Hilary Spencer's soaring thee and a half octave voice kick-starts the Artisan sound. Her singing is powerful and assured. Her voice is simply beautiful, a musical instrument in itself with an astonishing variety of tone, dynamics and texture. Originally trained for opera, Hilary's voice found new depths of emotion and raw energy when she discovered folk music. She has sung everything from operatic arias to music hall, but is at her best when interpreting contemporary songs. You can hear every word, clearly and each one counts. Her zany sense of humor and comic timing add zest to every Artisan performance.

Jacey Bedford is the group's front-man, her engaging patter and warm personality provide the base-line against which Hilary and Brian can bounce off gags and one-liners. One member of the audience recently described her as having a "million dollar smile." She is also the clear, soft-voiced harmonist who glues the whole sound together and adds that distinctive texture which makes the Artisan blend. If you want to talk group business, talk to Jacey. She manages the office, and organizes the North American tours.

Brian Bedford has a strong, versatile voice that can pump out the power, take a lead, punch in the rhythms or blend into a delicate harmony. He is the trio's philosopher and song writer. He's got over a hundred songs to his credit, including more than fifty in Artisan's current repertoire. His songs have been sung and recorded by many others including Vin Garbutt, Marie Little, The Philadelphia Gay Men's Choir and Tania Opland. In 1992 he received a Composer in Education award from PRS (Performing Rights Society), the British equivalent of SOCAN/ASCAP/BMI etc. He is also the trio's technical / computer boffin and recording engineer, with recording credits for other folks too. He has been married to Jacey for twenty eight years.


Dancing With Words

I Saw Another You
Dancing With Words
White Horses
Polite People
Pattern Maker
Truth Teller
You Are There
Go With A Smile On My Face
Dreams To Chase
Too Old To Care
Ripples In the Air
I Ain't Going Down
Farewell Song

Hailing from the hillsides of the United Kingdom, this 3 part mixed acappella group has traveled worldwide sharing songs of inspiration and enlightenment since1984. A Style of music which can only be classified as folk/world, "Dancing With Words" is Artisan's 11th complete work of homebrewed originals all written and arranged by members Brian Bedford, Jacey Bedford and Hilary Spencer. This is "golden rule" music that offers life lessons through harmony. The philosophy centers around these song titles "Polite People", "Truth Teller", "Go With A Smile On My Face", "Dreams to Chase" and "Farewell Song". This is music by family and very well suited for family.
6511 CD $14.98

Our Back Yard

Do You Remember?
Hold On To Your Dreams
A Posy Made of Dreams
A Habit I'll Have To Kick
The Spiral Trap
Lamb in the Jungle
Rosy Pictures
Hard Ground
No Wars and Stuff
Buried Below
Lest We Forget
Walking Down The Alleys

Quick, distract the upper class, we wouldn't want to cause them distress, would we? Artisan, the poetic conscience of England is singing their heart out once again. Singing of dreams, fears, hopes and failures are all in a day's song for our favorite English trio. What a balance in this group! While singing, the voices of Jacey Bedford and Hillary Spencer are front and center (and what a harmonic resonance it is between those two voices!) while Brian quietly fills out the sound. Then, when you realise that you are listening to Brian Bedford's poetry, the balance of the whole comes into perspective. When it comes to the creative drive which makes for outstanding original music, Artisan is one of those rarely well balanced groups each of whom is absolutely vital to the whole.
8583 CD $14.98

Driving Home

Going Nowhere
Though I Live Not Where I Love
Working Men Of England
Poverty Knock
Mary Ellen Carter
The Burning Times
One More Burden
Shift And Spin
The Coal And Albert Berry
Buy And Buy

A precursor to "Our Back Yard" and Breathing Space," this reissue features five original songs by group member Brian Bedford, as well as eight others in the same English folk style. In addition to the listening pleasure afforded by the trio's lush harmonies, the group is also known for its incisive social commentary in the working-class tradition. The arrangements are simple and unaccompanied (except the sound of a loom in "Poverty Knocks); their power is straight from the heart.
8584 CD $14.98

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