Emily Crocker & John Leavitt : Essential Musicianship: A Comprehensive Choral Method Book 2

Essential Musicianship: A Comprehensive Choral Method Book 2
Song Name
To The Teacher
National Standards For Arts Education
Effective Teaching Checklist
Goals and Overview
Voice: Posture - Breath - Tone - 5 Basic Vowels
Theory: Rhythm - Beat - Note Values (quarter, half, whole)
Sight-Reading: Rhythm Drills
Theory: Basic Notation (staff, clefs, note names)
Sight-Reading: Note Identification
Voice: Breath Support (diaphragm)
Theory: Measure - Meter - Barlines
Sight-Reading: Pitch Drills
Performance: Accompanied Song
Sweet Music in the Night (unison)
Voice: Practice (posture, breath, vowels)
Theory: Review
Theory: Whole Steps and Half Steps
Sight-Reading: Whole/Half Step Practice
Performance: A Cappella Songs
Treble: Indian Summer
Mixed: Kyrie Eleison
Voice: Practice (posture, breath, vowels) - Articulation
Theory: Sharps and Flats - Key of C Review - Key of G
Sight-Reading: Pitch Drills (key of G practice)
Theory: Accidentals - Key Signature
Sight-Reading: Pitch Drills (key of G practice)
Performance: 4-Part A Cappella Canon
Sun is High
Voice: Practice (Posture, Breath, Tone, Articulation)
Theory: Melodic Intervals
Sight-Reading: Melodic Interval Practice
Theory: Harmonic Intervals - Chords
Sight-Reading: Interval Practice - Pitch Drills
The Spider and the Fly (SA, TB, or SATB
Voice: The Breathing Process
Theory: Triads - The Tonic Chord
Sight-Reading: Tonic Chord Practice
Theory: Rests (quarter, half, whole)
Sight-Reading: Rhythm Drills - Pitch Drills
Treble: Jubilate Deo
Tenor Bass: Jubilate Deo
Mixed: To Make A Prarie
Voice: Review
Performance: Accompanied Songs
Treble: Fond Affection
Tenor Bass: The Rainbow
Mixed: How Doth the Little Crocodile
Voice: Vocalization
Theory: Meter- Dotted Half Notes
Sight-Reading: Changing Meters
Three Nursery Rhymes (unison)
and much more!

Essential Musicianship, Book 2, recommended for Grades 8-10 or other older beginners, is a sequential choral method that helps the older beginner or returning singer develop basic to intermediate skills. Each of the twenty chapters includes materials for vocal development, music theory, sight reading and performance. The Teacher Edition provides comprehensive lesson plans based on the National Standards for Arts Education.
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