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Choral Instructional DVDs and Videos

An entire category of workshops-in-a-box! Prestigious choral instructors from all walks, universities to professional choirs, have created these DVD and Video sets that allow you to not only read the works of the greats, but see them in action. They oughtta be in pictures – and they are! Whether it’s Basic Conducting Technique, Creating Artistry Through Movement, The Choral Warm-Up, Fine Tuning Your Conducting Skills, Teaching Kids To Sing, Arranging for choral groups, or learning the techniques of some the most senior, well-respected, internationally known & loved ensembles, we’ve got it all for you here in pictures.

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Pam Andrews : Children's Choir Basics

Review: Learn the basics of teaching and developing the children's choir. Discover why you should set musical, spiritual and even personal goals. You will even learn how you can make performing musicals more fun for everyone! This is a must-have for any children's music worker's resource library. Pam Andrews has taught elementary school music, pre-school choirs, children's choirs, and is a gifted and highly-successful children's Christian songwriter. Pam is best known for her curriculum developmental ideas found in the numerous teacher resource books she has written, and is the creator of many best-selling children's choir musicals.

Songlist: Testimony & Vision of Winning Children, Successful Examples, Be Organized (be prepared, setting goals, making memories), Designing Creative & Practical Worship Tools, Conforming to Pastor's Vision, Beginning Movement, Worship Tools Demonstration, Hand Puppets & Other Worship Tools, Conclusion

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6840 DVD $29.95 Children's Choir Development

Patricia Bourne : Inside The Elementary School Chorus

Review: Designed specifically for the music educator working with non-auditioned children's choruses, Patricia Bourne's "Inside the Elementary School Chorus" addresses everything from recruiting to getting kids excited about singing, from warm ups to programming, and from working with parents to budgets. In addition to helpful how-tos, this outstanding resource illustrates how children's choirs can become environments where participants learn a strong sense of community alongside high levels of musicianship. As an added feature, the book includes a DVD that provides sight and sound to the strategies shared in narrative. Organized to follow the book, its sections include: The general music classroom as a venue for vocal instruction; Rehearsal strategies for the public school elementary chorus; and Performances-before, during, and after. Don't miss this resource filled with down-to-earth approaches and inspiring ideas.

Songlist: Preface, Acknowledgements, The General Music Teacher as Children's Choir Director, The Child Singing Voice, Membership in the Non-Select Chorus, Repertoire, Materials, and Resources, Rehearsal and Management Strategies, Purposeful Performances, Final Thoughts, Recommended Repertoire, Bibliography and Selected Resources, About the Author, Credits for Inside the Elementary School Chorus DVD, DVD Contents

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5485 01 Book & DVD $39.95 Children's Choir Development

Paul Baloche : Worship Vocal Workshop

Review: Without a doubt the most important instrument on any worship team is the voice. Though every person can sing to some extent, there are many crucially important concepts that need to be understood and practiced in order for your voice to sound the best that it can. These include: proper warm-up, daily exercises, modern blending, vocal dynamics, correct vibrato, harmonizing, and more. On this live DVD, Paul Baloche and three seasoned vocalists provide over 2 hours of instruction, both discussing and demonstrating techniques that will improve your confidence when singing solo or as a background vocalist on your worship team.

Songlist: Preparation / Warming Up, Singing as a Group, Vocal Styles, More Vocal Styles, Mapping Out a Song, Singing Harmony, Stage Presence, Sound Tech Tour, Microphones 101, All The Earth Will Sing Praises

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5166 DVD $29.95 Church Choir Development

Paul Salamunovich : Choral Perspectives - Chant and Beyond

Review: Paul Salamunovich, Grammy-nominated Conductor Emeritus of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, discusses why his concepts of tone, style and musicianship are rooted in chant. In addition to sharing his expertise in interviews, the Maestro reheares Durufle and Lauridson with university singers. This DVD allows the viewer to experience his artistry from a choir member's perspective. For many years, Paul Salamunovich has been creating just about the lovliest choral singing this side of heaven. This DVD provides a look behind the scenes from which we can learn what drives his quest for choral excellence and how he achieves it. At the heart of his Vision of choral music lies the rich repertory of gregorgian chant which he first learned as a boy soprano, providing a true and solid foundation for good singing in a whole range of styles. A Salamunovich is always honest and true to the composer, but beyond that, transformed by the the light of the spirit and the warmth of inner beauty which Paul has the rare ability to reveal. Paul is an unforgettable man, musician, conductor, and teacher who enriches every life he touches. This very Welcome DVD will help to ensure that his legacy endures.


