November 28, 2011

Aquabella - Nordlichter (Northern Lights)

In search of new stories for their Winter concert program Aquabella discovered the Far North. Here they have set timeless Icelandic myths to music, with their own original texts. True to their World Music concept, they also sing pieces from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Latvia in their original languages. In these myths set to song a central role is played by the Islandic giantess Gryla, and her 13 Troll sons, who during the nights between the 12th nd 24th of December, appear in peoples' houses, exercising the very worst of human qualities; They scratch up the cooking pots, lose important items, steal anything edible, and frighten people with weird sounds and unexplained phenomena. They are never punished for their misdeeds, but rather the innocent children are unjustly accused. To compensate, the Trolls bring the children little presents in this season, and are each night anxiously awaited. After the 25th of December, the Trolls disappear again, one after the other, and once again become invisible to humans. Aquabella, with their wonderful original songs, bring the 13 Trolls unforgettably to life. 2028 CD 15.95
Listen to "Kristallen Den Fina

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