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Ellen Johnson
The Vocal Warm Up CD - Female High and Low Voice

Warm up - High

Ear Training - High

Warm up - Low

Eartraining - Low

The Vocal Warm UP CD is a great way to improve your singing skills and ear training abilities! The CD has seventeen vocal exercises designed to give you the mamimum warm up for your voice range. The CD's are divided into Male and Female low and high voice versions with an ear training section that follows. There is a book that explains all of the exercises and each exercise is demonstrated by a singer on the CD so it is easy to use. Once you hear the exercise you will be accompanied by piano to sing along with the CD. The CD was compiled by Ellen Johnson, a professional singer of many musical generes who has been teaching for over twenty years. She holds a Masters degree in Vocal Performance and has been a Professor of Voice at universities and colleges as well as teaching for the Old Globe Theater's M.F.A. program. She currently resides in the Los Angeles area where she has her own private studio and gives workshops and classes. "Use of this warm up tape done correctly over a period of time will result in better vocal production, strength, and coordination of muscles. Many of my professional students use this tape prior to their performances. The ear training part of the CD is to help you develop better pitch and recognition of notes and patterns. You will find that your musicianship skills will increase over time by listening to the exercises and identifying what you are singing."

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Instructional | 8 x 11

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