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Various Arrangers: Hebrew Songs

Song NameArrangerVoicing
Eili, EiliRena ShapiroSABPreview
Shir Hama'alotSSAPreview
S'VivonBetty BertauxSSAA

Cantor Rena Shapiro's take on the Israeli classic "Eili, Eili" is a fantastic a cappella addition to any repertoire. The setting's savvy utilization of just three voices gives it lots of mileage with a beginning choir but provides plenty for an advanced one to work with in terms of expression and nuance. The piece includes sections in both Hebrew and English. The flowing, contrapuntal movement in Cantor Davidson's setting of Psalm 121 ("A song of ascents...") is at once modern and madrigal, and provides options for singing in English, Hebrew, or both. The song S'Vivon depicts the Hanukkah dreydl, a small top with four sides. Each side of the dreydl contains one of the four Hebrew initials of the phrase, "(A) Great Miracle Happened There."

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