Alfred Burt / Columbia Choir : The Christmas Mood

The Christmas Mood
Song Name Composer
Caroling, Caroling Alfred Burt
The Star Carol Alfred Burt
Come, Dear Children Alfred Burt
Some Children See Him Alfred Burt
All on a Christmas Morning Alfred Burt
O, Hearken Ye Alfred Burt
Jesu Parvule Alfred Burt
Nigh Bethlehem Alfred Burt
This is Christmas Alfred Burt
Ah, Bleak and Chill Alfred Burt
Instrumental medlies: Alfred Burt

Alfred S. Burt died in February of 1954 at the age of 33, already a legend. The slender minister's son, the young jazz trumpeter who composed Christmas carols, was carrying on a tradition started in 1922 by his father, the Reverend Bates G. Burt, who began sending his own composed carols as Christmas messages to friends and family. Rev. Bates proudly saw his son take over music in 1941, while he supplied the lyrics. These are the only carols created in modern times that have obtained international acceptance in the music community, from local choirs to stars like Andy Williams, Peggy Lee, Nat "King" Cole, Frank Sinatra, The Lennon Sisters and many others have recorded Burt carols. So listen to these "mini-masterpieces," beautifully performed by the Columbia Choir with occasional light accompaniment by the Ralph Carmichael Brass Ensemble and organ. "Caroling, Caroling," "The Star Carol," "Christ in the Stranger's Guise," "Come Dear Children," "Some Children See Him," "All on a Christmas Morning," "O Hearken Ye." "Jesu Parvule," "Nigh Bethlehem," "This is Christmas," "Ah, Bleak and Chill" and "We'll Dress the House." At the end of the CD is a very nice instrumental medley of the carols. We have enjoyed these carols as particularly wonderful ones for years, never knowing the story of their gifted composer, now we see them with a new appreciation. Recommended!
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