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Luther College Nordic Choir : I Sing As I Arise Today

Review: Weston Noble directs his versatile 74 mixed-voice Choir in this 2004 tour of Texas and the Midwest. A lot of our favorites are among the 14 songs, including the title tune, Bach's soaring "Singet Dem Herrn," Paul Weber's "Arise, Shine," Frank Ticheli's "There Will Be Rest," Smith and Kirkpatrick's "All Is Well," Wilbur Chenoweth's "Vocalise," and the traditional "Let Me Fly," "The Battle of Jericho" (arranged by Moses Hogan), and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Some organ accompaniment. The Nordic Choir has been, thanks to Noble, one of America's finest for decades, and every cut is a finely-crafted joy.

Songlist: I sing As I arise Today, Singet Dem Herrn, Vere languores, Arise! Shine!, There Will Be Rest, Cantos Sagrado (Ill Sun Stone), Sleep, Fum, Fum, Fum, All Is Well, Vocalise, Let Me Fly, The Battle of Kericho, O Lord God, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

7709 00 1 CD $15.98

Luther College Nordic Choir : I Will Sing To The Lord

Review: Westin Noble, director of music activities at Luther College, is an internationally known conductor and clinician. He has served as guest conductor for more than 775 music festivals in the U.S. and abroad. The 68-strong, mixed voice Nordic Choir tours annually through the US in such venues as the Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center, Washington DC, and the Mormon Tabernacle. "I Will Sing" is a joyous collection of Christian sacred music (with the exception of "Eight Chestnut Horses," a Mongolian song). 13 songs, all dramatically and beautifully performed: "Song of Praise," "Sicut Cervus," "Lobet Den Herrn, Alle Heiden," "Christus Natus Est," "Our Father," "Lullaby On Christmas Eve," "Why Rage Fiercely the Heathen," "Dona Nobis Pacem, "Song for Athene,""Done Written Down My Name," "O Lord God" and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Inspirational, powerful and lovely.

Songlist: Song of Praise, Sicut Servis, Lobet den Herrn, Alle Heiden, Cristus Natus Est, Our Father, Lullaby on Christmas Eve, Why Rage Fiercly the Heathen, Dona Nobis Pacem, Song for Athene, Eight Chestnut Horses, Done Written Down My Name, O Lord God, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

6936 00 1 CD $9.95

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I Will Arise

Luther College Nordic Choir : In The Beginning

Review: Of all the dynamic music programs (seven choirs, three bands, three orchestras, two jazz bands and nearly 1,000 student musicians) that have flourished at Decorah, Iowa's Luther College, the very first, the flagship choral ensemble, is the 70-strong, mixed-voice Nordic Choir. In 1948 Weston Noble began a 57-year tenure that would bring the choir into national and international acclaim as one of the best Collegiate choral ensembles. In 2005 Dr. Craig Arnold became the director of choral activities and conductor of the Nordic Choir. "In the Beginning" is a collection of 15 contemporary Christian pieces, beginning with Alice Parker and Robert Shaw's arrangement of "I Will Arise," John Rutter's "Hymn to the Creator of Light," the lovely, 15-minute long title tune by Aaron Copland, Stephen Paulus' "The Old Church," the premiere of Brooke Joyce's "The Revelation of St. Julian," F. Melius Christiansen's "Psalm 50," the premiere of student Patrick Burzlaff's "Psalm 50," "Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow," Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God," and Carl Orff's 5-part, piano-accompanied "Carmina Burana." Beautiful solos and harmonies on this often difficult material by one of the oldest and most respected Collegiate choirs!

Songlist: I Will Arise, Hymn to the Creator of Light, In the Beginning, The Old Church, The Revelation of St. Julian (premiere), Psalm50 , Movement II, Movement III, Psalm 46 (premiere), Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow, O Lord God, Carmina Burana, Veni, veni, venias, Swaz hie gat umbe, Chum, chum geselle min, Swaz hie gat umbe, Were diu werlt alle min

9014 00 1 CD $15.95

Luther College Nordic Choir : Norway / England Tour 2000

Review: The Nordic Choir frequently leaves its home, the campus of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, to tour the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. "Norway/England Tour" chronicles their 2000 visit to the UK and Norway with 14 live sacred songs, some lightly accompanied. Bach's "Der Gueist Hilft Unsrer Schwachheit Auf," Barstow's "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence," Eric Whitacre's "Water Night," Samuel Barber's "Agnus Dei," the Moses Hogan-arranged "Elijah Rock," and Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God" are standouts in a fine collection by this great choir, conducted by Weston Noble.

Songlist: Ascendit Deus, Ave Maria, Der Geist Hilft Unsrer Schwachheit Auf, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, O Crux, Water Night, Advent Motet, Be Not Afraid, Sometimes I Feel, Agnus Dei , Vocalise, Elijah Rock, O Lord God, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

7962 00 1 CD $15.98

Luther College Nordic Choir : The Culmination of an Extraordianary Career

Review: Certainly considered to be one of the great American choral conductors Weston Noble last concert tour is represented on this fine recording. After 57 years at the helm of this top-notch choir Weston Noble certainly knows how to get the very best out of both the material and the singers and this recording is a cumulation of those many years of talent and ability. Eric Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque" is performed to perfection as are all these a cappella pieces.

Songlist: Be Not Fraid, Gloria A 7 Voci, Who Is This?, Hodie, Christus Natus Est, Drop Drop Slow Tears, Alelouya (Haitian Easter), I Heard A Great A Great Voice, O Clap Your Handds All Ye People, Amore De Mi Alma, Gloria , Lux Aurumque, He'll Make A Way, O Lord God, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

8667 00 1 CD $14.95

Luther College Nordic Choir : The Eight Chestnut Horses

Review: Not surprisingly, on most of their excellent CDs the Nordic Choir focuses on selections of Christian sacred and spiritual music. In a dramatic change of direction that highlights the Choir's versatility, "Horses" is a collection of World music, beginning with the thundering drums of David Fanshawe's "African Sanctus" and the gentle guitar riffs of "A La Nanita Nana" by Roger Folstrom, the CD continually surprises us. The powerful "Betelehemu" is a "bring the house down" piece in concert, "Prayer of the Children," brings tears remembering children caught in bloodshed and ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia in the 1970, and the Chinese "Usuli Boat Song," celebrates finding ways to be happy. The final cut, the title tune, a Mongolian song actually called "Naiman Sharag," gives the feeling of horses running, the song ends quietly, as if the horses are in the far distance. Some strong percussion and light accompaniment. A wonderful, powerful CD!

Songlist: African Sanctus, A La Nanita nana, Betelehemu, Riu, Riu, Chiu, Prayer of the Children, Hacia Belen va un borrico, Cantos Sagrados, African Noel, Song of Cherubim, Usuli Boat Song, Noel Ayisyen (Haitian Noel), Shut de Do, Naiman Sharag (The Eight Chestnut Horses)

7708 00 1 CD $15.98

Luther College Nordic Choir : Unto Us A Child Is Born

Review: Singing is a very big part of the campus of Luther College by being alive with the sound of its seven choirs. Music is considered to be an integral part of the community of faith and learning at the College and ever since it's founding Christmas has always been a very special time of year. The Christmas concerts are legendary and in 2006 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the combined musical ensembles including the Nordic Choir, Cantorei, the Norsemen and the Symphony Orchestra.

