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Diane Loomer


Diane Loomer

Diane Loomer, C.M., is founder and conductor of Chor Leoni Men's Choir and co-founder and co-conductor of Elektra Women's Choir; she has taught on the music faculty at the University of British Columbia. Both her men's and women's choirs have repeatedly won first prizes in national and international competitions. Her choral compositions have been published and recorded internationally, and she frequently appears on CBC national radio as a spokesperson for the classical arts.

The first woman to conduct the National Youth Choir of Canada, Diane received the Healey Willan award in 1990 for her service to choral music in British Columbia; in 1994, she was named YWCA of Vancouver's Woman of Distinction in Arts and Culture; and in 1997 and 2004 received Distinguished Alumni Awards honouring her achievements in choral music. In 2002 she received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for her significant contribution to Canada's culture.

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Chor Leoni : Canadian Safari : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Canadian Safari

Review: Chor Greek for choir, Leoni, (Italian for Lions) was formed in 1992 by director Diane Loomer to give skilled male singers an opportunity to gather and sing challenging repertoire. Quality a cappella singing, strong arrangements and a willingness to "try anything once" have led these 46 men to the upper echelons of the Canadian choral world. This CD is a treat for us fans of folk music, 20 better- and lesser-known Canadian folk songs, from "Fogarty's Cove" ("She cries when I'm away to sea, nags me when I'm with her, She'd rather I'd a government job or maybe go on the dole"), "Vive L'Amour," and "Away From The Roll of the Sea" to the Nova Scotia folk song "The Carrion Crow," "Northwest Passage," "Wood River," the British Columbia tune "Grand Hotel" and "Make and Break Harbor," this is all great stuff. Some light accompaniment here and there by piano, clarinet, bass, harmonica, guitar and spoons, but make no mistake - the focus is one of the best male choruses we've heard, and folk music is their meat. From the deep bass harmonies to sweet, soaring tenor solos, "Safari" is cut after cut of achingly lovely, heartstrings-tugging stuff!

Songlist: Fogarty's Cove, The Water Is Wide, Veve L'Amour, Away From the Roll of the Sea, Ave Maris Stella, Chi Mi Na Mor Bheanna, Song For the Mira, She's Like a Swallow, Red River Valley, The Carrion Crow, Potlach Fair, Northwest Passage, Four Strong Winds, Dondaine La Ridaine, Wood River, Oh Mary, Come Home, Grand Hotel, Drunken Sailor, Barrett's Privateers, Make and Break Harbour

6767c 1 CD $15.98 Canadian Choral Recordings

Chor Leoni : Carols & Lullabies : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Carols & Lullabies

Review: This renamed and repackaged version of Chor Leoni's first Christmas recording (Magnificat) presents three substantial and endearing seasonal works. The sunny Carols and Lullabies: Christmas in the Southwest by Conrad Susa derives from the folk music of Hispanic America, and sets the Holy birth in the context of a Southwestern pinata party. Italian composer Ottorino Respighi was an early twentieth-century composer who looked to the past for inspiration and musical materials, e.g., in his well-known Ancient Airs and Dances. This tendency can also be heard in the Laud to the Nativity of Our Lord, Respighi's self-described "personal Christmas card to the world." The disc also includes the premiere recording of a Chor Leoni commission, Magnificat by Vancouver composer Rupert Lang. Using the unusual combination of mezzo-soprano soloist and male chorus, Lang seeks to express Mary's personal, human response to the formal biblical text, with wonderful results. Special guests for this recording include mezzo-soprano Mariateresa Magisano (winner of the 1998 Metropolitan Opera Auditions), soprano Lambroula Maria Pappas (winner of the 1999 Metropolitan Opera Auditions), and Elektra Women's Choir (four-time consecutive First Place winners in the CBC Competition).

