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Straight Company
Courtesy Of God

High Priest
Courtesy of God
Ain't Goin
For You
Somebody Told Me
More Than You'll Ever Know
Unto His Own
Going That Way
Hold'n On
Blessed, Too (Reprise)

Contemporary Christian group Straight Company is five deeply spiritual young men, sadly less by one, Micah Bennett, whose untimely passing in February came after completing the recording. The beautiful liner notes contain many tributes to this special man. But what a recording it is-15 powerful, all original songs, complex, compelling rhythms and harmonies, perfectly blended voices, yet each one strong and filled with feeling in its own right. "Courtesy of God" is a fresh breeze, innovative, brash and thought-provoking, like this lyric from "Ain't Go'n": "Cuz everybody talk'n about go'n up to heaven ain't go'n, Some people think they're gonna slide on in, liv'n any kind of way, You better think again." "Choose," "Promise," "High Priest," the title tune, "For You," "Smile," "Somebody Told Me," "More Than You'll Ever Know," "Satan," "Unto His Own"...each song is an a cappella gem. Guest artists include Jeff (Prime Minister) Murrah and Tavairy (Tavus-D) Williams. One of the strongest Contemporary Christian CDs we've ever enjoyed. Highly recommended!

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