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Folk is a term often used to describe musical styles that are indigenous to an area, a culture or a country. While the Celts settled in much of Western Europe, not just Ireland, the Irish are, more than most, identified with Celtic music. Much of the folk music coming out of Ireland is in the old troubadour style of story-telling. Familiarize yourself with what music sounded like in a world where it served as story-telling entertainment before Hollywood and widespread literacy. It may be sung in English or Gaelic, but you don't have to understand the words to get the feeling; it's the kind of magnetic music that gets your toes and hearts moving.

Anuna: Essential Anuna

The Blue Bird
Cormacus Scripsit
The Wild Song
Siuil, a Ruin
Wind on Sea
The Rising of the Sun
The Flower of maherally
Deep Dead Blue
Behind the Closen Eye
Christus Resurgens
Pie Jesu
Hymn to the Virgin
War Is Over

Since their first, self-titled debut CD in 1993, Irish mixed-voice choral ensemble Anuna has created an additional four excellent CDs in their quest to explore their Celtic heritage and develop and discover their own sound. Their connection with Riverdance, which began with the recording of their hit "Cloudsong," exposed millions to the group's music. "Essential" is right there with the group's program, haunting, surreal soundscapes. There are 19 songs, many of our favorites are pieces written by group founder Michael McGlynn, the moody "The Wild Song," "Wind on Sea," the soaring "Kyrie," "Blackthorn," "Victimae," the sublime "Pie Jesu" and "Hymn to the Virgin," the dance tune "The Rising of the Sun" and the fast-moving a cappella "Dulaman." Where the piece is Medieval Irish like the powerful "Cristus Resurgens," or traditional Irish like "The Flower of Maherally" and "Siuil, a Ruin," McGlynn arranges it, where the words are not his, as in "Behind the Closed Eye" and "August," whose lyrics were written by Francis Ledwidge, McGlynn writes the music. The result is a lovely, seamless collection whose beauty touches us once again on so many levels. We expected no less! Some light accompaniment.

7686 CD $15.98

Anuna: Deep Dead Blue

Sublime Dublin composer Michael McGlynn and his talented mixed ensemble Anuna bring us their 6th haunting CD, based on the music of the ancient Celts. 13 songs, beginning with the title tune, written by Bill Frisell and Elvis Costello, McGlynn-arranged Irish and English Medieval masterpieces "Nobilis Humilis," "Dicant Nunc," "Ther Is No Ros" and "Quem Queritis," originals written by Michael, "Blackthorn," "Kyrie," "The Green Laurel," "Island," "The Fisher King" and "The Sea," and traditional songs like "Sliabh Geal Gcua," also McGlynn-arranged. The liner notes are gorgeous and stunning photos of the group in Irish landscapes follows the tone and spirit of the music exactly. Another amazing, unforgettable recording by Anuna.

Listen to "Deep Dead Blue" in RealAudio.

8307 CD $15.98

Anuna: Christmas Songs

Mixed-voice Irish folk ensemble Anuna, founded in 1987 by Dublin composer Michael McGlynn to explore the music of the ancient Celts, have recorded a self-titled debut album--and after recording a short choral piece called Cloudsong used by Riverdance, toured with the dance troupe and recorded the album "Riverdance the Show." Most of the 13 cuts on "Christmas Songs" were arranged by Michael McGlynn, and "Codhlaim Go Suan," the lovely "Christmas Day Is Come," "Pie Jesu" and "Hymn to the Virgin" were written by McGlynn. "Winter, Fire and Snow" is also a group original. The haunting, surreal harmonies of Anuna lend a surprising flavor to carols like "Away in a Manger," "The Wexford Carol," "Riu Riu," "Silent Night" and "The Coventry Carol." Unique and startlingly beautiful. Some light accompaniment.

Listen to "Away In A Manger" in RealAudio.

9852 CD $15.98

Anuna: Invocation

Invocation was inspired by the writings of the first Irish poet Amergin Glungel, particularly his two poems "Invocation of Ireland" and "Wind on Sea." He was a pagan mystic who envisioned the land and sea with a divine spirit. Under the directorship of Michael McGlynn the nineteen members of Anœna weave a spell uniquely Irish as they reconstruct all sorts of musical traditions from pagan poet to poet monk, from fisherman to WB Yeats, from ancient Runic writings to comparatively modern works of the 19th century. Though these new interpretations are based around a wonderful collection of singers, instrumentation is used where necessary to recreate the feeling of the eras from which each piece of music was found. There is no more elegant way to be introduced to the breadth of Irish vocal history than to have it renewed, refreshed, and preserved by this group who presents that history wrapped in exquisite musical virtuosity.

6594 CD $15.98

Anuna: Cynara

Talented mixed-voice Irish vocal group Anuna focuses on a haunting blend of ancient Celtic music and contemporary Irish songs. Heavily featured is the original music of founder Michael McGlynn. 15 songs (the complete lyrics are in the lovely liner notes), "Igitur Servus," "Alleluia," "When the War Is Over," "I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls, " the title tune, "Victimae," "Pie Jesu" and "Ocean" are particularly wonderful. "Cynara" is another winning collection from Ireland's finest.