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6379 DVD $38.95 Choral Methods

Rodney Eichenberger : Enhancing Musicality through Movement

Review: Rodney Eichenberger skillfully demonstrates the effectiveness of employing singer movement to sensitize the ensemble to more subtle musicality. Working with 14 choirs representing church, school, community, and college, in unrehearsed, spontaneous demonstrations, singers are given some ownership in the rehearsal process as they internalize musical concepts kinetically, aurally, and visually. The video demonstrates how these techniques can be incorporated into more effective conducting gesture in rehearsal and in concert. The impressive results speak for themselves as to the worth of these rehearsal techniques.

Songlist: Impact of Gestures on Singing, 1st Choir: Mailied, 2nd Choir: Give Me Jesus, 3rd Choir: Give Me Jesus, 4th Choir: Wayfarin' Stranger, 5th and 6th Choir: Pitch problems, Summary of Gestures

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3025 DVD $29.95 Choreography and Movement

Russell Robinson : Creative Rehearsal Techniques

Review: An exceptional DVD showing practical and innovative rehearsal techniques for your choral classroom. Suited for choirs of all levels. There are helpful hints and ideas for every choral director and is geared for maintaining student interest and maximizing their musicianship. This program is a first-class presentation showing actual footage of Dr. Robinson in workshop events as he teaches directors creative rehearsal techniques. You will see him discuss the challenges of today's choral classroom with candor and humor, while addressing the real problems directors face and presenting practical solutions. This is a video designed for the director, not the student, and is instructional in nature. About 45 minutes in length, this piece provides a "workshop in a box," which directors and teachers can watch at home, in seminar situations, or in college methods classes. Finally a practical help for conductors of all levels!

Songlist: Live Demonstrations, Warm-ups that work, Effective Discipline, Meaningful Conducting, Humor in Rehearsal

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6256 DVD $34.95 Rehearsal Material

Russell Robinson : Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs

Review: 'Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs' is an exceptional DVD designed to assist your students in achieving a comfort level witht he performance of jazz stlye and improvisation techniques within your choral program. Your students will learn and sing along with other students and on their own using this interactive DVD. Subjects and tecniques covered include: Chords Within the Blues Stle, Use of Scat Syllables, Improvising on Three Notes, Traing Fours - Listening and Learning, Putting It All Together, and Ballad Style.

Songlist: Introduction, Chords in the Blues, Adding Jazz/Scat Syllables, Part 1, Adding Jazz/Scat Syllables, Part 2, Using Three Notes to Improvise, Call and Response, Trading Fours, Part 1, Trading Fours, Part 2, Putting It All Together (Let's Sing Some Jazz!), Jazzin' it Up! (and Jazzin' it Down!), Days of Wine and Roses, Conclusion

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6286 DVD $34.95 Boys Choirs CDs

Russell Robinson : Middle School Singers - Turning Their Energy Into Wonderful Choirs!

Review: This extraordinary DVD is packed with ideas and techniques especially for middle school and junior high choral directors, or for choral music education students. Filmed both during a convention appearance and in a classroom, Dr. Russell Robinson (along with a demonstration choir from Eisenhower Middle School, FL) shows us new and tried-and-true ways to make young and developing singers look and sound better. Learn how to take your singers' energy and put it to great use!

Songlist: Introduction, Teaching Middle School Choirs, Uniqueness of This Age Group, Middle School Boys and "Uncertain" Singers, Appropriate Literature and Voicings, Attention Spans, Discipline and Accurare Reinforcement, Rehearsal Techniques with Demonstration Choir, Warm-Ups, "Sing We and Chant It", "Shenandoah", Five Parts to a Warm-Up, Warming Down with the "oo" Vowel, Warming Up with Other Vowels, Diction Exercise, Chordal Warm-Up, Thoughts on the Pre-Performance Warm-Up, Pre-Performance Warm-Up for "Sing We and Chant It", Performance of "Sing We and Chant It", Closing Comments

