In Unity

In Unity has been on fire for the Lord since the formation of the group in September of 1991. Since then they have performed at various schools, churches and youth rallies. Audiences around the world have been blessed by their music ministry. In Unity is Oliver James, Zachary Smith, Anthony Walker, Chris Morris, Kenny Jones, Brian Morris, Sean Busby, Josh Samaniego, and Jesse Jackson. Having nine members has brought diversity to the group that sets them apart from most a capella groups. They have been able to incorporate different genres of music into their songs ranging from gospel, to jazz, to a modern pop style. With so many people in the group, In Unity is able to reach out to people in a more personal manner after concerts and during other group functions.

In Unity's bass and chaplain for Thunderbird Adventist Academy, Chris Morris, reflects on the formation of the group, "I remember sitting at the piano in the men's dorm playing old hymns. One by one, six guys gathered around the piano singing and harmonizing. Amazed at their raw talent, I decided to teach them an a capella version of the hymn, 'What a Fellowship.' After learning the song, we decided to form a group dedicated to Christian a capella music. Thus, In Unity was born. We were so excited about singing for the Lord, that on the following Saturday, we showed up uninvited and performed for the College Sabbath School."

In the fall of 1996, In Unity released their debut album, 'Once Upon a Chord…' "It was such a great experience to release our first album," notes Kenny Jones, tenor of In Unity's. "It was as if this album helped us strengthen our focus on Christ and what His will for us would be." After releasing the album, In Unity's ministry blossomed. The group had the privilege of opening for such Christian artists as Cindy Morgan, Anointed, Chris Willis, Patty Cabrera, Six Pence, GLAD and Acapella. In addition, In Unity gave a one-week concert tour throughout the country of Taiwan. The group has also performed on Good Morning Texas and Positively Texas (State wide television programs), as well as on Net '98, a worldwide evangelistic television crusade for the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

February 1999 marked the release of In Unity's second album entitled 'Life To You.' This album further defines their a capella sound. It contains some familiar hymns as well as songs written and arranged by group members. The album's message emphasizes the fullness of Christ's definition of life. As we begin to see what Christ wants for us, we find that life could be more fulfilling and meaningful than we ever imagined.

In Unity writes and/or arranges all of its music, giving the group a unique and original sound. "If you dedicate your talents and your will to Jesus Christ, there is no telling what He can do with your ministry." Says tenor Zachary Smith.


Life To You

Door Of Temptation
Secret Of My Strength
Lord Almighty
A Friend
Have Thine Own Way Lord
He Lives
Trials (reprise)
When We All Get To Heaven
A Child's Song
Life To You
Closing Prayer

If you are having trouble finding inspiration or strength, if you feel like the world is coming down on you with force unbearable, then pop In Unity in your stereo! On the other hand, if the sun is shining, people are smiling and you feel that nothing is powerful enough to break your spirit, then pop In Unity in your stereo. This CD will grow on you like spiritual kudzu, yet it wonąt suffocate your senses. It will embrace you with its jazzy interpretations of the written word while the voices of these talented men will soothe you and groove you with ease. In Unity is akin to fellow crusading harmonizers, Take 6 and Naturally Seven, though originality, innovation and style are not to be discredited with comparison. Each song embodies influence of gospel, jazz, and R & B, and was written in accordance with selected verses from the bible; sculpted with vocal layering intense with harmonies, rhythm, vocal bass and percussion. The entire CD is a solid effort with each song as captivating and memorable as the next, while intensified thematic weaving of messages ultimately creates In Unity.
2263 CD $14.98

Once Upon A Chord

My Hope Is Built
Touch The Hem of The Garment
Wade In The Water
Just As I Am
What A Fellowship
For God So Loved Us
He Say, She Say
Walk With Me
Wonderful Peace
After I Die
For God So Loved Us (Reprise)

The first recording by this Contemporary Gospel ensemble from Texas, part of the SDA family. Released in 1996, with eleven members (they've since trimmed down to a more compact unit), their dominant influence is readily apparent - Take 6. Thematically, songs such as "Walk With Me," "Wade In the Water" and "For God So Loved Us," many arranged by In Unity group members, are spirited benedictions of hope and faith. Talented individual voices infuse with full-bodied harmonic textures - exemplified best by "After I Die" - to soothe and reassure. The group has ripened since but "Once Upon A Chord" has the roots.

2271 CD $14.98

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