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Mixed Contemporary Trio from New York City, NY, United States.

F'loom is an avant cappella vocal trio that presents cutting-edge programs of "language music" - original pieces that inhabit the fertile, mysterious realm that lies between pure language (speech) and pure music (song). F'loom performs original all-vocal compositions seething with satire, social commentary, pop diatribe, slap, zap, melody, poetry, and comedy.

Here are some descriptors that hint at what we do:

avant cappella post-dada doo-wop sound-text compositions polyrhythmic mouth percussion three-headed performance poetry a cappella linguistic polysemy extended vocal techniques Mummenschanz rap

There is, of course, no replacement for direct F'loomular stimulation, so hie thyself to a F'loom performance (and/or procure a F'loom CD (or at least listen to some MP3 teasers!)) and all shall become crystal clear (sort of) ...


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F'loom : Uvula Rasa : 00  1 CD : 

F'loom : Uvula Rasa

Review: The singing of the two men and one woman of Rochester, NY-based F'loom reminds us of Bobby McFerrin and friends at their most freeform and experimental. The first cut, "Om Chi-Chi" for instance, is a vocal percussion/nonsense syllable fest that finishes in kind of a jaded alien orgasm. "Hey Mama Numina" is more gibberish chanting. "Egg of Love" has recognizable words, and is a stream of consciousness poem to beat music. "Yesmiel" is a 3/4-speed Jewish Beatles medley-takeoff. "Western Wind" is a dissonant tone-poem, "Summer Is Icumen In" is sweetly and traditionally done, "Ye Shall Receive" is all funny strange spoken word, reminiscent of the Firesign Theater. 17 cuts, as eclectic, out-there and interesting as you can imagine!

Songlist: I. Love Me Don't, Egg of Love, Jolifanto Bambla, Hey Mama Numina, II. Wha?, M'ood Music, Om Chi-Chi, Heiemo Og Nykken, III. Uh-oh..., Fuifiat!, Starhums, Ye Shall Receive, IV. Cover Me, Caravanaggio, The Eldritch Variations, YesMiel, V. Apothekariosis, The Second Coming, Lullaby, At The Still Point of the Turning World

2606c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Mixed Voice Contemporary CDs

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