Songlist: Oh, mi Belen!, El Desembre Congelat, Alegria, A la Nanita Nana, Las Posadas, Campana Sobre Campana, En Belen Tocan a Fuego, El Noi de la Mare, Chiquirriquitin, El Rorro, Lauda per la Nativita del Signore, Magnificat, Recitative, Mary's Song, Magnificat, Quia Fecit, Fecit Potentiam, Suscepit Israel, Gloria

9015c 1 CD $15.95 A Cappella Lullabies

Chor Leoni : Chor Leoni : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Chor Leoni

Review: This fifth release from Vancouver's pride of lions features a mostly sacred and deeply moving program of works ranging from the 12th to the 20th centuries. Canadian baritone Bret Polegato guests on one of the few non-sacred pieces, Schubert's beautiful Stanchen for soloist and men's choir. Other highlights include 12th century organum by Perotin, Beata Viscera, excerpts from Caplet's Messe a trois voix, a beautiful and seamless performance of Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine transcribed for men's voices, and Michael Head's stunning How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps.

Songlist: Duo Seraphim, Beata Viscera, Cantique de Jean Racine, Sanctus & Benedictus from Messe a trois voix, Agnus Dei from Messe a trois voix, Ubi Caritas, Magnificat, Repleti Sunt Omnes, Spaseniye sodelal, Die Nacht D983 c, Standchen, Kung Liljekonvalje, Traumlicht from Drei Mannerchor, How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps

6864c 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chor Leoni : Circle of Compassion : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Circle of Compassion

Review: Chor Leoni is well known for its Remembrance day concerts, and this latest addition to its CD catalogue is a compilation of works performed at its most recent November concerts. "Is is dedicated to the citizens of all nationalities and faiths who have experienced loss and who deserve our compassion," writes conductor Diane Loomer. The singing is sensitive and beautiful as always, and the selections range from classics such as Schubert's setting of Psalm 23 and Randall Thompson's Choose Something Like a Star to works written for Chor Leoni, including the premiere recording of Stephen Smith's moving Pensive on Her Dead Gazing. And just try to stay dry-eyed during Bring Him Home from Les Miserables!

Songlist: And Death Shall Have No Dominion, Beati Mortui, Christmas in the Trenches, Dulce et Decorum, O Vos Omnes, Dirge from Cymbeline, Tarantella, Psaume 121, Vechnaya Pamiat (from Panhida No. 2), Iltapilvia, Choose Something Like a Star (from Frostiana), Reconciliation, Furusato, Der 23, Psalm, Pensive on Her Dead Gazing, Bring Him Home (from Les Miserables)

8714c 1 CD $15.95 Canadian Choral Recordings

Chor Leoni : Goin' Home : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Listen to
Fengyang Ge

Chor Leoni : Goin' Home

Review: "Goin' Home is Chor Leoni's sixth CD - each one we rave about, and each one is better than the last! Internationally acclaimed conductor Diane Loomer's flawless direction and song selection keep the Vancouver, BC-based all-male choir going in the right direction. As Canada is composed of citizens from every corner of the world, the object of "Goin'" was to collect and present folk songs from many of these countries, in the hope that CL's audience would experience "the bittersweet tightness in the throat and tear in the eye that only comes when you are goin' home." 18 richly textured a cappella songs, beginning with 3 dramatic Ainu folk tunes, "Bear Festival," "Piraka" and "Whale Festival," and continuing with "Fenyang Ge" and "Minoi, Minoi," Anhui and Samoan folk songs, respectively. Following are the Lapp folk song, "Dalvi duoddar luohti," and one of the best covers of the Zulu tune "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" we've heard. German, English, Irish, Estonian, and Welsh folk songs delight the crowd (this is a live performance, although the audience is almost edited out). A couple of nice American songs, the Appalachian folk song "Bright Morning Star" and "Shenandoah," precede the title tune by Antonin Dvorak, the Scottish tune "Loch Lomond" and "Christmas Angel." Sweet harmonies and what we can only call "personality" pour forth from CL like water from a Canadian stream. Recommended!

