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Klapa Cambi / Klapa Jelsa: Songs of Croatia

Lipa moja (Klapa Cambi)
O, jablane moj visoki (Klapa Jelsa)
Nije vrime od nedije (Klapa Cambi)
Pismo cali (Klapa Jelsa)
Tempera (Klapa Cambi)
Na dobro ti dosa (Klapa Jelsa)
Divji cvit (Klapa Cambi)
Ano, Ano (Klapa Jelsa)
Sve cu prezivit (Klapa Cambi)
Vilo, vilo, varala si mene (Klapa Jelsa)
Dobri judi (Klapa Cambi)
U poju se mala (Klapa Jelsa)
Judi, zviri i bestimje (Klapa Cambi)
Pod tvojin prozoron (Klapa Jelsa)
Ej, vapore (Klapa Cambi)
Serenada Mandini (Klapa Jelsa)
Projdi vilo (Klapa Cambi)
Cetri lita i cetiri zime (Klapa Jelsa)
Sutra ce te ponit (Klapa Jelsa)
Dobro juntro tugo (Klapa Cambi)

The tradition of Dalmatian Klapa (meaning a friendly crowd or gang--primarily male--singing group) singing began in the middle of the 19th century in small Mediterranean towns along the Croatian coast and islands, particularly in Dalmatia. Klapa songs are generally major key, deeply harmonic love songs, ranging from the very poetic to cheerful, optimistic, exaggeratedly sentimental and funny songs. Klapa Jelsa, founded in 1995 of students from Zagreb University, and award-winning Klapa Cambi, founded in 1986, are featured here. All songs are in Croatian, and they generally alternate between the two groups. Some favorites would have to include Klapa Cambi's "Lipa moja," "Tempera," "Divji cvit," "Dobri judi," "Judi, zviri I bestimje," "Ej, vapore;" and "Projdi vido;" and Klapa Jelsa's "Pismo cali," "Noa dobro ti dosa," "Ano, Ano," "Vilo, vilo, varala si mene," and "Cetri lita I cetiri zime." Lots of feeling, spirited harmonies and deep-voice basslines!

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