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Emma Nilsdotter Biography

Emma Nilsdotter

Living in: Sweden

Emma was born in Umea in the north of Sweden, and recalls her family life close to the mountains in a small town called Vilhelmina, where she would hear her father playing in a professional danceband. Listening and singing along with recordings as she grew up, Emma found that as most of the lead vocalists were male, she instinctively needed to develop harmonies to sing along with them. She sang for her father's band through her teenage years, eventually forming an all-girls group with classmates at her music school when she was about 18. Moving to Stockholm at age 21 she quickly found work as an entertainer and studio musician, singing backing vocals for many of the top Swedish artists, as well as for international names like Britney Spears. Also developing as a songwriter, Emma released a solo album "Fran mig till dig" (From Me to You) in 2001 (on Universal Music), and composed a song for Kylie Minogue.

Since joining The Real Group in 2008 Emma very much appreciates the humour and skill level of her singing colleagues. As a new parent she admires the role model of her own mother, and values spending time with her young family, but she also really enjoys her work, especially having an opportunity to tour the world and meet such appreciative audiences. She has particularly fond memories of when her son was just two weeks old and she found herself singing with The Real Group at the 2010 Gala concert for the marriage of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria.

Emma's own musical tastes are centered around jazz and pop music, sometimes including country and western! She points out that a key skill for an ensemble vocal singer is an ability to listen well, and believes that enjoying and entertaining with the music you create is more important than focussing on perfection. Asked about guilty pleasures, Emma admits that she buys and owns too many shoes, but explains that as she prepares for her performances, the last thing she does is to put on her high heels - then she is all set!

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