Songlist: Three Folk Songs, Bear Festival, Pirika, Pirika, Whale Festival, Fengyang Ge, Minoi, Minoi, Dalvi duoddar luohti, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Jing-ga-lye-ah, Gaudeamus igitur, Drink to my only with thine eyes, Dulaman, Kolm mul oli kaunist sona, Suo-Gan, Bright Morning Star, Shenandoah, Goin' Home, Loch Lomond, Christmas Angel

6863c 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chor Leoni : Magnificat : 1 CD : Diane Loomer :  : 9903

Chor Leoni : Magnificat

Review: We have reviewed five CDs by the talented men of Canada's 'Choral Lions,' and we have loved them all! Conductor and founder Loomer seems to call forth and inspire the rich, powerful baritone and bass parts, providing the ground for the soaring leads of the altos and tenors. 'Magnificat' is a lightly-accompanied Christmas collection, beginning with Contrad Susa's delightful 10-part 'Christmas in the Southwest,' continuing with the Elektra Women's Choir on Ottorino Respighi's 'Lauda per la Nativita del Signore,' and closing beautifully with Rupert Lang's 7-part title tune, 'Magnificat.' Listen to Susa's joyous 'Campana Sobre Campana,' 'En Belen Tocan a Fuego' and 'En Noi de la Mare' to get a taste of this delectable, surprising Christmas collection from one of our favorite male ensembles.

Songlist: Carols And Lullabies: Christmas In The Southwest, Lauda Per La Nativita Del Signore, Magnificat

8464c 1 CD $15.98 Canadian Choral Recordings

Chor Leoni : Songs of War & Peace : 1 CD : Diane Loomer :  : 9501

Chor Leoni : Songs of War & Peace

Review: 'Songs' joins 6 other strong recordings by Vancouver's prize-winning pride of lions, led by Loomer, one of Canada's top choral conductors (she also conducts the Amabile Singers, the UBC Choral Union and is co-conductor of Canada's award-winning women's choir Electra). 'Songs of War and Peace' reflects the various reactions of artists and composers to war, some are swept up in the swell of nationalism and idealism and glorified the bravery of soldiers, others have written songs to encourage the troops and pray for their safety, and some have spoken out against the glorification of warfare. The lightly-accompanied songlist focuses first on the sacrifice and loss of the soldiers with Mike Sammes' 'For the Fallen,' John McRae's 'In Flanders Field' and the stark, frightening 'A Stopwatch and an Ordnance Map' by Samuel Barber and Kirke Mechem's haunting 'Blow Ye the Trumpet.' The cheery, martial air of Charles Gounod's 'Soldier's Chorus' provides a counterpoint to the powerful, dark story of Percy Grainger's 'Danny Deever,' the poignant 'An Irish Airman Foresees His Death,' and Eric Bogle's Australian ballad 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.' Particularly touching is the medley 'Songs Soldiers Sing,' which includes 'Lilli Marlene,' 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary,' White Cliffs of Dover,' 'Pack Up Your Troubles' and 'We'll Meet Again.' The Irish air 'The Minstrel Boy' and a pair of American Spirituals, 'Over Yonder' and 'We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace' provide a fitting close to this powerful, thought-provoking collection.

Songlist: For The Fallen, In Flanders Field, A Stopwatch And And Ordinance Map, Blow Ye The Trumpet, Parti De Mal, Il Bravido, Soldier's Chorus, Varjele, Jumala Soasta, Una Sanosa Porfia, Danny Deever, An Irish Airman Foresees His Death, Sydameni Laulu, And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, Songs Soldiers Sing, The Minstrel Boy, Over Yonder, We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace

8465c 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chor Leoni : Yuletide Fires : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Yuletide Fires

Review: Vancouver BC's finest, Chor Leoni Men's Choir has delighted us in previous CDs, particularly with Folk tunes and sea shanties. Here we have a sumptuous, rich collection of 22 Christmas songs that show off CL's range, talent and feeling. From the Gregorian chants "Hodie Christus Natus Est," "Veni, Veni Emanuel," "Lux Aeterna," and "Alma Redemptoris Mater," the English carol "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen," and the Canadian "Huron Carol," to Diane Loomer's title tune, the Sarum chant "Veni Redemtor Gencium: and the Austrian carol "Still, Still, Still," this is great stuff. There is some light accompaniment such as organ on a few cuts, but basically this is just a great male chorus showing off its chops on Christmas music ranging from the traditional and well-known to unknown and eclectic. Highly recommended.

