Deke Sharon : Natural Woman (Collection) SSAA

Natural Woman (Collection) SSAA
Song Name Arranger Composer Voicing
A Natural Woman Deke Sharon / Raugh Goffin / King / Wexler SSAA
Leader of the Pack Deke Sharon / Raugh Morton / Barry / Greenwich SSAA
Lollipop Deke Sharon / Raugh Ross / Dixon SSAA
Mister Sandman Deke Sharon / Raugh Pat Ballard SSAA
O Canada! Deke Sharon / Raugh Calix Lavallee SSAA
One Fine Day Deke Sharon / Raugh Goffin / King SSAA
Sweet Dreams Deke Sharon / Raugh Stewart / Lennox SSAA
The Boy from New York City Deke Sharon / Raugh Taylor / Davis SSAA
The Star Spangled Banner Deke Sharon / Raugh Francis Scott Key SSAA

A selection of standards arranged by Deke Sharon and Anne Raugh from the popular CASA songbook series. Women's arrangements - especially interesting ones - are in very short supply. That's why we're very pleased to offer this songbook. Many old standards are here, plus there are a few more challenging contemporary pieces.
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Weight: 5.30 oz |  Number of Pages  60  |  Softcover  |  7 x 10  |  Female  |  A Cappella  |  SSAA  |  10 - Contemporary  |  01 Songbook  |  Female Voice Arrangements  | 
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