Scott Leonard

Scott Leonard

Pyrotechnics is a word often used to describe Scott Leonard's singing voice. But, before he became part of the hit A Cappella group, Rockapella, Scott was just a home grown boy from Indianapolis, Indiana, with a passion for baseball.

That passion for baseball won him a scholarship to attend University of Tampa in Florida. While there he decided to major in voice. He worked at various dinner theaters before becoming an employee at Disney World in Orlando FL. From there he transferred to Tokyo Disney. There he fronted a Disney Rock band and met his beautiful wife (strangely enough, she too had transferred from Orlando!).

While browsing through a music trade paper, Scott found an advertisement for a high tenor position with a NYC based A Capella group and sent in a demo. About six months later he heard back from the group and was asked to come for a personal audition. He left that night on the next flight out from Tampa. He watched the group perform the next night and then personally auditioned. He was offered the spot then and there. Of course he took it and thus a new revelation of Rockapella was born.

Scott brought Rockapella's vocal talents to Japan, where he'd already made connections. He sent a friend a demo tape and they snatched up a Japanese Recording deal. Prior to that, the now "Undisputed Kings of Contemporary A Cappella" had been asked to be the "house band" on the PBS children's geography game show, "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego." Since then, Scott and Rockapella have released 7 albums in Japan, 2 independent releases in the United States and 4 albums under J-Bird Records also in the United States. Scott himself has released 2 solo albums, "My Favorite the Bee Gees" and "Flying Faders," both released in Japan. Rockapella still tours, year-round, in the US, Japan and as of recently, Europe. Scott's soaring vocals and songwriting prowess have played major roles in shaping Rockapella's characteristic sound.

He currently lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife and two children, Jesse and Natalie, born 1993 and 1999 respectively.

1 Man 1 Mike

Boomerang Monkey Of Love
California Sad Eyed Girl
Love Last
Tell Me What You Want
Sunset Strangler
There Will Be Love
Carry Me Along

We have been a major fan for years of Rockapella's singer/songwriter/arranger/producer Scott Leonard, who puts his talent and versatility in the spotlight on this solo, all-a cappella recording, "1 man, 1 mike." We also have an admiration for artists who push the a cappella envelope enough to include an announcement like "This is an a cappella recording. All sounds were created vocally, or by Scott Leonard “slapping up gainst hisself," and wonder with the ultra-funky first cut, "Moneyman," how he came up with the rock-solid vocal percussion and faux synthesizer. The amazement continues with the smooth, rhythmic "Boomerang Monkey Love" and powerful, boogying "H'eau." There are a pair of wonderful renditions of songs Scott performed with Rockapella, "California Sad-Eyed Girl" and the driving "4U4Now4Life," only he's vocally accompanying and harmonizing with himself, instead of with one of the greatest a cappella bands in the world. Included are 11 songs that need to be listened to several times to appreciate how much of a star Leonard truly is. "Love Last," "Tell Me What You Want," "Sunset Strangler," "There Will Be Love"-this is all wonderful stuff. "Impressive" is not a strong enough word for this solo CD, so we'll go with "amazing." Thank you, Mr. Leonard, and more, please!

Listen to "California Sad Eyed Girl" in Real Audio.

2428 CD $15.95

Scott Leonard Hits - As Arranged For Rockapella

Dance With Me
Have A Little Faith
Here Comes The Sun
I'll Hear Your Voice
Moments of You 

In the spring of 1991, a new beat arrived in the fledgling world of modern a cappella - a beat in the form of Scott Leonard. Beyond the initial impact and power of his performances on stage and on reordings, he brought arrangements full of groove and heart. Unfamiliar with the growing "cult" of a cappella, his arrangements arrived influenced by the R&B-flavored pop of his Stevie Wonder-rich childhood, and a love for vocal groups of the past from the Mills Brothers to Bread to the Jackson Five. From the first bar of his first arrangement for Rockapella, 'Bed of Nails,' he brought a different approach. Since that first arrangement, Scott has arranged 100+ originals and covers for Rockapella. Here, finally, is an attempt to scratch the surface!

9120 SONGBOOK $9.95

Christmas Songbook - As Arranged for Rockapella

This Christmas Day
Merry Christmas Darling
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Silver Bells

This new collection of TTBB a cappella arrangements from Rockapella's Scott Leonard includes: Christmas Without You, Merry Christmas Darling, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Silver Bells, This Christmas Day.

9118 SONGBOOK $9.95

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