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We offer here for your viewing pleasure a collection of barbershop harmony videos.

FRED: On the Penn and Teller show

One of the funniest singing groups of any style performs "I Want To Be Sedated" on the Penn and Teller TV special.(3.24)
Vocal Majority: O Holy Night

A beautiful redintion of the Christmas carol by the a cappella men's voices of this championship barbershop chorus (3.14)
Sentimental Gentlemen From Georgia

International barbershop quartet champions sing this great standard as part of a PBS TV special. (2.00)
Mad TV:
Gangsta Rap Barbershop Quartet

Ever wondered what it's like to combine gangsta rap and barbershop quartet? A Mad TV classic from season two. (2.55)
The Perfect Gentlemen:
Room Service

Top barbershop quartet and Harmony Sweepstakes National Champs live on stage in Hawaii. (3.10)

Vocal Majority:
Battle of Jerico

The most successful barbershop chorus of them all performs a dramatic spiritual on a PBS special. (3.28)

Happiness Emporium:
That's Entertainment

Noted barbershop quartet sing. (1.45)

Dr Greg Lyne:
The Barbershop Sound

Dr Greg Lyne explains the element of the barbershop sound with help from International champs Marquis (2.07)
The Meaning of FRED

FRED being FRED about FRED as only FRED can be. (3.23)


The Magic of FRED is explained.... (0.45)

Four Voices:
Don't Worry

International barbershop quartet champs Four Voices perform their a cappella country and western version of this chestnut. (3.22)

Chordiac Arrest:
Nothing Could Be Finah

A well writen parody by the barbershop singers of medical mirth "Nothin' Could Be Finah' than a Little old Angina in the Morning." (3.18)

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