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J. Mark Dunn: The Complete Book of Jewish Rounds

Song NameComposer
Chanukah CatchStephen Richards
Chanukah: Festival of LightsSara Krohn
Chanukah: SolsticeLinda Hirschorn
Festival of FreedomRonna Honigman
Judah MaccabeeRonna Honigman
Let's Light the Chanukah CandlesBonia Shur
Lots of LatkesFolk Song
Once an Evil KingHarry Coopersmith
My Voice/ KoliBonia Shur
Clap Your HandsBonia Shur
I Will Give ThanksMichael Horvit
Shir MizmorBonia Shur
May God Be Gracious To UsBonia Shur
It Is Good To Give ThanksMichael Horvit
Worship The LordSamuel Adler
Adonai MalachSamuel Adler
Sing To GodMichael Horvit
Hodu L'Adonai
I Will lift Up Mine EyesMichael Horvit
Hineih Mah TovFolk Song
Hineih Mah TovGershon Kingsley
Psalm 150Michael Isaacson
Kol Han'shamahMichael Pretorius
Mi Zot OlahBonia Shur
Yavo DodiBonia Shur
Ani L'DodiBonia Shur
A TimeBonia Shur
Amar Rabbi AkivaRonna Honigman
If I Am Not For MyselfGershon Kingsley
Help!Michael Isaacson
Turn It AroundMichael Isaacson
Hillel OmerLaura Berkson
Adon OlamSamuel Adler
AshreiSamuel Adler
HashiveinuFolk Song
Havdalah RoundLaura Berkson
Hodo Al EretzAndrea Higgins
Let Us Have SongsLinda Hirschorn
Mah Tovu
Oseh ShalomRachelle Nelson
Shalom Aleichem
Sh'ma YisraeilSamuel Adler
Sim ShalomChassidic
Yih'yu L'ratzonBonia Shur
Yotzeir Or Laura Berkson
Eretz ZavatEli Gamliel
NigunLinda Hirschorn
Niggun AlizBonia Shur
Zum Gali GaliFolk Song

This one-of-a-kind collection features newly-composed rounds by prominent Jewish composers as well as traditional folk pieces. Great for school, temple/church and volunteer choirs. Includes Chanukah, Psalms, Biblical and Ethical Teachings and other sections. Featuring new works by such esteemed composers as Samuel Adler, Michael Isaacson, Bonia Shur, Linda Hirschhorn, Michael Horvit, Gershon Kingsley and many others.

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Choral | Rounds | 80 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 5 | Israel
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