Songlist: I Wonder as I Wander, Fantasia on "Greensleeves", Processional: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Break forth, O beauteous, heavenly light (from the Christmas Oratorio), Glory Be to God, There is No Rose, Out of the Orient Crystal Skies, On Christmas Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Fanfare for a New Millennium, Quoniam tu solus sanctus (from Mass in C majjjor), Love Came Down at Christmas, A Child, My Choice, The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy, O Day Full of Grace, Silent Night, Carillon (from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1), The Little Drummer Boy, Noel Ayisyen (A Haitian Noel), Noel: Votre Bonte Grand Dieu, Narration, The Many Moods of Christmas (Suite Three)

8729 00 1 CD $9.95 Mixed Choir Christmas CDs

Luther College Nordic Choir : We Sing With Joy

Review: The oldest, most famous choir at Decorah, IA's Luther College, founded in 1946, The 68-strong, mixed voice Nordic Choir brings us another beautiful, inspirational album, conducted by Craig Arnold. Nordic is now under the direction of Allen Hightower, who picked up the baton from Arnold, who directed the Choir for five years after receiving it from Weston Noble, who greatly enhanced the group's international reputation during his 57 years of leadership. Nordic Choir records at least one CD per year and tours extensively in the United States and internationally. "We Sing with Joy" is a 17-song collection, many of them accompanied by piano, violin, trumpet and organ. Some favorites are "Praise to the Lord" arranged by F. Melius Christiansen, Ola Gjeilo's "Unicornis Captivatur," Frank Martin's "Sanctus (from Mass)," Benjamin Britten's "Hymn to St. Cecelia" movements 1 and 2, Paul Tschesnokoff's "O Lord God," an American Folk song "The Dying Soldier," David Childs' "Where Your Barefoot Walks," Z. Randall Stroope's "All My Heart This Night Rejoices," Dan Forrest's "You Are the Music" and the William Dawson-arranged spiritual, "Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit." But each of these cuts is masterfully done, the rich soaring harmonies rising and intertwining above us. "We Sing with Joy" is simply wonderful!

Songlist: Praise to the Lord, Unicornis Captivatur, How Great Are Thy Wonders, Sanctus (from Mass), Serenade to Music, Hymn to St. Cecilia, movement 1, Hymn to St. Cecilia, movement 2, O Lord God, Immortal, Invisible (with audience) , The Dying Soldier (American Folk Song), Where Your Barefoot Walks, Awake O North Wind (from Wedding Cantata) , All My Heart This Night Rejoices , How Can I Keep From Singing, You Are The Music, Hermandad, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit

6036 00 1 CD $15.95

Luther College Nordic Choir : West Coast Tour 2001

Review: Renowned Conductor Weston Noble directs his talented, mixed-voice Nordic Choir on these 18 live cuts from their 2001 West Coast Tour. Knut Nystedt's "Be Not Afraid," Greg Knauf's "Gloria," Se Enkhbayar's "The Eight Chestnut Horses," the Moses Hogan-arranged "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?" and the 8 movements of Mozart's dramatic "Requiem" are standouts in a strong collection of mostly sacred music.

Songlist: Be Not Afraid, Ovos Omnes, Gloria, Praise the Lord, O My Soul, Water Night, The Eight Chestnut Horses, Hacia Be'n Va Un Borrico, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, O Lord God, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Excerpts from "Requiem" Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2964 00 1 CD $15.98

Luther College Nordic Choir : Weston Noble Conducts

Review: Weston Noble has taught at Luther College since 1948, the year the Nordic Choir was founded, becoming its first director as well as director of the Luther College Concert Band. Noble and the Choir have received a host of awards. "Weston Noble Conducts" contains some of the Choir's best recordings, 16 sacred songs. Favorites include a pair by William Byrd, "Haec Dies" and "Sing Joyfully Unto God," Bach's "Singet Dem Herrn Ein Neues Lied" and "Komm, Jesu, Komm," the Jester Hairston-arranged spiritual "In Dat Great Getting' Up Mornin'" and a pair by Paul Tschesnokoff, "Let the Holy Spirit" and "O Lord God." A beautiful, impressive collection.

Songlist: Laudate (Choral Fanfare), Haec Dies, God Is With Us, Praise The Name Of The Lord, Singet Dem Herrn Ein Neues Lied, Exultation, Psalm 50, Sing Joyfully Unto God, Credo, Kom, Jesu, Komm, Let Thy Holy Spirit, Arma Lucis, African Sanctus, In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin', Shut De Do', O Lord God

2966 00 1 CD $15.98

Luther College Norsemen : Oh Sing Jubilee

Review: Luther College's rich heritage of singing grew out of Scandinavian and German Lutheran congregations singing hymns. Founded in its present form in 1981, Norsemen is exclusively for men in their first year at Luther College and boasts a membership of 80-90 singers under the direction of Dr. Timothy Peter. 18 songs are here, from the title tune, Bach's "Come Holy Ghost," Pavel Chesnokov's "Bladoslovi, dushe moya, Ghospoda," the Kirby Shaw-arranged "Down By the Riverside," G.B. Martini's "In Mounte Oliveti," Harry Simeone's "Little Drummer Boy," the spirituals "My Lord, What a Mornin'" and "De' Mornin' Come, Cole Porter's "Blow, Gabriel, Blow!" and Michael Smith's lovely "All is Well." There is some light accompaniment. Rich harmonies, spirited leads and the aptly-named Norsemen's rich, deep sound add greatly to our enjoyment and appreciation of each of these tunes. Great stuff!

Songlist: Oh Sing Jubilee, O Vos Omnes, Come Holy Ghost, The King Of Love, Blagagoslovi Dushe Moya Ghospoda , Silent Noon , All That Hath Life And Breath, Down By The Riverside , In Monte Oliveti , Fergus Molly , Little Drummer Boy, My Lord, What a Mornin', Gaudeamus Igitur , Blow Gabriel Blow , Adiemus , Lily's Eyes , De' Mornin' Come , All Is Well

8639 00 1 CD $9.95

Luther College Pike Kor : Finding A Voice

Review: Pike Kor, whose name honors the Norwegian heritage of the college, was established at Luther in 1981. It is comprised of 100 first-year women, selected each fall by audition, who perform a primarily sacred repertoire with a wide range of works composed for women's voices. Directed by Sandra Peter the choir continues the tradition of one of the nation's finest female choirs. This CD, their first, includes several new works by Libby Larsen, including "Natus est Emmanuel," commissioned for "Christmas at Luther College", and "A Young Nun, Singing" premiered by Pike Kor in 2005. Convent motets by Sulpitia Cesis and pieces by Edie Hill, Gwyneth Walker and Eleanor Daley are also featured. Much of the repertoire Pike Kor has performed in recent years has either been composed by women, set to texts by women, or centers around themes related to women. A highly recommended recording

Songlist: O Come Let Us Sing, Mary Speaks, Alleluia, Laetamini Et Exultate, Angelus Ad Pastores, Maria Magdelena Et Altera Maria , A Young Nun Singing , Natus Est Emmanuel: A Glee Of Angels At The Birth, Jack's Valentine, The Bike et Loose, Now I Become Myself, Love Is A Rain Of Diamonds, Ubi Caritas, What Sweeter Music, Canticle To The Spirit, Fruits Of The Selfless Heart, View Me Lord A Work Of Time , Come And Behold, Were You There?

