Lis Lewis : Pop Singers First Aid Kit - Male Voice

Pop Singers First Aid Kit - Male Voice
Song Name
Why I Wrote This Book
Vocal Health
The Right Teacher
Rehearsing Your Performance
Ready, Set. Perform
No Clones
CD: Why, When & How
CD: Breath Control
CD: The Exercises
About The Author

This book/CD pack by veteran vocal coach Lis Lewis (Steve Miller, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Gwen Stefani) will help singers of all styles of music: warm up their voices, increase their endurance and range, correct bad habits, and sing longer and better! It is divided into two sections: The Singer's Troubleshooting Guide covers vocal health, finding the right teacher, practice, auditions, rehearsing, recording and performing, and The Singer's Warm-Up CD features helpful exercises to prepare the voice for serious singing.
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