Songlist: Hodie Christus Natus Est, God Rest You Merry, Huron Carol, Letabundus, As Joseph Was A-Walking, Es ist ein Ros' entspungen, Le sommeil de l'enfant Jesus, Veni, Veni Emanuel, Yuletide Fires, Nouvelle agreable!, The Lord at First, Lux Aeterna, Quelle est cetter odeur agreable, Veni Redemptor Gencium, Dostoyno Yest, Svete Tihiy, Alma Redemptoris Mater, Stille Nacht, Drei Konige, Rise Up Shepherd, Christmas Angel, Still, Still, Still

7036c 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choir Christmas

Elektra Women's Choir : A Ceremony Of Carols : 1 CD : morna Edmundson / Diane Loomer : Britten, Benjamin Rutter, John  : 9703

Elektra Women's Choir : A Ceremony Of Carols

Review: In our opinion, probably the top women's choir performing today (this of course is a matter of some debate) is the Elektra Women's Choir, and as proof we offer their latest, "A Ceremony Of Carols," a brilliant CD of choral Christmas classics. First we have 12 cuts from Benjamin Britten's "Ceremony of Carols." Then three selections from Paul Csonka's "Concierto de Natividad," Then John Rutter's "Dancing Day, Parts I and II," eight songs. Featured is Rita Costanzi on harp. Just settle back in your easy chair with a Christmas toddy, put this on the stereo and let the beautiful music take you to a Christmas of another time and place.

Songlist: A Ceremony of Carols, Procession, Wolcum Yole!, There is no Rose, That yonge child, Balulalow, As dew in Aprille, This little Babe, Interlude, In Freezing Winter Night, Spring Carol, Deo Gracias, Recession, Concierto di Navidad, Amoroso Pastorcillo, Al Nino Jesus, La Nana, Dancing Day, Prelude, Angelus and Virginem, A virgin most pure, Personent Hodie, Interlude, There Is No Rose, Coventry Carol, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

6602c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : Child Of Grace

Review: Founded in 1987, and co-directed by Diane Loomer, C.M. and Morna Edmundson, the 57-strong, Vancouver, BC-based Elektra is now regarded as a leader in the classical women's choir movement worldwide. Seeking out music written specifically for women and frequently commissioning new works, the singers are selected by audition--and share an enthusiasm for challenging repertoire. "Child of Grace," a Christmas CD, is the group's 5th, and contains 21 songs, some with light accompaniment, piano and drums. This is a stunningly lovely collection of beautiful, little-known carols and Christmas songs, like Eleanor Daley's "What Sweeter Music" and "I Sing of a Maiden," and Knut Nystedt's "Mary's Song." There's a joyous group of 8 songs by Derick Holman called "Sir Christemas." Songs we've heard many times like "I Saw Three Ships," "How Far Is It to Bethlehem" and Malcolm Edwards' "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" are the exceptions. Each song is a gem!

Songlist: Adam Lay Ybounden, O My Dear Heat, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, What Sweeter Music, Carol for the Animals, I Sing of a Maiden, Mary's Song, How Far is it to Bethlehem?, In the Bleak Midwinter, Sir Christemas:, -Proface, welcome!, -Sir Christemas, -The Wassail, -Omnes gentes plaudite, -Here comes holly, -Ivy, chief of trees, -Nay, ivy, nay, -Now have good day!, The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy, The Huron Carol, I Saw Three Ships, I Sing of a Maiden

6862c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral Christmas CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : Classic Elektra : 1 CD : Morna Edmundson / Diane Loomer :  : 9402

Listen to
El Grito

Elektra Women's Choir : Classic Elektra

Review: This much-acclaimed women's classical choir from Vancouver, British Columbia, performs a diverse, frequently modern, repertoire drawn from many cultures world over. The ethereal "Hosanna," combines a concise traditional text with a repetitive theme and mixed meter; "The Snow," by the Romantic English composer Edward Elgar, is accompanied by two violins and piano, a delicately melodic, tonally-centered work in sonata form. "The Seeds Of Love," begins with a jazzy, engaging piano intro, alternating with a cappella choir, gradually becoming homophonic in texture; a "jazz/classical" fusion that is undeniably moving. Several Finnish composers, an Estonian, and Canadian composer Stephen Hatfield's interpretation of seven South African freedom songs, "African Celebration," round out this eclectic and adventurous recording.