8609 00 1 CD $15.95 Girls Choirs CDs

Madison Boy Choir : Five Fragments of Jade

Review: Established in 1994 The Madison Boy Choir has earned an excellent reputation and should be considered one of the top boychoir in the country. An earlier recording of theirs "Yonnondio" hit the top 10 on the national Billboard charts where it remained for an amazing 37 consecutive weeks. Director Dan Krunnfusz does a great job with the voices and arrangements on this fine recording.

Songlist: Bound From The Promised Land, Adoramus te, Strike It Up, Tabor, Domine Fili Unigenite from Missa Prima Toni, Wir Eilen Mit Schwachen Doch Emsigen Schritten, Magnificat, Messe Breve, Maria Mater Gratiae, Tantum Ergo, Five Fragments of Jade, Sound Of The Sea, Five Haiku on Rain, Ocean from Gift from the Sea, River in Judea, Niska Banja

8885 00 1 CD $14.95 Boys Choirs CDs

Male Ensemble Northwest : A Tribute to Norman Luboff

Review: If you were to assemble a Who's Who of choral conductors, teachers and singers of northwestern United States, you could just start with the Male Ensemble Northwest. This unique chorus apply their talents on this recording to singing some of the best known of the over 6,000 choral arrangements of Norman Luboff, one of the greatest arrangers of the twentieth century. In recreating the lush "Luboff sound" the ensemble also uses instrumental accompaniment similar to that found in the original performances of these arrangements. Old familiars such as "Dream A Little Dream," "Yellow Bird," "Rio Grande," and "Lowlands" will rekindle the joy of reminiscence and share anew some of the work from a unique mover and shaker of the choral world.

Songlist: Dream A Little Dream , But Beautiful, Sense You Went Away, Yellow Bird, Valencianita, Carmen Carmella, Aupres De Ma Blonde, A-Roving, Rio Grande, Lowlands, The Old Chisholm Trail, The Colorado Trail, Doney Gal, Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Cool Water, The Streets of Laredo, Tender Love, Red River Valley

6557 00 1 CD $14.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Male Ensemble Northwest : Promised Land

Review: "Promised Land" gives the 12 leading choral directors who form M.E.N. a chance to get their musical teeth into some of the great songs in American history. They are divided into groups: Hymns, such as "Promised Land" and "Rise Up, O Men of God," Spirituals, such as "The Gift To Be Simple" and "Joshua," Songs of the Civil War, "Waiting for the Dawn of Peace (Tenting Tonight)," Songs of the West, such as "Streets of Laredo" and "Colorado Trail," Songs of the Sea, such as "Blow the Candles Out" and "Mary Ann," and American Television Themes, "Television Medley" and "Lonesome Road." 20 songs in all. A powerful, moving collection of the best of our musical heritage!

Songlist: Promised Land, Be Thou My Vision, O Thou in Whose Presence, Rise Up, O Men of God, We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace, The Gift To Be Simple, Somebody's Calling My Name, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Joshua, I Can't Tarry, Waitin' for the Dawn of Peace, The Streets of Laredo, The Colorado Trail, Down in the Valley, Shenandoah, Blow the Candles Out, Mary Ann, A-Roving, Television Medley (Gilligan's Island / Car 54 Where Are You? / Petticoat Junction / Rawhide / The Brady Bunch / Mr. Ed /Mickey Mouse Club / Green Acres / The Beverly Hillbillies / The ROy Rogers Show), That Lonesome Road

6556 00 1 CD $14.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Male Ensemble Northwest : Reflections Of Christmas

Review: Unique among musical groups, M.E.N. is comprised of 12 leading choral directors from throughout the Pacific Northwest, each man an active conductor, clinician and educator in choral music. The wealth of knowledge they bring to this fine recording of 19 Christmas standards is beautifully clear from the first few notes. The songs: "Medieval Gloria," "Angelus ad virginem," "Hodie," "Pat a Pan," "Coventry Carol," "Sing Softly, For There He Sleeps," "In a Manger Lowly Lay," "O Hearken Ye," "Caroling, Caroling," "Deck The Hall," "I Saw Three Ships," "What Child Is This," "Sing We Now Of Christmas," "Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant," "A La Nanita Nana," "Silent Night," "The Christmas Song," "White Christmas" and "Reflections of Him." A very special Christmas CD!

Songlist: Medieval Gloria, Angelus ad Virginem, Hodie, Pat a Pan, Coventry Carol, Sing Softly, For There He Sleeps, In A Manger Lowly Lay, O Hearken Ye, Caroling, Caroling, Deck the Hall, I Saw Three Ships, What Child Is This?, Sing We Now Of Christmas, Il est ne, le Divin Enfant, A La Nanita Nana, Silent Night, The Christmas Song, White Christmas, Reflections of Him

6558 00 1 CD $14.98 Men's Choir Christmas

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I Will

Male Ensemble Northwest : Sweet Rivers

Review: 14-strong M.E.N. was formed in Longview, Washington in 1982, by choral musician and educator Howard Meharg. His mission was "to celebrate the art of male choral singing, to inspire men of all ages to musical artistry, and to encourage young men in leadership and example among their colleagues in music." The ensemble has been honored by invitations to sing as state, regional and national conventions of the ACDA. Unique among male choruses, each member of Male Ensemble Northwest is a conductor as well as an outstanding vocal musician. There are 13 richly harmonic tunes here, some of our favorites are some spiritual tunes, "Shout for Joy," "Alleluia," "When I Hear The Trumpet Sound," "City Called Heaven;" and Andrew Crouch's "Soon and Very Soon" (arranged by Randy Crenshaw); a pair of Lennon/McCartney songs, "I Will" and "Eleanor Rigby;" 5 Celtic Folk songs by Vijay Singh, "Timor et Tremor," "Fergus an' Molly," "Lament of a Fisher's Wife" and the delightful "Finnan Haddie;" "Sweet Rivers" and the lovely, traditional "Irish Blessing." There is occasional light piano and guitar accompaniment, but the voices, with their rich, bright harmonies, are the focus here. Powerful, beautiful material from this talented, veteran men's chorus!

Songlist: Timor et Tremor, Shout for Joy, Alleluia!, Sweet Rivers, When I Hear the Trumpet Sound, City Called Heaven, Fergus an' Molly, Lament of a Fisher's Wife, Finnan Haddie, Soon and Very Soon, I Will, Eleanor Rigby, Irish Blessing

8992 00 1 CD $15.95 Men's Choirs CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Christmas

Review: Sigrid Johnson conducts the Manitou Singers, comprised of 95 first-year female students at Northfield, Minnesota's St. Olaf College. The Singers have delighted audiences over the years with their beautiful and striking interpretations of treble choral literature. Included are Clausen's "Make a Joyful Noise," Rutter's "Candlelight Carol" and "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day," "There Is No Rose of Such Virtue," Jackson Berkey's "Gloria," "Sanctus," "Make We Joy," "Sing A New Noel;" 17 songs in total. Orchestral accompaniment on most songs, but the beautiful voices of the young women are on center stage. Lovely and intricate music for Christmas!