7309 CD $15.98

Anuna: Omnis

Recorded twice, once in 1995 and again in 1996 for international release, Omnis is the best of these two recordings, and contains 3 bonus tracks, one of which ("A Stor mo Chroi") has never been released before. Anuna founder Michael McGlynn calls Omnis a defining CD of some of the group's most memorable moments, from the energetic "Dulaman," now a choral standard throughout the world, to the mystical and exotic "O Viridissima." All three of the lovely "Tenebrae" responsories are now included on one recording. 20 songs, remastered and re-edited, a "best-of" which includes "The Flower of Maherally," "Maria Matrem," "Ave Generosa," "Roisin Dubh" and "The Mermaid." This is spirited, haunting, memorable music from Ireland's finest mixed chorus. The full color liner notes has some beautiful pictures of the group and all the lyrics.

7317 CD $15.98

Anuna: Anuna

This album is a re-recorded version of the original 1993 album. Its release marked the 15th anniversary of the highly acclaimed group, Anuna. This program features a wide variety of Celtic music from folk songs to newly composed music based on ancient texts, by director Michael McGlynn. It includes five additional tracks, three of which can be heard in the award-winning film "The Work of Angels." This recording certainly represents the best of the Celtic tradition.

9335 CD $15.98

Maura O'Connell: Naked with Friends

The Bright Blue Rose
Mo Sheamuseen
Some People's Lives
The Blacksmith
Ae Fond Kiss
Anach Cuain
I Know My Love
Weakness In Me
The Beggar's Heart
Maidin Im'bearra
Hay Una Mujer Desapercida

Maura has always been singing, growing up in Ireland, where she tapped into the vast treasury of soulful folk songs, which she absorbed by osmosis. When interviewed as her fame slowly grew, they would ask "Why don't you play an instrument, why don't you write?" Her stock answer was, "Yeah, I'm just a singer." She says that "Naked with Friends" has been following her around for a very long time, and her friends include Aine Derrane, Sarah Dugas, Liam Bradley, Paul Brady, Alison Krauss, Tim O'Brien, Dolly Parton, Kate Rusby and Darrell Scott. Some favorites among these 13 haunting cuts are Jimmy McCarthy's "The Bright Blue Rose," Cheryl Wheeler's "Arrow," Rhonda Jo Fleming & Janis Ian's "Some People's Lives," "Ae Fond Kiss," traditional tunes "The Blacksmith," "Anach Cuain" and "I Know My Love," Joan Armatrading's poignant "Weakness in Me," Darrell Scott's "This Beggar's Heart" and Holly Near's "Hay Una Mujer Desapercida." There's no vocal percussion here, just singing and sweet harmonies that move you and touch your heart. A powerful, impressive collection of friends, and songs, from Maura O'Connell!
9937 CD $15.95

Various Artists: Irish Voices - The Best In Traditional Singing

The Humours Of The King Of Ballyholey
Stor Mo Chroi
The Traveller All Over The World
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
P For Paddy
The Rollicking Boys Of Tandaragee
A Bucket Of The Mountain Dew
Bean An Leanna
The Wind That Shakes Barley
The Song Of The Riddles
A Sgelpin Droighneach
The Maid On The Shore
The Lake Of Coolfin
John Reilly
The Green Fields Of America
High On A Mountain

Irish traditional singing has made an important contribution to the popular repertoire as well as to folk tradition. Irish Voices brings together 17 brilliant vocal performances, some recent and some classics from the archive. Included are earlier singing styles such as "Sean-Nos," the still ornamented (but more accesible) styles of singers like Paddy Tunney, the group harmony singing of The McPeake Family of Belfast and such current musical hotshot groups as Patrick Street and Four Men And A Dog.

9888 CD $15.98

Robert Shaw Chorale: Irish Folk Songs

Avenging And Bright
Wearin' Of The Green
The Croppy Boy
Silent, O Moyle
Sing, Sing
'Tis Pretty To Be In Balinderry
My Gentle Harp
Johnny, I Hardly Knew You
The Minstrel Boy
I Know Where I'm Goin'
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded?
The Girl I Left Behind Me
A Ballynure Ballad
To Ladies' Eyes
We May Roam Through This World
The Parting Glass

Sometimes sprightly, sometimes pensive, but always graceful, these Irish traditionals are given a refined treatment by the Robert Shaw Chorale. The Alice Parker arrangements are simple, merely fleshing out the melodies, but the full, resonant tone of this famous classical ensemble lends elegance as well. A mixed chorale, but soloists are featured on some tracks, as suggested by the text. Styles have changed since 1968, when this was originally released, but songs such as "The Girl I Left Behind Me" and The Parting Glass" have a timeless flavor. With some Irish harp accompaniment.
6459 CD $13.98

