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We offer here for your viewing pleasure a collection of vintage harmony videos. The Classics!!

Andrews Sisters: Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

Everybody's favourite sisters act perform their classic hit in the 1942 wartime movie "Private Buckaroo"(3.00)
The Four Freshmen: You're So Far Above Me

The fabulous Four Freshmen have fun with a beautiful lady. Great harmonies as always! (2.18)
Andrews Sisters:
Three Little Sisters

One of America's finest Christian a cappella vocal ensembles in performance (3.15)
The Hi-Lo's

The boys play ball and "Relax" with Matt Dennis. (2.31)
Lennon Sisters:
Silver Bells

A very early TV appearance for the girls. (1.59)
Ink Spots:
The Gypsy

They sing "The Gypsy" with the wonderful Bill Kenny singing lead. (3.15)
Mills Brothers:
On The Dean Martin Show

One of the most successful vocal groups ever the Mills Brothers ham it up and sing with Dean.(3.12)
Ink Spots:
The Shanty in Shanty Town

The Ink Spots swings and sings. (1.51)
Delta Rhythm Boys:
Dry Bones

The first group to have a hit with this fun song. Plus check out the girls. There were groupies back them also.. (2.31)

Mills Brothers:

Here's a clip from one of the earliest vocal harmony groups the Mills Brothers sing their classic all voice Caravan (2.21)

The Four Freshmen:
Crazy Bones

The Boys meet a girl and all is well in the end (2.18)

The Charioteers:
Toot That Trumpet

Here's a great early music video and as you will certainly notice beautiful women have always been a part of the videos! (2.29)

This is an excellent clip of the guys getting in to some vocal jammin' (5.00)

The Chordettes:

Sing along with The Chordettes with their big hit song! (2.14)

Andrews Sisters:
On The Dean Martin Show

Memories are made of this medley with the "girls" - wonderful!!! (3.34)

The Hi-Lo's:
My Sugar Is So Refined

This great quartet sings and has lots of fun on the Nat "King" Cole TV show in 1957. (2.24)
The Hi-Lo's:
Love Walked In

From a Frank Sinatra show taped in December 10, 1959. (2.08)
The Hi-Lo's
Desert Song

From a Frank Sinatra Show taped on december 1959 (2.08)
Lennon Sisters:
Nurses skit

"There's A Kind Of Hush" and "I Want My Mama" (4.59)
Lennon Sisters:
Something Stupid

TFrom 1967, here's America's Sweethearts, with their rendition of "Something Stupid" (2.42)
Boswell Sisters:
Heebie Jeebies

Connie, Martha and Vet in a movie version (filmed for "The Big Broadcast"). (1.37)
Boswell Sisters:
Louisiana Waddle

The Boswell Sisters playing and singing in a piano shop 1932. (1.26)
Boswell Sisters:
Sleepy Time Down South

One of Fleischers Screen Songs - Sleepy Time Down South made in 1932. (3.59)
Preacher and the Bear

This great quartet tells a tale in song. (2.48)
Ames Brothers and The McGuire Sisters:
Side by Side

Two of our favorite vocal groups sing together. (1.54)
Andrews Sisters:
Gettin' Corns For My Country

A fun clip from Hollywood Canteen with Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet (4.39)
Mills Brothers:
I Believe In Santa

And who wouldn't believe in Santa after listening to this song. (2.19)
Mills Brothers:
Glow Worm

The Mills Brothers sing one of their great hits "Glow Worm". (2.23)
The Hi-Lo's
Good Neighbor Sam

A clip from the movie "Good Neigbor Sam" with Jack Lemmon (1.14)
The Hi-Lo's
Goody Goody

The Hi-lo's live with the Benny Goodman orchestra (2.22)
The Hi-Lo's
The Best Things In Life

The guys audition for Hoagy Carmichael (3.04)
The Hi-Lo's
One For The Road

The guys enjoy a malt in this number from the Rosemary Clooney Show (3.40)

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