Songlist: Make A Joyful Noise, Candlelight Carol, The Road Ahead, Gloria, There Is No Rose of Such Virtue, All My Heart This Night Rejoices, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, I Sing of a Maiden, Sleep, O Lovely One, Sanctus (from Missa Hosanna), Make We Joy, The Journey of Mary, Sing a New Noel, How Far is it to Bethlehem?, A la nanita nana, Lullaby (from Hodie), Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

6809 00 1 CD $9.95 Female Choral Christmas CDs

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Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Highlights from the St. Olaf Christmas Festival

Review: Northfield, MN's St. Olaf College offers an academically education with a vibrant faith tradition. The Manitou Singers, comprised of 100 first year women students, have a repertoire that ranges from sacred to secular to popular ballads, and their performances have broad appeal on and off campus. This live recording is from the Singers' performance at the popular St. Olaf Christmas Festival, and includes 17 songs. Favorites are standards such as the carols such as "O Little Town of Bethlehem, "What Child is This" and "I Saw Three Ships," as well as lesser known pieces like William Mathais' "Susanni," Daniel Gawthrop's "Mary Speaks," David Conte's "A Stable Lamp is Lighted," Ian Kellam's "Alpha to Omega" and Benjamin Britten's "Procession and Balulalow" (Ceremony of Carols). There are some wonderful songs we are hearing for the first time, and beautifully done standards on this generous Christmas collection!

Songlist: A Christmas Carol, Susanni, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Lullaby Medley, Mary Speaks, What Child Is This?, A Stable Lamp Is Lighted, The Sussex Carol, Sweet Was The Song, I Saw Three Ships, Gloria, Alpha To Omega, Gloria, There Is No Rose, Gloria, Make A Joyful Noise, Procession And Balulow (Ceremony of Carols)

6093 00 1 CD $15.95 Female Choral Christmas CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 1

Review: The Manitou Singers are a choir comprised of 95 first-year women at St. Olaf College located in Northfield, Minn. They are one of the unique manifestations of vocal traditions fostered at that school which is reknown for it's choirs. Conductor Sigrid Johnsof leads this massive choir of sopranos in an marvelous repertoire of religious and secular music alike. Hymns, gospel tunes, and elements of the Mass find expression next to such works as Debussy's "Claire de Lune," "Three Songs of Innocence" by Robert Wetzler, or Allister MacGillivray's "Away From the Roll of the Sea." While a bit more than half of the songs are enhanced by spare instrumental accompaniment, mostly solo piano, the expression of a mass of angelic voices is the substance of this beautiful recording.

Songlist: Lift Thine Eyes, Kyrie, Gloria in excelsis Deo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei , Study War No More, Wings of Morning, Vestigia, Claire de Lune, The Shepherd, The Echoing Green, The Lamb, Im Herbst, O Pastorelle, Addio, May There Always Be Sunshine, He's Gone Away, Away from the Roll of the Sea, Go Where I Send Thee

6563 00 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 2


Songlist: Kyrie, Gloria, Santus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei , The Lord Is My Shepherd, The Ships of Arcady, Fly, Singing Bird / Three Folk Songs, Dao Inang Sarge, Shalom Chaverin, Sakura, In the Beginning, I Will Sing With The Spirit, Ave Maria, I Am My Brother's Keeper, Cantique de Jean Racine, Cantate Domino, Jehovah, Hear Our Prayer, Ride On, King Jesus

6564 00 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 3


Songlist: Awake and Sing , A Maid Peerless , God Be In My Head , How Excellent Thy Name , Songs of Innocence , -A Cradle Song, -Spring, -Piping down the valleys, Linden Lea , Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser , Missa Brevis in c minor , -Kyrie, -Gloria, -Sanctus, Agnus Dei , Come, All Musicians, Come , Ave Maria , Go Down Moses, Blessing

6807 00 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 4

Review: Sigrid Johnson conducts the Manitou Singers, comprised of 95 first-year female students at Northfield, Minnesota's St. Olaf College. The Singers have delighted audiences over the years with their beautiful and striking interpretations of treble choral literature. Included are Faure's "Tantum Ergo," Manz' "E'en So Lord Jesus," John Hilton's "Now Is The Summer Springing," How's "Lenten Litany," Jackson Berkey's "Gloria" and "Little Fire," "Leavitt's "Ubi Caritas," Scott's "Exaltation," de Victoria's "O Sacrum Convivium," "The Lone, Wild Bird," Mendelssohn's "Chanson et choeur de Fees" and Mulholland's "Heart We Will Forget Him." Piano accompaniment on most songs, but the beautiful voices of the young women are on center stage. Lovely and intricate music!

Songlist: Tantum Ergo , E'en So Lord Jesus, Now Is the Summer Springing , Lenten Litany , Gloria, Ubi Caritas , Exaltation , O Sacrum Convivium, Little Fire , The Lone, Wild Bird , Chansom et choeur de Fees , Heart We Will Forget Him

6808 00 1 CD $15.98 Female Choral CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 5

Review: The Manitou Singers are 100 first-year students at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN; who have been ably led in renditions of beautiful treble choral literature by Conductor Sigrid Johnson. "Repertoire for Women's Voices: Vol. 5" is part of a series of recordings of new material by the ensemble, in this case 19 songs. Religious material is plentiful here with cuts like Felix Mendelssohn's "Children Blessed of the Lord," Ruth Henderson's "Cantate Domino," Daniel Gawthrop's "Sing Me to Heaven," David L. Brunner's "Jubilate Deo," Katie Moran Bart's "Blessing" and Ron Nelson's "Jehovah, Hear Our Prayer." But the lovely high voices also lend themselves well to secular tunes like David Sargent's "Mirth," Neal Pfeifer's "Lilacs and Rain" and Imant Raminsh's "Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One.

Songlist: Children Blessed Of The Lord, Magnificat, Cantate Domino, Mirth, He's Gone Away, Duerme Negrito, Lilacs and Rain, Regina Coeli, Alleluia, Lux Aeterna from Missa , Sing Me To Heaven, Jubilate Deo , Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One, Choose Something Like A Star, Barter, Blessing, I Will Sing With The Spirit, Jehovah, Hear Our Prayer, Set Me As A Seal

6092 00 1 CD $15.95 Girls Choirs CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 6

Review: One of the most popular music ensembles at Northfield, MN's St. Olaf College is the 100-strong Manitou Singers, comprised of 100 first year women's voices. Manitou sings at the opening worship service of the college; at daily chapel and church services, the annual St. Olaf Christmas Festival, its own Spring concert and others. Their repertoire includes the sacred, the secular and even popular ballads. On "Repertoire for Women's Voices, Vol. 6," well-respected Director Sigrid Johnson leads Manitou's clear, soaring voices in 18 beautiful, mostly piano-accompanied songs; some favorites are Gyorgy Orban's 4-part "Mass #6," a pair by David M. Childs, "I Am Not Yours" and "She Walks In Beauty;" a pair by Joan Szymko, "The Peace of Wild Things" and "I Dream A World;" Z. Randall Stroope's "Dies Irae;" Michael Cleveland's "Come to Me" among many others. A delicate, lovely collection from this young, talented group!

