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Keith Wyatt / Carl Schroeder / Joe Elliott
Ear Training For The Contemporary Musician

Major Tonality
Pitch and Tonality
The Major Scale
Major Melodies
Melodic Skips
Meter and Rhythm
Transcribing Melody and Rhythm
Interval Quality
Melodic Intervals
Harmonic Intervals
Major and Minor Triads
Triad Progression
Chord Charts
Melody and Harmony
Transcribing Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm
Minor Tonality
The Natural Minor Scale
Minor Melodies
Sixteenth-Note Rhythms
Minor Melodies with Sixteenth-Note Rhythms
Minor-Key Triad Progression
Minor-Key Progression with Rhythm
Minor-Key Melodies with Harmony and Rhythm
Seventh Chords and Blues
Seventh Intervals and Seventh Chords
Diatonic Seventh Chord Progressions
Triplet Rhythms
Triplet Feel
Combinations and Variations
Modal Interchange
Secondary Dominants
Inverted Chords
Triads and Added Tones
Extended Chords
Diatonic Melodies with Chromatic Tones
Non-Diatonic Chord Qualities
Chromatic Progressions
Melodies Based on Chromatic Progressions

This book and double CD pack takes you step by step through MI's well-known Ear Training course. Complete lessons and analysis include: basic pitch matching - singing major and minor scales - identifying intervals - transcribing melodies and rhythm - identifying chords and progressions - seventh chords and the blues - modal interchange, chromaticism, modulation - and more! Learn to hear and to visualize on your instrument. Take your playing from good to great! Over 2 hours of practice exercises - with complete answers in the back.

Item code: 6261B | Book & 2 CDs | $19.95 add item to cart
Instructional  | 122 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
073999837063 | 0793581931 | 00695198

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