Emily Crocker & John Leavitt : Essential Musicianship: A Comprehensive Choral Method Book 3

Essential Musicianship: A Comprehensive Choral Method Book 3
Song Name
To The Teacher
National Standards for Arts Education
Effective Teaching Checklist
Goals and Overview
Voice: Posture - Breath - Tone Production
Theory: Key - Scale - Circle of Fifths
Sight-Reading: Major and Minor Pitch Practice
Performance: A Cappella Canon
Da Pacem Domine (2,3, or 4-Part any combination)
Voice: Breath - Tone Production - Resonance
Theory: Simple Meter - Beat - Division - Subdivision
Sight-Reading: Practice Simple Meters (rhythm and pitch exercises)
Performance: A Cappella Songs
Treble: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Tenor Bass: Shalom Chaverim
Mixed: The Water is Wide
Voice: Breath - Tone Production - Resonance - Range Extension
Theory: Intervals (major, minor, perfect)
Sight-Reading: Melodic and Harmonic Interval Practice
Tenor Bass: Sit Down, Brother
Mixed: The Silver Moon is Shining
Voice: Posture - Breath - Resonance
Theory: Intervals (diminished, augmented)
Sight-Reading: Interval Practice
Treble: All the Pretty Little Horses
Tenor Bass: Bound for the Promised Land
Mixed: Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
Voice: Registers - Flexibility
Theory: Primary Cords (I, IV, V)
Sight-Reading: Harmonic Practice (I, IV, V)
Treble: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Tenor Bass: Goodnight Ladies
Mixed: Oh, Susanna
Voice: Registers (chest, middle, head, falsetto, whistle)
Theory: Diatonic Chords (I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi, vii)
Sight-Reading: Diatonic Chord Practice
Treble: Amazing Grace
Tenor Bass: The Colorado Trail
Voice: Registers - Range Extension
Theory: Categories of Harmony (tonic, subdominant, dominant)
Sight-Reading: Harmonic Practice
Treble: Where Go the Boats?
Tenor Bass: Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron
Mixed: Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be
Circle Of Fifths
Careers In Music
Recommended Videos
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Essential Musicianship is a sequential comprehensive curriculum that is designed to build all the skills of a choral musician. It includes Voice-builders, Theory-Builders, Sight-Reading exercises and songs which can be used for classroom or concert. The easy-to-use format allows the books to be used with all types of choir: mixed, treble or tenor bass.
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