The King's Singers: Irish Songbook

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) SATB divisi a cappella
Eriskay Love Lilt SATB divisi/piano
Irish Lullaby SATTBB a cappella
Mairi's Wedding SAB/keyboard
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) SATBB a cappella
Phil The Fluter's Ball SATB a cappella
She Moved Through The Fair SATBB a cappella
The Star Of The County Down SSATB a cappella
'Tis The Last Rose Of Summer SATB a cappella
Wexford Carol SATB/piano

England's King's Singers are known for their impeccable musicality. Coupled with the enthralling traditional melodies of Ireland, this intermediate to advanced level collection of ten arrangements will be challenging as well as rewarding and are some of King's Singers favorite and most requested concert selections. This songbook is not only an excellent value, but will become an invaluable addition to your choral library as well.

6120 SONGBOOK $6.95

Carsten Gerlitz (Edited by): The Celtic Choirbook

Londonderry Air
Auld Lang Syne
Amazing Grace
Early One Morning
Dacw "Nghariad I Lawr Yn Y Berllan
Sally Gardens
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
Whiskey In The Jar
An Irish Blessing
All Through The Night
Gin A Body
Believe Me
Scarbourough Fair
The First Noel
Botany Bay
The Wild Rover

Celtic music is enjoying a well-deserved revival. This revival may have been inspired by historical Hollywood epics, by popular dance acts such as “Riverdance”, by Michael Flatley or purely by the emotional power of Celtic melodies. The songs all tell stories that have been passed down through successive generations, with more facets than any other kind of traditional music: some are melancholy dirges, some playful and lively dance tunes. This book brings together 20 of these traditional melodies in contemporary, modern arrangements for mixed chorus. In them you will find homophonic movements, sweeping melodic lines, vocal imitations of Celtic instruments and rousing rhythms. The irresistible charm of this music will leave no choral singer unmoved and is bound to find favour with audiences. SATB a cappella

9119 SONGBOOK $12.95

Various Arrangers: Traditional Irish Folksongs for Mixed Voices

Tell My Ma (arr. Jon Washburn)
Irish Lullaby (arr. Keith Abbs)
O Danny Boy (arr. Fred Prentice)
The Irish Blessing (arr. Joyce Eilers Bacak)
She Moved Through the Fair (arr. Daryl Runswick)

SATB divisi

Rollicking and upbeat, this playful setting of 'Tell My Man,' a traditional Irish children's song, is accented with hand-clapping and foot-stomping. Limited ranges and familiar harmonies enhance its accessibility and make it a winner! The King's Singers bring home a winner with their arrangement of 'Irish Lullaby.' Both fun and challenging, this soothing 6-part gem is sure to be enjoyed by all. Fred Prentice's compelling arrangement of 'O Danny Boy' has a beautiful tenor solo and rich 8 part harmony throughout. Another King's Singers classic, 'She Moved Through The Fair,' this beautiful Irish ballad is one of the their favorite and most-requested concert selections. With 'The Irish Blessing,' Joyce Eilers Bacak uses the traditional lyric, “May the road rise to meet you.” Her a cappella creation makes a moving, easily-taught concert closer.

9276 SHEET MUSIC $7.95

David Mooney: Irish Choral A Cappella Series

The Coulin
The Salley Gardens
My Lagan Love
Roisin Dubh
Oro, 's e do bheatha 'bhaile
Silent, O'Moyle

SATB a cappella

David Mooney’s stunning arrangements of Irish traditional music were an instant success. As head of music department of the Conservatory of Music and Drama at Dublin Institute of Technology, Mooney is well known in Ireland and the UK where his arrangements have appeared on record, TV and radio. Those items which can be sung only in Irish Gaelic have an English text transliteration underlaid, and a complete IPA pronunciation guide as well as an English translation in the front matter. All items in these pieces are appropriate for multicultural concert occasions, and are of moderately easy to moderate difficulty.

9701 SHEET MUSIC $12.95

Various Arrangers: Celtic Folksongs

Danny Boy - arr. Philip Lawson
Celtic Lullaby - arr. David Fanshawe
Geordie (How the Lady Saved her Man) - arr. Stephen Hatfield
An Irish Blessing - arr. Audrey Snyder

SSA a cappella

Beautiful lyric lines and warm harmonies are the centerpiece of Philip Lawson's stunning a cappella setting 'Danny Boy'. This work is sure to leave your listeners spellbound! 'Geordie' is a colorful and lively Scottish ballad telling the tale of Lady Ann, gone to Edinburgh to save her man Geordie from wrongful execution. Each of the four vocal parts has its chance to sing! In 'Celtic Lullaby,' english composer David Fanshawe has crafted a song of delicate beauty and rich nuance based on a traditional Celtic melody. May be performed for Christmas and other concert programs. The beautiful 'Irish Blessing' text is creatively set in an expressive a cappella original work by Audrey Snyder.

9514 SHEET MUSIC $5.95

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