Emily Crocker : Essential Sight Singing - Male Voices

Essential Sight Singing - Male Voices
Song Name
Beat and Rhythm
Pitch, Scale and Key of C
Whole Steps and Half Steps
Sharps and Flats
Accidentals and Key Signature: Rests
Melodic Intervals, Harmonic Intervals
Tonic Chord
Key of F Major
Eighth Notes and Rests
Changing Meters

Based on the successful Essential Elements for Choir series, this new choral sight-singing method will allow you to build skills in all your choral ensembles in a handy octavo-sized volume! Featuring a step-by-step approach, unison and combinable exercises, and motivating short songs, these volumes provide a basis for developing music literacy within the choral rehearsal, allowing your singers to develop their full individual potential.
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