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Anonymous 4
Legends of St Nicholas

intonent hodie
exultemus et letemur
gaudens in domino
seint nicholas was borne in the citee of patras
confessor dei nicholaus
cantu mirro, summa laude
sainte nicholaes
whanne the bisshop of the citee of myre deied
nicholai presulis
cum quidam fluctuantia
novus presul prodiit
sainte nicholaes
all the province of seint nicholas suffered...
plaudat letitia
salve cleri speculum/ salve iubar presulum
sainte nicholaes
a worschipfull man hadde thre doughtres virgines
fulget nicolaus
ex eius tumba/ sospitati dedit egros
gaudens in domino
and whanne oure lorde lust to take seint nicholas...
psallar chorus/ eximie pater/ (aptatur)
nicholae presulum
micholaus pontifex

1999 recording, celebrating the legend of St. Nicholas ("Jolly St Nick," or "Santa Claus"); as with most folk heroes, the actual biography of Nicholas, born in Turkey somewhere around 300 A.D., is much removed from present day interpretation. The New-York based classical women's quartet Anonymous 4, whose focus is medieval chant and polyphony, enliven these motets, hymns and conductus (medieval setting of Latin text) with an attention to historical realism that brings them very much to life. As the function of these chants was in the context of Catholic liturgy, they are by definition, an embodiment of all that is divine; neither rhythmically or harmonically complex, their appeal is their quiet beauty and distinctive texture.

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