing Technique - How To Avoid Vocal Trouble
The Importance Of Support
Interfering Muscles
Treating A Speech Problem
The Resonators
The Role of the Tongue
Tongue Exercises
The Larnyx
Structure of The Larnyx
Position of The Larnyx
The Register
The Tremelo
The Vibrato
Vibrato Exercises
The Vocal Parameters
The Private Lesson
The Group Approach
Vocal Deficiency
Vocal Health

Back in print an updated second edition of this highly regarded book which explains voice production in a dynamic, precise and practical manner. Authoritative text based on physiology of the body and how it produces sound. Physically enlarged to fit with other textbooks on the shelf, and includes a new appendix with all of the figures duplicated in sequence so they are easier to find and use. Learn to care of that most valuable of all musical instruments - your own voice!

6454 BOOK $33.95

Robert Sataloff: Vocal Health and Pedagogy - Vol 2

Vocal Health and Pedagogy

Common Medical Diagnoses and Treatments in Patients with Voice Disorders
The Effects of Age on the Voice
Hearing Loss in Singers and Other Musicians
Respiratory Dysfunction
Endocrine Dysfunction
Performing Arts-Medicine and the Professional Voice User
Bodily Injuries and Their Effects on the Voice
Seating Problems of Vocalists
Nutrition and the Professional Voice
Sleep and the Vocal Performer
Pollution and Its Effects on the Voice
Artificial Fogs and Smokes
Psychological Aspects of Voice Disorders
Performance Anxiety
Medications and the Voice
Medications and Traveling Performers
Introduction to Treating Voice Abuse
Speech-Language Pathology and the Professional Voice User
Voice Therapy
Voice Rest
Increasing Vocal Effectiveness
The Singing Voice Specialist
The Role of the Acting-Voice Trainer in Medical Care of Professional Voice Users
Exercise Physiology: Perspective for Vocal Training

The new edition of this classic text has now been revised and expanded (with completely new chapters on children's singing, the aging voice, vocal health strategies for choral music educators, and vocal pedagogy and choral singing) to the extent that the work is now necessarily and logically divided into two volumes: Vocal Health and Pedagogy, Volume I: Science and Assessment, and Volume II: Advanced Assessment and Practice. This second volume considers the medical and non-medical issues affecting the human voice, including diagnosis and treatment of voice problems, the effects of physical injury, posture, pollutants and irritants, psychological effects, voice therapy, medication, and much more. The world-renowned contributors, under the general authorship and editorship of Professor Sataloff, present everything that students need for vocal pedagogy or speech and language pathology coursework, and that professional and amateur performers and their teachers must consider in their daily lives.

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Davies D. Garfield: Care of the Professional Voice - A Guide to Voice Management for Singers, Actors and Professional Voice Users

Forewords by Bryn Terfel, James Morris & Sir Anthony Hopkins
Anatomy and Physiology of the Vocal Mechanism
Development of the Larynx and the Voice
Age and Voice
Attributes of a Good Vocal Performer
General Considerations Before Performance
Laryngeal Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
Anxiety, Artistic Temperament and the Voice
Popular Music and the Musical Theatre
Travel and the Vocal Performer
Medications and the Professional Voice
General Medical Considerations in the Vocal Performer
A Visit to the Laryngologist
Surgery and the Vocal Artist
A Singer's Guide to Self-Diagnosis

Singer and actors are a unique group of performers, relying almost entirely on their voice for the professional livelihood. Jet lag, amplification, allergens, stress, pollution, and vocal strain all affect vocal performance. Written for the performer, the teacher, and the vocal coach, Care of the Professional Voice offers clear explanations and medical advice on vocal problems and vocal health. Care of the Professional Voice is written by experts in laryngology in the United States and Great Britain. This new edition includes a singer's guide to self-diagnosis. This volume should become a staple of every singer/actor's library."
- James Morris, Metropolitan Opera. "Anyone whose voice is their livelihood will welcome this succinct and user-friendly book." - Sir Anthony Hopkins