Songlist: Laudate Dominum, Missa Brevis, Kyria, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Nigra Sum, Hosanna, The Snow, The Seeds of Love, In Praise of Music, First Section, Second Section, Third Section, Vesy Vasyy Lumen Alle, "Suite" de Lorca, Cancion de jinete, El Grito, La luna Asoma, Malaguena, Karjan Kotiinkutsu, African Celebration

6422c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : From The Heart : 1 CD : Morna Edmundson / Diane Loomer :  : 9602

Listen to
Ave Maria

Elektra Women's Choir : From The Heart

Review: Founded in 1987, The 33-strong pride of Vancouver, British Columbia, this much-acclaimed women's classical choir, known for its adventurous programming, seeks out and commissions music written specifically for women. "From The Heart" brings us 15 pieces from Elektra's touring repertoire. Eight of the selections are from Canada, most of them well-known folk songs, opening with David MacIntyre's electrifying "Ave Maria," which has captivated audiences since 1994. Fine works by European, and, in particular, British composers, and the "Missa Brevis" by American composer Ron Jeffers round out a marvelous recording. All words and translations are there on the very nice liner notes.

Songlist: Ave Maria, Wie Lieblich Sind Deine Wohnungen, Missa Brevis In Tempore Violentiae, Kyrie, Gloria, Flos regalis, Linden Lea, Two Eastern Pictures, Spring, Summer, The Lass OF Richmond Hill, Follow Me Down To Carlow, Reel A Bouche, Away From The Roll Of The Sea, She's Like The Swallow, Wood River, The Log Driver's Waltz, Heaven Bound Train, J'entends Le Moulin

6697c 1 CD $14.98 Female Choral CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : Josef Rheinberger - Missa et Hymni : 1 CD : Diane Loomer / Morna Edmundson : Josef Rheinberger : 83145

Elektra Women's Choir : Josef Rheinberger - Missa et Hymni

Review: Conductor, composer, organist and music teacher Josef Gabriel Rheinberger wrote many compositions for mixed, female and male voice ensembles. The majority of his secular part songs were written for male-voice choir while his sacred pieces featured female voices. In addition to the three masses, Rheinberger wrote twenty smaller pieces for two to four part female-voice choir. On this volume of Rheinberger's sacred music, the Elektra Women's Choir with soprano Lorraine Reinhardt sings many of his two and three part hymns and the Mass in E-flat for three part choir and organ.

Songlist: Drei lateinische Hymnen op. 96:, Ave vivens hostia, Regina coeli, Adoramus te, Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen op. 35, Missa in Es op. 155:, -Jyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Sechs zweistimmige Hymnen op. 118:, Salve Regina, Memorare, Quam admirabile, Inclina Domine, Ave maris stella, Puer natus in Bethlehem

6897c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : Legacy : 1 CD : Diane Loomer : 

Elektra Women's Choir : Legacy

Review: Since 1987 the Elektra Women's Choir has been an international ambassador for the Canadian choral legacy. Under the guidance of co-conductors Morna Edmundson and Diane Loomer, they are regarded as a leader, worldwide, of seeking out and performing music written specifically for women's choir, in addition to commissioning new works. You will be treated to a playlist which includes the works of six Canadian contemporary composers of great reknown. The technically demanding quality of this performance is breath-taking. You will never forget Malcolm Forsyth's composition "Northern Journey." From traditional to contemporary sounds of women's voices this is a virtuoso recording.

Songlist: Ave Maria Stella, Lullaby, Northern Journey, Salem, 1692, Hear My Prayer, When You Are Old, Four Mystical Songs, Ave Maria, Northern Lights, Miss Brevis, Celebremust

6562c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : Sacred Places : 1 CD : Diane Loomer / Morna Edmundson :  : 0602

Listen to
Os Justi

Elektra Women's Choir : Sacred Places

Review: Elektra Women's Choir unveils an eloquent collection of sacred works for treble voices. The repertoire encompasses contemporary settings by composers from Hungary, Canada, the United States, and Spain. The collection includes Gyorgy Orban's "Mass No. 6", psalm settings by the late Srul Irving Glick, Eleanor Daley's assured "Os Justi", the haunting lullaby "Durme, Durme" arranged by Alice Parker; the glorious "Set Me as a Seal" by Richard Nance, Eva Ugalde's dramatic "Miserere" and Gwyneth Walker's "I Thank You God". This moving collection highlights the very essence of Elektra - complete with transcendent harmonies, thrilling melodies, and the full spectrum of the vocal palette.