Songlist: Mass No. 6, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Benedictus, Agnus De, Sicilian Lullaby, The Peace of Wild Things, Las Amarillas, Little Star, I am Not Yours, Exsultate, Jubilate, Ubi Caritas, Dies Ira, She Walks in Beauty, Little David, Play On Your Harp, Come to Me, Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia, The White Rose/, I Dream a World

9803 00 1 CD $15.95 Female Choral CDs

Manitou Singers of St. Olaf College : Repertoire For Women's Voices Vol 7

Review: "Repertoire for Women's Voices, Vol. 7" continues an impressive series from Northfield, MN's St. Olaf College's youngest vocal ensemble, formed of 100 first year women singers. Facing the daunting task of creating a world-class group from 100 new singers every year, Sigrid Johnson comes through every time, each "Repertoire" a soaring, poised, impressive winner! A few favorites from this 19 song, mostly lightly piano accompanied collection would be a pair by David P. Rossow, "Agnus Dei" and "Sanctus;" a pair of Spirituals, the Moses Hogan-arranged "Music Down In My Soul" and "Go Down Moses," arranged by Mark Hayes; 3 "Songs of Innocence" by Karl Korte; Robert Sieving's "She Sat and Sang" and many others. Beautiful, well-chosen songlist, and wonderful young, soaring voices-don't miss this one!

Songlist: O Frondens Virga, Kyrie, Sanctus, I Lift My Eyes/, Today, This Spring, Homeland, Music Down In My Soul, Echo, Alleluia Brasileira , Come, All Musicians, Come, Agnus Dei, Sanctus, She Sat and Sang, Music, the Spirit of Life, Piping Down the Valleys, A Cradle Song, Spring, Here, Go Down Moses

9804 00 1 CD $15.95 Female Choral CDs

Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine Choir : Hail Holy Queen

Review: From Latin classics of Jacobus Gallus and Cesar Franck to the Russian a cappella romanticism of Pavel Chenokov, to Handel, Durufle and Wilby as well as fresh and original pop choral a cappella arrangements of "Ave Maria" and "Danny Boy", the Choir of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in Orlando sets a new standard for musical diversity in Catholic Church liturgical repertoire. The Shrine Choir is the resident professional choir-in-residence at Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine and was formed to minister to the many thousands of tourists who travel to Central Florida's Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and other attractions. The Choir's members come from all parts of the United States, and all have extensive choral experience. Dr. William Picher, director of the Shrine Choir, is an accomplished organist, trumpeter, conductor, composer and arranger. Three of his compositions appear of this CD, displaying a fresh harmonic approach to vocal writing.

Songlist: Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above, Alleluia! In Your Resurrection, He Shall Feed His Flock, Panis Angelicus, Lord of the Dance, Ave Maria for solo voice and piano, Ave Verum Corpus, Ave Maria for Tremble Choir, Angel Vopiyashe, Awake the Trumpets' Lofty Sound from "Samson", Ubi Caritas, If Ye Love Me, Mary's Lullaby, When I Survey the Wonderous Cross, Danny Boy, How Great Thou Art

8731 00 1 CD $15.95

Listen to
The Blue Bird

Melodia Women's Choir : Songs From The Heart

Review: A fresh voice on the New York Choral scene, the 32-voice Melodia Women's Choir was founded by Executive Director Jenny Clarke in 2003. The ensemble explores and performs rarely-heard music for women's voices in many different styles, nurturing emerging women composers through commissions, residencies and performances. Directed by Cynthia Powell, founding conductor, Melodia has performed 18 full evening performances, at Symphony Space, Merkin Concert Hall, Church of Saint Ignatius Loyola and many other venues. "Songs from the Heart" is a live recording of a performance at Merkin in May of 2010, featuring 23 classical songs from the romantic period and some contemporary selections, such as the 4-part "Vier Lieder aus dem Jungbrunnen" by Johannes Brahms, the 5-part "Partsongs" by Robert Schumann, "Lied mit Chor from Midsummer Night's Dream" by Felix Mendelssohn and "Angel from Six Choruses, Op. 15" by Serge Rachmaninoff, many of them piano accompanied. This is a lovely, impressive collection by Melodia, a fast-rising ensemble on New York's vibrant choral scene!

Songlist: Num Stehn Die Rosen, Op. 44, No. 7, Die Berge Sind Spitz, Op. 44, No. 8, Am Wildbach Die Weiden, Op. 44, No. 9, Und Gehst Du Uber Den Kirchhoff, Op. 44, No. 10, Klosterfraulein, Op. 69, No. 3- Partsong, Der Bleicherin Nachtlied, Op. 91, No. 5, Der Wasserman , Op. 91, No. 3, In Meeres Mitten, Op. 91, No. 6, Spruch, Op. 114, No. 3, In Stiller Nacht, Works for Piano- Arabesque, Op. 18; Scherzo No. 2 In C Minor, Op. 14, Lied Mit Chor from Midsummer Night's Dream, Wenn Ich In Dein Augen Sehe, Aus Meinen Tranen Sprieben Viel Bluhende Blumen Hervor, Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai, The Blue Bird, Angel from Six Choruses, Op. 15, On A Faded Violet, O My Love, Leave Me Not!, Oglum (My Son), Aksham Mahnisi (Twilight Song), Arzular (Dreams), An Die Musik, Op. 88, No. 4

6068 00 1 CD $15.95

Melodia Women's Choir : Twilight in the Garden of Dreams

Review: "Twilight" is another beautiful, recording of a live concert with a classical, romantic theme by Melodia Women's Choir of New York City. Since its founding in 2003 by Executive Director Jenny Clark and Conductor Cynthia Powell, 32-strong Melodia's reputation and stature on the NYC Choral scene has been steadily rising. There are 21 songs here, some accompanied by piano and strings. Some of our favorites are Gustav Holst's "Seven Partsongs for Female Voices and Strings," "Three Partsongs" by Peter Warlock, Timothy Luby's "When I Am Dead, My Dearest," and four by Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, the partsongs "Abschied" (Farewell) and "Winterseufzer" (Winter Sigh), and "Adagio ma non troppo" and "Allegretto," of the two-part "String Quartet in E-flat." Most of these songs are new to us, and all are exquisitely performed. "Twilight" is a wonderful collection by one of NYC's finest women's Choral ensembles!

Songlist: Say, Who Is This?, O Love I Complain, When First We Met, Sorrow and Joy, Angels Spirits of Sleep, Love On My Heart, When Icicles Hang By The Wall, The Bayley Beareth the Bell Away-Three Partsongs, Lullaby - Three Partsongs, Mourn No Moe - Three Partsongs, Lauliku Lapsepoli , Hajnal Csillag (Morning Star), On Suuri Sun Rantas Autius (How Lonely Are Your Shores), Abschied (Farewell), Winterseufzer (Winter Sigh), Adagio ma non troppo , Allegretto, Echo, When I Am Dead, My Dearest, Vesi Vasy Lumen Alle (Water Under Snow is Weary), Memorial Rag

6067 00 1 CD $15.95 Female Choral CDs

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : Listen, Lord

Review: Alice Parker and Melodious Accord dig deep into the rich history of the black tradition. This recording contains a cantata, two suites and eight spirituals in choral settings by Parker. Interspersed between the suites and cantata are sets of spiritual arrangements. "I want Jesus to walk with me" is especially beautiful. The title piece "Listen Lord," a cantata for solo contralto, chorus and jazz combo, uses the text of the opening prayer in James Weldon Johnson's God's Trombones in combination with two spirituals. This jazzy-blues set features contralto Pamela Warrick-Smith. The first suite, "Dem Bells," was composed for choir and handbells. The first and last movements are light almost-rags with a slow somber movement in the middle. The performance on the recording uses piano. The last set, "Street Corner Spirituals," is a suite combining fragments of spirituals for chorus, and an informal street corner band of trumpet, drums and keyboard. These catchy tunes and varied rhythms make a fun toe-tapping piece. This CD is a great example of Alice Parker's unique view on the black spiritual as a melodic resource.

