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Barbershop Harmony Society: Barbershop Arranging Manual

A Bit Of History
Definition Of Barbershop Harmony
The Barbershop Song
Harmonic Rhythm
Barbershop Harmonization approach 1
Barbershop Harmonization approach 2
Barbershop Harmonization approach 3
Chord And Voice Leading
Rhythm And The Barbershop Arrangment
Form And The Barbershop Arrangement
Embellishment And The Barbershop Arrangment
Swipes And The Barbershop Arrangement
Introductions, Interludes And Tags
The Barbershop Medley
The Evolution And Future Of Barbershop

The 80,000 men and women barbershoppers around the world are the largest consumers and generators of new a cappella arrangements today. To help train arrangers to meet these enormous needs, SPEBSQSA amassed this humongous manual, which likely contains everything you'll need to arrange in the barbershop style. For those interested in other styles, this manual includes many fundamentals and techniques that are critical, like ballet is to a dancer. There's all the basics on harmony theory and many examples of chord progressions and voice leading. The manual details the definition and evolution of the barbershop style, which is elaborated on in sections covering embellishments, tags, swipes and much more.

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Barbershop  | A Cappella | 8 x 11 | United States

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