Yumiko Matsuoka : Collection

Song Name Arranger Composer Performed By Voicing
Black Is the Color Yumiko Matsuoka Traditional Vox One SATBB
My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night Yumiko Matsuoka Stephen Foster Vox One SATBB
Scarborough Fair Yumiko Matsuoka English Traditional Vox One SSATBB
The Water Is Wide Yumiko Matsuoka Traditional Vox One SATBB
Simple Gifts Yumiko Matsuoka Joseph Brackett Jr. Vox One SATBB

An arrangement of the classic folk song "Black Is The Color" that reflects the deep dark color of "my true love's hair." Opens with a tenor solo, then develops into a warm, full-textured chorus. "The Lord's Prayer" is a solemn and heartfelt a cappella rendition of the well-known tune. Rich close harmony is employed throughout, which soars to a climax with "for Thine is the kingdom." . An old English folk "Scarborough Fair" song made popular by Simon and Garfunkel arranged with a larger ensemble in mind. Tenor sings the melody, surrounded by soprano/bass pedal point and alto/baritone ostinato lines. It then shifts into different moods, keys and harmonic settings, sensitively corresponding to the lyrics. "My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night" is one of the Stephen Foster evergreens, this arrangement starts with male unison, then develops into a rich close harmony with some twists here and there. Followed by a short baritone solo, it builds up to a beautiful climax with a key change, and a calm, pensive ending. An excellent showcase for a strong small group. "The Water Is Wide" is a ballad to be savored by both singers and audiences. It showcases male and female soloists over a beautiful, haunting background lines, builds up to the tutti section where each part has a moment to shine, then comes to a quiet close with a reprise of the male solo. "Simple Gifts" is an arrangement written for Vox One's album Pure Imagination, this Shaker song is transformed into an ode to the open skies of Africa. Combining a Swahili phrase for "dance and sing" and vowels not commonly used in choral singing, a bed of background lines are laid to carry the melody in 9/8. Its uplifting message comes through strongly as joyous rhythm and harmony is weaved together by each part.
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