Songlist: Mass No. 6, Psalm 92, Psalm 47, Psalm 23, Os Justi, Durme, Durme, Set Me As A Seal, Miserere, I Thank You God

8355c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Elektra Women's Choir : Skylark : 1 CD : Morna Edmundson / Diane Loomer :  : 9202

Elektra Women's Choir : Skylark

Review: British Columbia's much-acclaimed Elektra Women's Choir is known for seeking out challenging music for women, and "Skylark" is certainly no exception. It celebrates a wealth of outstanding choral repertoire for women from four areas of the world, Continental Europe, Canada, Britain and the Baltic Sea. The 13 selections are rich and varied, drawing its inspiration from nature, the church and folk traditions. For example we hear "O Vivens Fons" by Medieval abbess Hildegard von Bingen, Canadian composer Richard Kidd's "Wind Song," Gustav Holst's "Ave Maria" and Veljo Tormis' magical arrangement of the Estonian folk song "Lauliku Lapsepoli." Beautiful liner notes with the words and translations.

Songlist: O Vivens Fons, Laudi Alla Vergine Maria, Total Pulchra Es, Wind Song, Salve Regina, Snowforms, Follow Me to Carlow, Ave Maria, He Hath Entered the Heaven, Jaakobin Pojat, Lauliku Lapsepoli, On Suuri Sun Rantas Autius, Mina Olen Harman Kankaanpaasta

6601c 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Chor Leoni : Canadian Safari 2 : 2 CDs : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Canadian Safari 2

Review: Diane Loomer, founder of Chor Leoni in 1992 with the purpose of singing the best, most difficult "classical" works for male choir, is unable to explain how the lions have now recorded their 3rd CD of folk songs. One good reason seems to be that Canadian folk music is the art of the people - sometimes rough, sometimes achingly beautiful, humorous, whimsical, warm and full of heart. Although they are using more accompaniment now and have performed with several symphony orchestras, the spirit, energy and sheer vocal power of Chor Leoni is as infectious as ever. "Safari 2" is a generous 2-CD collection of 25 tunes. Many favorites, but in particular "Royal Hudson," the foot-stomping "Watching the Apples Grow," "Feller from Fortune," "Trinque l'amourette," Gordon Lightfoot's classic "In the Early Morning Rain," the rousing "The Nancy," "The Black Fly Song," "The Mary Ellen Carter," "The Field Behind The Plow," "The Williams Lake Stampede" and "Canadian Pacific." A powerful, big fun 6th CD from the lions of the North country!

Songlist: Royal Hudson, RIse Again, The Skye Boast Song, The Old "Mayflower", Watching the Apples Grow, Feller from Fortune, Dondaine la ridaine, Indian Reels, Trinque l'amourette, In the Early Morning Rain, The Maple Leaf Forever, Amazing Grace, All the Diamonds, The Nancy, Heather Bonn/Island Ferry, The Black Fly Song, April in Whitehorse, The Mary Ellen Carter, Blow the Wind Southerly, Springtime in Alberta, Frobisher Bay, The Field Behind the Plow, Kettl Valley Railroad, The Williams Lake Stampede, Canadian Pacific

7276c 2 CDs $18.95 Canadian Choral Recordings

Chor Leoni : Choral Christmas Collection : Sheet Music : Diane Loomer : 

Chor Leoni : Choral Christmas Collection

Review: A perennial favourite with Vancouver audiences, Corlynn's sweet and gentle 'Christmas Angel' has elements of traditional and popular music. it is sure to be a hit with your audiences too. A smooth and jazzy version of 'Silent Night,' this piece is straightforward and suitable for any Christmas concert. Written in a traditional chant-like style with unison lines alternating with lush harmonic passages, Chor Leoni discovered Willan's previously unpublished version of 'Magnificat' and instantly fell in love with it. One of Chor Leoni's favourite modern Christmas carols, 'Yuletide Fires' is

Songlist: Christmas Angel, Silent Night, Magnificat, Yuletide Fires

9563b Sheet Music $8.95 Choral Christmas Arrangements

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