5282 BOOK $24.95

Garyth Nair: The Craft of Singing

The Craft of Singing
Foreword by Richard Miller, Ph. D.
Teacher's Guide
On Studying Voice - I
On Studying Voice - II
Sound: A Base of Knowledge
Singer's Posture
Respiration - Instinctive Breathing
Singer's Respiration and Support
Resonance, Tone, and Diction
Singing the Songs: Vital Information and Reference
Italian Vowels
Consovowels - Italian
Consonants Without Pitch - Italian
Vowels - English
Consovowels and Consonants - English
German Vowels
German Consovowels and Consonants
Registration Beyond the Middle Voice - Basics
Registration II: The Science of Blending
Registers III: Register by Register Guide: Gender Specifics
Classifying Voices
Learning Vocal Music
Programming and Citing Vocal Music

A new text with two principal aims: to provide a foundation of anatomical, physiological, acoustical and medical knowledge for students in the belief that one must know how something works before one can alter or repair it, and also to carefully structure the learning of the foundational voice skills necessary for the development of each student's technique beyond the length of a single course. Borrowing from Voice Science but staying firmly centered in the studio or classroom, the text helps the reader with a raw vocal ability understand the function and care of their vocal instrument. In the second part, the book begins a carefully graduated approach in building good singing habits. Three paradigm songs, one in Italian, one in English and one in German, are employed to help the reader practice and guage personal progress.

5285 BOOK & CD $85.95

Dr. Jan E. Bickel: Vocal Technique: A Physiological Approach

The Musical Scale
Reading in the Bass Clef
Sharps and Flats and Half Steps
The Beck Rhythm Method
Intermediate Note Reading
Advanced Exercises
Chord Changes and the Circle of Fifths
The Clock System
Rhythms Once Again
Music to Read, Read, Read

This book is intended for use in a first year voice class at the college or university level. Portions of it may be suitable for a voice class at the high school level, where students are interested and dedicated to learning a strong vocal technical foundation. Many would-be singers are unnecessarily anxious or nervous about singing because they lack experience and guidance. The feeling of anxiety or nervousness can be overcome easily by learning the “how-to’s” of vocal production, clearly provided here. But before delving into the “how-to’s”, Voice Technique lays out the anatomical and physiological functions connected with the speaking and singing processes, so that the reader can hone in on the proper muscles and body parts in developing proper technique. In addition, this knowledge will enable singers to maintain their optimum technical skill and vocal health throughout a long singing, performing, or teaching career. The author then takes the reader clearly through the proper coordination of the four physiological systems (respiration, phonation, articulation, and resonation), in an effort to help create a beautiful tone quality in any aspiring singer. Included are abundant resources including copious diagrams, figures, worksheets, exercises, appendices and specific and practical tips in a chapter titled “Health Concerns for Singers.”

6849 BOOK $59.95

Brenda Smith: Sound For Ensemble Singing

Amateur and Professional Choral Singers
The Rehearsal Process
Vocal Health and Pedagogy
The Vocal Approach to Choral Music
Anatomy and Physiology of the Voice
Medical Care of Voice Disorders
Performing Arts Medicine and the Professional Voice User
Seating Problems of Vocalists
Historical Overview of Vocal Pedagogy
Voice Building for Choirs
The Singing Voice and the Choral Tone
Choral Singing Techniques
Choral Diction
Rehearsal Techniques
Children's Choirs

With new chapters, fully updated and revised, Choral Pedagogy is intended to aid the voice teacher, choral conductor, church musician, and professional or amateur singer develop strategies for lifelong singing. It concisely and clearly presents the principles of voice pedagogy from the perspective of both conducting and voice science in a very user-friendly fashion with helpful charts and simple anatomic diagrams. It offers teaching methods from history and philosophy, medical and voice science, and pedagogical concepts from active musical experts. Special attention is given to the needs of amateur singers and conductors. Topics covered include choral diction, posture and seating, rehearsal practices, and matters of vocal health. This text is a valuable resource for students of choral conducting, music education, church music or choral singing. Brenda Smith, D.M.A. teaches studio voice, diction and vocal pedagogy at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She has been widely recognized for her contributions to the concept of lifelong singing through proper voice care.

5283 BOOK $54.95

Darlene Rogers with Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram: Sing, Baby, Sing! Vocal Rx - A First Aid Kit For The Voice

Front of Mouth Sounds
Back of Mouth Sounds
Open Mouth Sounds
Forward to Open Sounds
Transferring Vowel Sounds to Words
Sign Off

More great vocal exercises with a particular emphasis on taking care of your voice and to help with the recuperation of damaged voices. A very useful resource for all singers and highly recommended.

6431 CD $14.95

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