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6510 DVD $39.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Sabine Horstmann : Choral Vocal Technique

Review: Frauke Haasemann and her teachings regarding vocal technique have become legendary. Thousands of choral conductors have benefited from her books and workshops. Now, her primary student in Europe, Sabine Horstmann, has published and newly recorded her creative exercises based on the teachings of Frauke Haasemann. On this DVD, Horstmann demonstrates the vocal technique sequences covered in her book, which in the past have been difficult to convey on just ink and paper. This DVD provides an overview of choral vocal technique for choirs at any level of development. The sequential exercises Horstmann demonstrates can serve as the central part of vocal training for any choir. Sabine Horstmann, instructor of Group Vocal Technique and voice at the Robert-Schumann Music University in Dusseldorf, has extensive experience working with singers of all ages. The focal point of her career is her intense work with a variety of choral groups, from children's choirs through adult choirs, and the further education of young conductors through her teaching of Group Vocal Technique and Conducting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States. Horstmann studied voice at Folkwang Music University of Essen with Professor Jakob Stampfli.

Songlist: An overview of the "how" and "why" of vocal pedagogy, Techniques for teaching posture, breathing, resonance, and relaxation, Exercises for high range, low range, dynamics, and diction, Suggestions for planning the choral warm-up, Canonic exercises for developing voice and ear

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6662 DVD $24.95 Choral Warm-Ups

Sally Albrecht : Shine! A Choral Movement DVD

Review: Shine! is the twelve offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series". Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrect and Andy Beck as they take you step-by-step through staging suggestions for 12 published sheet music titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-past choirs as well as for mixed groups (men versus women staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: All I Want Is...Nuttin.!, Esta Es El Tiempo, Grandma's Feather Bed, Hip-Hop Reindeer, Joyful, Joyful, Please, Let It Snow!, Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Shine a Little Light, Shout For Joy!, We Are One, We Dance

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6436 DVD $29.95 Choreography and Movement

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : Follow Me To The Top

Review: FOLLOW ME TO THE TOP! is the seventh offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step by step through staging suggestions for 11 Alfred Choral Designs titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-Part choirs (Part I vs. Part II) as well as for mixed groups ("men vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: Follow Me To The Top, Chiri Biri Bim, Glory Bound, Gonna Catch That Santa, Heri Za Krismas, Holiday Lights, Mary Sat A-Rockin', Mi Vida, Mi Cancion, Naughty or Nice?, Reindeer On The Roof, Watu Wote

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6236 DVD $34.95 Choreography and Movement

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : On The Stage!

Review: ON THE STAGE! is the sixth offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step by step through staging suggestions for 11 Alfred Choral Desgns titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-Part choirs (Part I vs. Part II) as well as for mixed groups ("men vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: On The Stage, Carriers of the Light, El Ritmo De La Noche, Lift Up Your Voice, Alleluia, Merry Christmas To Me!, No Need To Knock!, Santa's in the House, Summer Vacation, Swing Low, Sing Low, Takadamu, Circle of Our Song

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6237 DVD $34.95 Choreography and Movement

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : That's Entertainment

Review: That's Entertainment! is the eighth offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step-by-step through staging suggestions for 11 Alfred choral titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-Part choirs (Part 1 vs. Part 2) as well as for mixed groups ("men vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: That's Entertainment, Born To Shop, Cantate Domino, I Bought Me A Cat, Kuna Karumu, Lullaby Of Broadway, Two Too Wet, Up Up Up In The Sleigh, We Wish You, Winter Has Begun, Yo Vivo Cantando

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6430 DVD $34.95 Choreography and Movement

Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck : Danza! A Choral Movement DVD

Review: DANZA! is the eleventh offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Allbrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step-by-step through staging suggestions for 12 Alfred choral titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-part choirs (Part I Vs. Part II) as well as for mixed groups ("men Vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: Anything Is Possible, Clap Your Hands, Rejoice! , Danza!, Ezekiel and David, Forty-Second Street, Friendship, I Won't Grow Up, The Joint Is Jumpin' , Old King Cole, Remember My Song, Steppin' Out with Santa, What a Heavenly Night!

