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The Swingle Singers: Promotional Video

Enjoy this montage of video clips from over the years (9.17)
Vox One: Danny Boy

One of the nation's finest vocal jazz group
perform live in concert in Japan (3.22)
Bobby McFerrin:
Good Love

So this is how he does it. He somehow multiplies himself and sings all the parts at the same time. Now I'm even more impressed. (3.16)
Bobby McFerrin:
Siamese Song

Groovy,fabulous and almost psychedelic early music video from the vocal maestro. (2.21)
The Idea of North
For You

Australia's leading a cappella group and winners of the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival sings in Korean. (2.36)
Kivinen tie

A music video from their release "Kevat". (3.43)
Real Group:
Sprakande Julmedley

A medley of Christmas songs in Swedish. (2.21)
Manhattan Transfer:
On The Tony Bennet Christmas Special

From 1992 the group sings an a cappella "The Christmas Song" (9.57)
Lady Madonna

The great Finnish vocal group in concert ()
Bobby McFerrin:
Wanna Be

A 1990's music video for the TV show Square One (2.21)
Bobby McFerrin:
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Original video of the classic song featuring Robin Willliams and Bill Irwin.
Real Group:
Live at The Stockholm Concert Hall

A selection of clips from their new DVD
Manhattan Transfer:
Embracable You

A live performance video with a string quartet

The Real Group:
In Taiwan

The Boys meet a girl and all is well in the end (2.18)

The Real Group"
Telephone Talking

Take 6 talk about starting their own record label and performs music from their new album "Feels Good" (6.36)

The Real Group:
Dancing Queen

The Real Group in concert with Swedish star Frida (3.56)
The Real Group:
Substitute For Life

The music video from this classic Real Group song (3.56)

Promotional video

Live performance from these vocal jazz masters. (5.16)

Idea of North:
But Not For Me

Australia's top vocal jazz group performs a classic.

The Swingle Singers:
The 1812 Overture

This voices only rendition of a piece written for full orchestra is an a cappella classic. Cannons included! (6.26)
Real Group:
We're Five

A music video from the One For All recording
Manhattan Transfer:
On Emeril

Manhattan Transfer appears on the Christmas Emeril show (9.56)

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