Songlist: Three Spirituals:, - When Jesus Comes, - Tell 'em I'm Gone, - You Can Tell the World, Listen, Lord:, - This Morning, - I, It May Be, - This Man of God, - When I've Done, Two Spirituals:, - I Want Jesus to Walk With Me, - He's Got the Whole World, A Suite: Dem Bells:, - Mary and Martha Have Just Gone 'long, - Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass, - I'm A-Rollin', Three Spirituals:, - God Loves All His Many People, - Welcome Table, - Father's Got a Home, A Suite: Street Corner Spirituals, - Come and Go with Me, - Blow Yo' Gospel Trumpet, - Can't You Hear, - Holy, Holy, - Let the Church Roll On, - Glory, Hallelujah

7149 00 1 CD $15.98

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : O Sing The Glories

Review: Renowned composer and arranger Alice Parker has compiled a collection of her most beloved commissioned works. Presented here in four suites and performed by The Musicians of Melodious Accord, Parker sweeps us away on a roller coaster of symphonic movement. This group of choral anthems written over the last 25 years celebrates, reflects, and exalts the praises of our Lord. Music collection in preparation.

Songlist: God of Grace and God of Laughter, A Mountain Psalm, Come, O Come , Easterdays, In All My Vast Concerns with Thee, Ye Followers of the Prince of Peace, Bright Morning Stars, The Promised Land, Now Brethren, Though We Part, Rejoice, the Lord Is King, For the Fruit of All Creation, O Sing the Glories, Destructive Sword, God Is Love, Lord, Enthron, In Heav'nly Speldor, Look unto Abraham, Know That the Lord Is God

7783 00 1 CD $15.98

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : Sweet Manna

Review: The 17 varied early American songs of praise found in songbooks published between 1790 and 1830 in "Sweet Manna" give us a glimpse of the musical life of the early settlers and the changing modes of Christian worship as the country developed. The rich variety of lyrics and tunes include cheerful gathering songs like "My God, the Spring of All My Joy;" slow, reflective moods as in "Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts;" sprightly dances: "When Some Kind Shepherd from His Fold;" and joyous marches: "My Soul, Triumphant in the Lord." Fuguing tunes like "How Pleased and Blessed Was I" and "Through Every Age, Eternal God" release their energies; while more modal melodies like "Return, O God of Love, Return" shed a quiet grace. The mixed a cappella voices of MMA are strong and soaring, and these powerful songs are sung with spirit and feeling, and it is easy to imagine being in the congregations where they were first sung, joining in wonderful choruses of praise.

Songlist: Almighty Maker, God, My Thoughts, That Often Mount the Skies, When Some Kind Shepherd from His Fold, Ye Boundless Realms of Joy, How Pleased and Blessed Was I, From Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts, What Is Our God, or What His Name, My Soul, Triumphant in the Lord, To God, in Whom I Trust, Hear Me, O Lord, nor Hide Thy Face, My Soul, the Great Creator Praise, How Short and Hasty Is Our Life, How Soft the Words My Savior Speaks, Through Every Age, Eternal God, Return, O God of Love, Return, My God! The Spring of All My Joys, Brethren, We Have Met to Worship

6867 00 1 CD $15.98 Shapenote Music

Melodious Accord - Alice Parker : Take Me To The Water

Review: The Musicians of Melodious Accord are a 16-voice professional chorus in New York City, offering recordings and concerts of many styles. Their conductor, Alice Parker, is internationally known as a composer, arranger, conductor and teacher, with a passion for true folksongs. "Take Me to the Water" is the command, request and plea (founded on John 4:14) made by those who seek the "well of water springing up into everlasting life." It serves as a unifying phrase for the powerful African-American spiritual songs in this collection, which come from the mid-19th century and earlier, from such sources as "Slave Songs," published in NY in 1867. 13 a cappella songs, sung with tremendous feeling, strength and sweetness by the MMA, from "I Know the Lord," "Come On Up to Bright Glory" and "Hush! Hush!" to "Free at Last," the title tune, and "Who'll Be a Witness." "Take Me" is a beautiful, inspirational collection!

Songlist: I Know the Lord, Stayed on Jesus, Come On Up to Bright Glory, Don't Be Weary, Traveler, Hush! Hush!, We WIll March Through the Valley, He Is King of Kings, Let Us Break Bread Together, Is There Anybody Here, Free At Last, Take Me to the Water, Cert'nly, Lord, Who'll Be A Witness

6866 00 1 CD $9.95

Memphis Boychoir : Our Dancing Day

Review: Founded in 1988 and 89, Memphis' Boychoir and Chamber Choir have recorded a number of CDs that have earned them international acclaim. "Dancing Day" is a Christmas CD, about half accompanied by strings, drum, tambourine, flute and brass. Familiar tunes like John Rutter's "Shepherd's Pipe Carol," Britten's "A Shepherd's Carol," Praetorius' "Psallite Unigenito," "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night," and the traditional French carol "Ding Dong! Merrily On High!"; and lesser known ones like Mathias' "Sir Christemas," Belcher's "Lutebook Lullabye," and Waters' "I Sing of a Maiden" create an impressive mix. This is a generous, beautifully performed Christmas CD!

Songlist: Psallite Unigenito , Once in royal David's city (Irby) , A Carol of Adoration , Shepherd's Pipe Carol , A Shepherd's Carol, While Shepherd's Watched Their Flocks by Night (Winchester Old) , Ding Dong! Merrily on High! , Cradle Song of the Infant Jesus , Christmas Cantata (Sinfonia Sacra) Movement III , Sleep, Holy Child, I Sing of a Maiden That is Mateless, Nova! nova! , Lully, Lulla, Thou Little Tiny Child Opus 25b , Sir Christemas , Adam lay ybounden , A Child is Born in Bethlehem , There is no Rose of such Virtue , O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste fideles) , In the Bleak Midwinter , Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, Op 75, No 2

7042 00 1 CD $15.98 Childrens Choir Christmas

Men of Melodious Accord : My Love and I

Review: Boston's Alice Parker, composer, conductor and teacher was first known for her arrangements and collaboration with the late Robert Shaw. She has built an international reputation composing, researching folk music and performing. In 1985 she formed Melodious Accord, a 16-voice professional chorus. "My Love and I" features the men of this group, singing 24 traditional folk songs from America, England and Scotland, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Sea Shanties. Some favorites: "Darling Nellie Gray," "Aura Lee," "When Love is Kind," "A-Roving," "Stodole Pumpa," "Al Olivo," "Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded," "A Ballynure Ballad" and "To Ladies' Eyes." This is well-chosen music from another era, sometimes poignant and heart-tugging, sometimes rousing; always powerful. A generous collection, sung with tremendous feeling by Alice Parker's hand-picked men! All a cappella, nice liner notes with the complete lyrics.