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5165 DVD $39.95 Choreography and Movement

Sandra Snow : Choral Conducting / Teaching

Review: On this extraordinary DVD, master conductor Sandra Snow outlines a new paradigm for choral teaching and rehearsing within performance-based classes. Through emphasizing how to develop teaching strategies from the podium, Dr. Snow presents a systematic, pragmatic approach. The heart of this DVD features 38 mini-rehearsal segments of Dr. Snow, Jonathan Reed, and colleagues teaching and leading a variety of mixed, women's, and men's choirs at the high school and college levels. These segments model how to continually analyze and respond to the sounds being produced by an ensemble. Extensive, full-color animated graphics support the score study and analysis sections of this DVD, as well as the helpful, step-by-step demonstrations of the process of improving keyboard and perceptive listening skills. For any practitioner of the choral arts, this DVD takes a groundbreaking approach to the role of the conductor/teacher, helping to bring true growth to the musicianship of choral singers. Sandra Snow is Associate Professor of Music Education and Choral Conducting at the Michigan State University College of Music. She is a nationally known choral clinician, conductor, and music

Songlist: Developing diagnostic rehearsal strategies , Capitalizing on teachable moments in rehearsal, Productive score study , Unlocking imagination in teaching , Formulating a personal yet authentic interpretation of a piece , Planning rehearsals based on one's individual musical interpretation, Increasing keyboard skills for rehearsal, Learning how to listen to one's choir with discriminating ears , Empowering a student's full musical potential , The Role of the Conductor, An Organic Approach to Musical Understanding, Unlocking Imagination, The Productive Rehearsal, Vocal Warm Ups, Rehearsal Techniques

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6666 DVD $29.95 Choral Conducting

Simon Carrington : The Empowered Choral Rehearsal

Review: Simon Carrington spent 25 years with The King's Singers, the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble celebrated throughout the world for achieving the highest levels of excellence in singing. Now he brings his wealth of experience as a choral conductor to the mechanics of directing vocal ensembles in this phenomenal DVD. Carrington's overriding passion for engaging every singer in the ensemble is revealed in detail as visionary choral educator James Jordan gives Carrington the reins of The Westminster Williamson Voices of Rider University's Westminster Choir College. Always inspirational, Carrington is both kind and demanding as he navigates the challenges contained in the journey of any choral score. The DVD comes with a detailed printed outline of the content as well as a discussion between Simon Carrington and James Jordan regarding choral rehearsal procedure. Whether used for private study by conductors or for viewing by choral ensembles to deepen their understanding of the choral rehearsal process, Simon Carrington's The Empowered Choral Rehearsal will show you how to empower your rehearsals-and your singers.

Songlist: Complete choral warm-ups , Exercises for ear development via the warm-up, Rehearsal procedures for Renaissance music , Rehearsal procedures for Romantic music , Essentials of choral diction, Techniques for improving choral intonation , Achieving subtlety of text nuance , Balancing suspensions, Achieving choral balance within the ensemble, Listening techniques for choirs

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6462 DVD $24.95 Rehearsal Material

Tim Lautzenheiser / James Jordan : The School Choral Program: Student Motivation

Review: To build a successful high school music program is to empower student leaders. But what does it really mean to be a student leader? How can they make a difference? In this brilliant DVD, master clinician Tim Lautzenheiser speaks to the students of the Central Bucks West High School choir and band about how to bring leadership thinking into their everyday lives and music making. He offers a clear perspective of what is possible when young leaders choose excellence as the foundation of their leadership mission. James Jordan encourages these same students to keep focus on why they connect through music, and on the rewards that come from those connections. And together, James and Tim discuss the risk-taking that is needed by both conductor and ensemble when true music happens. This DVD is a companion to the definitive choral methods text The School Choral Program, which breaks new ground in choral music education and provides choral directors with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and at the podium.


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6660 DVD $24.95 Choral Pedagogy

Timothy Mount : Fine Tune Your Conducting Skills

Review: In this fun one hour and fifteen minute video, Dr. Timothy Mount, working with his choir, demonstrates and talks about clear beats, well-defined conducting patterns, preparatory beats, cut-offs and the many challenges of fermatas. Dr. Mount offers numerous tips and warns about a few bad habits to avoid. The video includes a detailed booklet/manual with all exercises noted. The Choral Journal called the video "A superb contribution to the profession" and strongly recommended the title.

