Five Floor Monica

Five Floor Monica was founded in 1995 and has performed since then at venues all over New York City, including Fez, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Wave Hill and the late great Sin-e.

Jonathan Alger is the group's principal songwriter and the producer of its debut album, Superwoman. By day, he's a museum exhibit designer.

James Bohanek, a native New Yorker, has appeared as a stage actor on and off Broadway, and now works in film and TV production.

Marya Grandy's recording credits include work with Paul Simon and The Manhattan Transfer. Marya is also a member of the sketch-comedy group The Associates.

Matt Heimer has also written music for Five Floor Monica and has been the group's artistic director since April 1999. He previously played guitar and sang with the bands Generica and Cogswell Cogs.

Eric Savolainen, a stockbroker, has performed throughout the U.S. and the world with the groups The Whiffenpoofs and Mixed Company.



What I Want
The Lonely & The Glorious
Lover No
World Tour
I Am A Camera
Sorry Susan
Pumpkin Song
Maria's Mama
Looking Glass
No One Came To Love

Five members, including alto singer Marya Grandy explain the five floors, though Monica remains unaccounted for. Almost entirely comprised of original songs, "Superwoman" is quirkily offbeat, and the group has a tight and punchy sound that will conjure up visions of the Bobs in some places. The sardonic intelligence and poetic imagery of lyrics such as "now he runs and she hides and they fill the phone with alibis" are intriguing. The standout arrangement is "Blackbird," where the bass and percussion rhythms establish a rolling countermotif to the familiar melody. This development of texture is also observed in "Sorry Susan," as the treble, bass and melody lines traverse countervailing patterns that gradually converge. Smartpop.
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