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Tapestry: Sapphire Nights

Song NameComposer
O Frondens VirgaHildegard von Bingen
Karitas HabundatHildegard von Bingen
The Nine Orders of the AngelsPatricia Van Ness
Nos sumus Custodes AngeliPatricia Van Ness
ArchangelusPatricia Van Ness
Sum Anael ex Septimi ChoriPatricia Van Ness
Angeli PotestatisPatricia Van Ness
Raphael sum VirtutumPatricia Van Ness
DominationesPatricia Van Ness
Angelus sum ThronorumPatricia Van Ness
Angeli ab lacrimis MichaelisPatricia Van Ness
Michael sum SeraphimPatricia Van Ness
O Euchari, Columba (Hildegard von Bingen)Hildegard von Bingen
In Matutinis Laudibus (Hildegard von Bingen):Hildegard von Bingen
- Studium DivinitatisHildegard von Bingen
- Unde QuocumqueHildegard von Bingen
- De PatriaHildegard von Bingen
- Et Ideo PuelleHildegard von Bingen
Columba AspexitHildegard von Bingen
O GloriosaAnon

The four lovely young women of Boston-based Tapestry return with eight soaring chants by composer Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and nine by contemporary composer Patricia Van Ness, from the group entitled "The Nine Orders of the Angels." We particularly liked "O Frondens Virga" and "O Euchari, Columba" by von Bingen, and "Sum Aneal ex Septimi Chori," "Raphael sum Virtutum," "Angelus sum Thronorum" by Van Ness. The voices of these women are amazing, the material stunning and is a work of tremendous depth and beauty. Another powerful winner by the women of Tapestry!

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