Songlist: America:, Seeing Nellie Home, Stars of the Summer Night, Darling Nellie Gray, England and Scotland:, Passing By, Turn Ye to Me, When Love is Kind, Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes, Sea Shanties:, Haul Away, Joe!, Lowlands, A-Roving, France, Czech Republic, Germany:, L'Amour e Moy, Stodole Pumpa, Treue Liebe, Du, du liegst mir im Herzen, Spain:, La Tarara, Adois, Catedral de Burgos, Al Olivo, Ireland:, Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded, A Ballynure Ballad, Down by the Sally Gardens, To Ladies' Eyes, America:, Aura Lee, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Vive L'Amour

6943 00 1 CD $15.98

Men Of Shaw : Sea Shanties

Review: Recorded in 1960, under the direction of one of the foremost conductors of the modern age - Shaw's resume includes collaborations with Arturo Toscanini - "Sea Shanties" is not merely a period piece. The 16 shanties, arranged by Robert Shaw and his frequent associate, Alice Parker, are stirring and invigorating, as was indeed their purpose, as many of them supplied the rhythmic accompaniment for hard manual labor. Slower tasks required a commensurate meter: "Shenandoah" and "Lowlands" are typical examples. Finally, in their down time, sailors would sing for entertainment, often recalling exotic ports-of-call, and romanticizing their adventures ("Swansea Town," "Santy Anna"). Four songs have acoustic guitar.

Songlist: Blow the Man Down, Bound for the Rio Grande, Lowlands, Whup! Jamboree, Tom's Gone to Hilo, A-Roving, Good-bye, Fare Ye Well, What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor, The Shaver, Stormalong, John, Swansea Town , Haul Away, Joe!, Shenandoah, Santy Anna, The Drummer and the Cook, Spanish Ladies

6417 00 1 CD $9.95 Sea Chanties

Men of the Musicians of Melodious Accord : And Glory Shone

Review: Hymns and Carols for the Christmas season all composed or arranged by Alice Parker. Includes favorites such as Touro-louro-louro, In the Bleak Midwinter, The Friendly Beasts, Silent Night, and more. Introduces While Shepherds Watched, The Little Cradle, Sweet Coming, In Bethlehem, Magnificat, We Sing, and others. Performed by The Musicians of Melodious Accord conducted by Alice Parker.

Songlist: While Shepherds Watched, Sweet Coming, Let Our Gladness Banish Sadness, The Little Cradle, Touro-Iouro-Iouro, Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes, In the Bleak Midwinter, Il Est N, Magnificat, We Sing, Ya Viene la Vieja, La Virgen Lava Pa Ales, Hacia Bel N Va Un Borrico, In Bethlehem, I Saw a Stable, Shrill Chanticleer, My Dancing Day, Silent Night, The Friendly Beasts, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

2225 00 1 CD $19.95

Michigan State Children's Choir : A Classic Christmas

Review: The MSU Children's Choir program began in 1993 with the founding of the MSU Community Music School. The program now has 145 singers representing 23 different school districts and communities. The Choir has been honored to perform at the 2002 6th World Symposium on Choral Music as the representative of the US, and at numerous conventions of the ACDA. Mary Alice Stollak directs the talented Choir in 12 exquisite (mostly organ accompanied) Christmas carols and a pair of sacred pieces, Bach's sublime "Ave Maria" and "Alleluia." There's some rarely heard French carols, "Manger Carol" and "Oh, Leave Your Sheep," English and Irish traditional carols, "Wexford Carol" and "Sussex Carol," and traditional German, "Still, Still, Still;" in additional to "Joy to the World," "Silent Night" and others. The Choir has a sweet, bright sound that makes "A Classic Christmas" a very special album.

Songlist: Joy To The World, Manger Carol, Ave Maria, Wexford Carol, Oh, Leave Your Sheep, Silent Night, Ding Dong! Merrily On High, Alleluia, Sussex Carol, Angels We Have Heard On High, Still, Still, Still, O Come, All Ye Faithful

7924 00 1 CD $15.98 Childrens Choir Christmas

Michigan State Children's Choir : Songs From The Heart

Review: Mary Alice Stollak was the 2001 recipient of ACDA-MI's Maynard Klein Award for Lifetime Achievement and Dedication to the Choral Art, and recordings by her MSUCC show us why. 18 feel-good, lightly accompanied tunes. The songlist includes lesser-known pieces like Imant Raminsh's "My Heart's Friend" and "Song of the Stars," Rollo Dilworth's "Jordan's Angels" and "Marchin' to Freedom," Lee Kesselman's "Eiliyahu Hanavi," Brian Holmes' "Roger Bobo Plays the Tuba" and John Burge's "Epilogue from Simple Songs." Spirituals like "Deep River" and "My Lord What a Morning" segue into Stephen Foster's "Some Folks Do" and "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," and Ronald Newman and Sonny Wilkinson's "Billy and Ming Do the Bebop Thing." A fun, beautifully sung collection!

Songlist: My Hearts Friend, Marchin' To Freedom, Eilyahu Hanavi, Auld Lang Syne, Some Folks Do, Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair, Let All The World In Every Coner Sing, Hope, Jordan's Angels, For Elizabeth: Gold, Frank, Innocence, And Mirth, Ach! Synku Synku, Deep River, Epilogue From Simple Songs, Song Of The Stars, Roger Bobo Plays The Tuba, Hist whist (e.e. cummings), Billy And Ming Do The Bebop Thing, My Lord, What a Mornin'

7923 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Michigan State Children's Choir : Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope

Review: The MSUCC, open to children in grades 4 through 9, has performed at many ACDA conventions and as guest artists with the Lansing, Rochester and MSU Symphonies. Choir founder Stollak directs them in a pair of dramatic works, Robert Jager's 6-movement "I Dream of Peace," from the 1993 book, "I Dream of Peace, Images of War by Children of the Former Yugoslavia," and Marjan Helms' "Terezin Lieder," a choral setting of poetry from "I Never Saw Another Butterfly," written by children interred at Terezin concentration camp. A touching, poignant, thought-provoking collection from a poised and talented children's choir

Songlist: Terezin Lieder, Tears, On A Sunny Evening, To Olga, I Dream Of Peace, Prelude "As If Nothing Happened", I Am Speaking To You, War Is The Saddest Word, In My Dreams, Testimony, If I Were President, I Dream Of Peace, Ave Maria

7921 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Michigan State Children's Choir : What Sweeter Music

Review: "Music" is an excellent collection of Christmas Songs by Conductor and Founder Stollak's sweet-singing MSUCC, all lightly piano (and sometimes flute) accompanied. Classics like "I Saw Three Ships," "Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella," "Wassail Song," "Pat-a-Pan," "Ding Dong, Merrily on High" and "White Christmas" segue nicely into lesser-known tunes like Paul Carey's "A Cradle Song," Nancy Cobb's "Hodie," and Eleanor Daley's title tune. John Rutter's "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day," Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" and Mel Torme's "The Christmas Song" are icing on a very tasty Christmas cake!

Songlist: I Saw Three Ships, Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella, A Cradle Song, La Bonne Nouvelle, Wassail Song, Hodie, Cantate Domino, Pat-A-Pan, Ding Dong! Merrily On High, What Sweeter Music, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, White Christmas, The Christmas Song, On Christmas Morn

7922 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Millikin University Choirs : From The Heart

Review: The choir is an auditioned mixed ensemble of 36-42 voices. The choir was created in 2000 for the study, performance, and recording of "gems" from the standard choral repertoire. This CD is a sampling of the repertoire the choir has performed over the last five years. Chamber Chorale is one of two touring choirs at Millikin. The group conducts an annual tour of the Midwest in January with occasional travel to other parts of the country. The Chorale, together with five other traditional choirs forms the core of the Millikin choral program - a program with over 300 singers, 3 vocal jazz groups, two early music consorts, and a plethora of student-created ensembles.