Songlist: Checklist for a Clear Beat, Checklist for a Clear Pattern, Checklist for a On-The-Beat Preps, Checklist for a After-The-Beat Preps, Fermata Checklist

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6267 DVD $29.95 Choral Conducting

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend

Review: It will make you think. It will make you laugh. It may change the way you approach your job as a choral director. The Perfect Blend provides an entertaining, yet practical approach to the voice and to the choir. Over 100 exercises, including photos to explain them, rehearsal and programming tips, vocal health and the aging voice, plus "things they didn't teach you in school." It all adds up to the perfect blend for any choral director. This 2 Hour DVD features the Turtle Creek Chorale and One Achord, of the TCC.

Songlist: Appetizer: Posture, Soup: Breathing, Salad: Phonation, Entree: Resonance, Dessert: Blend, See Actual Vocal Folds in Action, The Things They Didn't Teach You In School, The Quest Unending (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale), Mary Sat a Rockin' (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale)

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6285 DVD $34.95 Choral Warm-Ups

Weston Noble : Achieving Choral Blend Through Standing Position

Review: For over fifty years, Weston Noble has lectured on his principles of choral blend that can be achieved through a process of matching voices to create beautiful, almost seamless choral sound. On this DVD, Weston Noble presents through lecture and demonstraton the principles he has used with the Luther College Nordic Choir. Thousands have benefited from this lecture over the years. Now for the first time, Weston Noble's lecture has been recorded for choral conductors to study and analyze so they can apply these principles to their choral ensemble, regardless of experience. By using the principles presented, not only will the sound of the choirs improve, but conductors will also realize an immediate improvement in intonation and rhythmic clarity in their ensembles. In addition to the principles Weston Noble has used to achieve optimum standing of his singers, he discusses the following important issues: - beginnings and history of his experimentation with standing arrangements - Robert Shaw's use of this system (rather than "quartet standing") for creating vertical sound columns in the choir -mimimizing vibrato in choirs using effective standing procedures - improving the singers' ability to hear each other - use of "altos in front" choral arrangement to vastly improve intonation - use of the "flip-flop" to achieve different choral colors.


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6251 DVD $34.95 Choral Instructional DVDs

Weston Noble : Choral Perspectives

Review: For sixty years Weston Noble has been touching hearts, nurturing minds and changing the lives of musicians. By providing insight into what has sustained this legendary conductor as his legacy has grown, this DVD is a strong offering for the improvement of conductor preparation and the enlightenment of practicing conductors and singers. Marvel at the vitality that springs forth from this man, at age 82, as he motivates, educates and unifies a diverse group of volunteer singers. Whether interacting with the choir or speaking candidly during interviews, Weston Noble reveals his faith, vision, humor and joyful optimism.

Songlist: Extended Interviews with Weston Noble, Professionals vs. Amateurs, Realignment, The Challenge Of Discovery, A Point Of Reference, Archtypes And Symbols, A Home For The Spirit, The Football Player And Handel's Messiah, Beginnings, Influences, Choral Pedogogy, Positioning Singers To Achieve, The First Noel, Optimum Voice Matching, All Music Must Dance, Singers' Tributes, A Chorister's Point Of View, Luther College, Trailer

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6370 DVD $38.95

Zoltan Kodaly : The Kodaly Concept of Music Education

Review: For decades, there has been a great, worldwide interest in Zoltan Kodaly's concept of music education (better known as the Kodaly Method) which, from time to time, had a different geographical emphasis. Hungarian public education has been operating with successes in spite of the changed social and economical circumstances. Even today, the "Hungarian Method" - to use Kodaly's words- serves as a model for many music pedagogues all of the world. This DVD-ROM provides a many-sided and faithful introduction to the Kodaly Concept; and also presents the study programme of the Kecskemet "mother institute" in an attracting and inspiring way. As well as textual introductions to Kodaly's life and the Kodaly Concept of music education the DVD-ROM provides an overview of the practical application of the method through video excepts pf demonstration classes in kindergarten thru secondary school.

Songlist: Welcome, Kodaly's Life, The Kodaly Concept, Demonstrations, Extra Features, On The Foundation, Impressum

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6645 DVD $39.95 Children's Choir Development

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