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Tenores de Oniferi: Polyphonic Singing from Sardinia

Su Determinu
A S'Omine
Gosos Di San Gavino
Sos Antigos
Ottava Del Tre
Sa Supposta Partenzia
Tiu Bustianu
Serenada De Ierru

This delightful CD is a recording of a style native to the island of Sardinia known as "Cantu a Tenores." Thousands of years of tradition have evolved into a specific and defined structure, based upon four parts, and the familiar triadic intervals, plus lead; the scales are modal, and repetitive microphases are used as an underpinning to the lyrical content. What is most obvious to the ear are the rich harmonic overtones, creating a depth that belies the notion of a mere four voices. The joy-or sorrow-of amore and praises to the divine are the thematic concerns. An unusual and most pleasant musical interlude.

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World | A Cappella | Male | Sardinia
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