Songlist: Alleluia, Silent Devotion and Response, Magnificat, Ave Maria, Pilgrims Hymn, Caritas, There Is No Rose, Witness, Set Me As A Seal, Six Dickinson Miniatures - Heart, we will forget him!, Six Dickinson Miniatures - I took my power in my hand, Six Dickinson Miniatures - I died for beauty , Come to Me, My Love, O Shenandoah, Light Hearted Lovers, Wade in the Water, If Music be the Food of Love, Peace I Leave with You

6072 00 1 CD $14.95

Millikin University Choirs : Hearts All Whole

Review: This beautifully recorded studio album from Millikin's flagship mixed choir covers a stunning diversity of moods and landscapes. The challenging program and virtuosic performance make for a compelling and rewarding listening experience.

Songlist: A Choral Fanfare, Cantus Gloriosus, Kyrie (from Mass in G Minor), O Lord God, Lucis Creator Optime, Sanctus (from Mass in E Major), Christus Vincit, Praise to the Lord, Verbum Caro Factum Est, Sure On This Shining Night, See Dat Babe, Idumea, Till Minne, Wade in de Water, Abide With Me

6069 00 1 CD $9.95

Millikin University Choirs : On Tour

Review: Millikin University Choir tour performances have a special atmosphere, one that is difficult to duplicate in a recording session. A spirited performance is certainly evident in this CD. Prepare yourself to travel with the University Choir as they offer a unique glimpse into their most recent tour on CD. Recordings of "Praise to the Lord", "Sleep", and "Ubi Caritas" highlight this University Choir album, directed by Dr. Brad Holmes. Happy traveling.

Songlist: Christus est natus, Prayer of the Middle Ages, Salvator Mundi, Sanctus (from Mass), Evening Song (Opus 69, No.3), Ihr aber seid nicht Fleishlich (from BWV 227), Ubi Caritas , Praise to the Lord, Sleep, Pseudo-Yoik , Steal Away, Noel, In Dat Great Getting' Up Mornin', Song In the Night

6070 00 1 CD $14.95

Millikin University Choirs : Vespers 2009 - This Wondrous Day...This Shining Night

Review: Another great addition to a decades-long holiday tradition at Millikin University, this recording captures the spirit and unique listening experience of the annual Vespers choral concert. Celebrate the season with this diverse collection of Christmas music performed by these various (and wonderful!) choral ensembles.

Songlist: Hodie Christus Natus Est, Hodie, Kyrie, Dona Nobis Pacem, Lo How A Rose, Canticle Of Mary, Verbum Caro Factum Est, Gloria, Hail, Gladdening Light, Spaseniye Sodelal, Sure On This Shining Night, Hodie, Christus Vincit, Ring Out Wild Bells, See Dat Babe, All My Heart This Night Rejoices, Cantemos A Maria, And Suddenly, A Christmas Fantasy

6074 00 1 CD $15.95

Millikin University Choirs : Vespers 2010 - Shout The Good News

Review: Join us as we enter a new decade of Vespers with the 2010 concert. Open up your hearts as the Millikin University choral departments "Shout the Good News." This year's program contains calm music that carries a quiet certainty, which will warm your hearts.

Songlist: Fanfare For Joy, Climb To The Top Of The Highest Mountain, Gloria, Te Lucis Ante Terminum, Seek The Lord, Tota Pulchra Es, Ave Maria, Suo-Gan, There Is No Rose, El Rorro, Jubilate Deo, Hail Christmas Day, Jubilate Deo, O Magnum Mysterium, Christmas Comes Anew, The First Noel, One Small Child/ We Three Kings, Go, Tell it on the Mountain, Joy To The World

6073 00 1 CD $14.95

Milwaukee Children's Choir : Christmas Suite

Review: This festive suite by acclaimed composer Mark Brymer is scored in a Holiday Pops style for orchestra, choir and soloist. This 30-minute work is divided into nine sections, each titled for a letter in the word C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. This performance by the Milwaukee Children's Choir features mezzo-soprano Christine Thomas and is accompanied by the Indianapolis Recording Orchestra. This is a charming piece which weaves together holiday favorites with newly composed songs. It is a fresh new work which will delight this season.

Songlist: It Must Be Christmas, Hark! Hear the Children Sing, Rejoice! Rejoice! , I Hear the Bells, Snow!, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Merry, Merry Christmas, Angels We Have Heard On High, Savior!

7296 00 1 CD $15.98 Childrens Choir Christmas

Listen to

Milwaukee Children's Choir : Mid-Winter Night's Dream

Review: Good cheer comes from the Milwaukee Children's Choir on this recording of Christmas music. This album features Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols as sung by the Cantorei Choir, led by Emily Crocker and accompanied by harpist Stephen Hartman. This is one of the great Christmas pieces for treble voices. The CD also contains performances by the Concert Choir and Prelude Choir and includes pieces by Emily Crocker: "In dulci jubilo" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Wonderful performances by all.

Songlist: Cantorei Choir:, Good Cheer, Cantate, Carol of the Bells, Concert Choir and Prelude Choir:, Orion , The Birch Tree , Antiphonal Gloria, In dulci jubilo, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Cantorei Choir:, In dulci jubilo , Ask the Moon , Path to the Moon, The Sleigh (a la Russe) , Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day , A Ceremony of Carols, Hodie, Wolcum Yole, There Is No Rose, That Tonge Child, Balulalow , As Dew in Aprille, This Little Babe, Interlude, Spring Carol, Adam Lay Ybounden, Hodie

7297 00 1 CD $15.98 Mixed Childrens Choirs

Milwaukee Children's Choir : Winter's Night

Review: This is wonderful program of holiday music from the Milwaukee Children's Choir. The recording features performances by the Cantorei Choir with additional selections by the Concert Choir, Youth Chorale and Prelude Choir. Conducted by Emily Crocker, the Cantorei Choir sings selections from Henry Purcell's Come Ye Sons of Art and John Rutter's suite, Dancing Day, with Stephen Hartman on harp. These spirited performances will bring joy to your holiday season.

Songlist: Winter's Night , Old Fox Wassail , Chrissimas Day , The Boar's Head Carol , Winter Holiday, Al Shlosha D'Varim , S'vivon , Come Ye Sons of Art, Come Ye Sons of Art, Strike the Viol, Sound the Trumpet , Laudate Pueri Dominum , Dancing Day, Prelude, Angelus and virginem, A Virgin Most Pure, Personent Hodie, Interlude, There Is No Rose, Coventry Carol, Dancing Day

7294 00 1 CD $15.98 Childrens Choir Christmas

Milwaukee Choral Artists : Sky-Born Music

Review: It is traditional during an anniversary year that a performing ensemble commissions a piece of music in commemoration of that milestone. Milwaukee Choral Artists went a step further by inviting ten composers to write new works for the ensemble - one for each of its ten years. Founded in 1998 as a chamber ensemble comprising professional solo singers, the Milwaukee Choral Artists is one of only a handful of professional women's vocal ensembles in the country. With its signature lush sound, MCA brings a distinctive and varied repertoire of choral and vocal masterworks to audiences throughout the region.

Songlist: Padmapani, Potter's Clay , A Prayer for Peace, Lake Song, Sigh No More, Ladies! , Three Emily Dickinson Song, - Heart, We Will Forget Him!, - Going to Him!, - Wild Nights! , Sky-Born Music, Soft Voices, Sweet Violets, & Rose Leaves, Nahuatl Hymn to the All-Mother , Wade in the Water, The Message

6150 00 1 CD $15.95

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