March 17, 2010

Dresden Boys' Choir - Schutz, Psalms of David

Psalm recitals played a large role in Schütz’s composing life, and the reason the Psalms of David play such a significant part in the repertoire of the boys’ choir of the Dresden Kreuzkirche is the spiritual and stylistic wealth of works, which can be plumbed for so many solemn or joyful occasions. To imagine the Dresden Kreuzchor without the music of Heinrich Schütz is all but impossible in this day and age. Though Schütz was himself never a choirboy there, his oeuvre represents the most significant and long-lasting contribution to the repertoire of this boys’ choir, which looks back on a musical tradition of more than 700 years. 4260 CD 14.95

Posted by acapnews at March 17, 2010 3:37 PM