The Headliners

Established artists, with proven draw, who frequently tour nationally.

Annonymous 4 - The Bobs - Chanticleer - King's Singers - Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Bobby McFerrin - The Nylons - The Persuasions - Sweet Honey in the Rock - Swingle Singers - Rockapella - Take 6- Zap Mama

National Acts

Seasoned performers, very well known in the a cappella world, who often tour nationally.

Acappella Company - Acoustix - Alley Cats- The Blenders - The Coats - Glad - House Jacks - Knudsen Brothers - m-pact - Naturally Seven - SoVoSo

Professional Acts by Region

Most of these groups are performing full time

West Coast
East Coast
+4db (CA) 17 Ave Allstars (CO) Accidentals (NY) Acappella Company (TN)
Alley Cats (CA) Ac Rock Ball in The House (MA) Acoustix (TX)
Beachfront Property (CA) Blenders (MN) Da Vinci's Notebook (DC) Bluegrass Student Union (KY)
Bobs (CA) Blind Man's Bluff (IL) Exboyfriends (NY) Essentials (ONT)
Boyx Nite Out (CA) Chicago Voice Exchange (IL) Five o' Clock Shadow (MA) Fred (GA)
Chanticleer (CA) Cool Shooz (CO) Naturally Seven (NY) Glad (TN)
Coats (WA) Fourth Avenue (OH) Persuasions (NY) In Unity (TX)
EDLOS (CA) Gas House Gang (MO) Rockapella (NY) Live Wire (GA)
Eurphorics (BC) Go Fish (MN) Western Wind (NY) Platinum (FL)
House Jacks (CA) Hudson Shad (IL)   Schrodinger's Cat (TX)
Just 4 Kicks (OR/WA) measurexmeasure (KS)   Toxic Audio (FL)
Kickshaw (WA) Stormy Weather (IL)   Vocal Tonic (GA)
Knudsen Brothers (AZ) Throat Culture (OH)    
m-pact (WA) Tonic Sol fa (MN)    
SoVoSo (CA)      
Standards (ID)      
Street Sounds (CA)      

Other Acts

There are literally hundreds of excellent amateur and semi-professioanl groups around the country and we will be happy to provide referrals.