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Various Arrangers: Music from Mongolia

Song NameVoicing
Dorven Dalai (The Four Seas)SATB
Naiman Sharag (Eight Chestnut Horses)SATB
Zeregleent Gobi (Mirage on the Gobi Desert)SSAATTBB
Bless Us, O GodSATB

The exuberant arrangement of an Eastern Inner Mongolian folk song "Dorven Dalai' exhorts everyone from the Four Seas (the "four corners of the earth" or all nations) to fill their wine bowls with the best of wine, to rejoice and sing and enjoy this moment of happiness together. "Naiman Sharag" - Mongolian songs often praise horses, real and legendary, reflecting the close relationship between horses and humans. A 13th century chronicle refers to the eight chestnut horses of Chinggis Khan, and they have thus become a symbol of national identity which embodies the Mongol's love for their native language and culture. Indigenous Mongolian musical rhythms are often patterned after the rhythm of a running horse. Such rhythms represent one of the major ethnic features of Mongolian music, and can be found throughout this piece. "Zeregleent Gobi" was written for the Inner Mongolian Youth Chorus Troupe and "Bless Us, O God" is an a cappella setting of a Mongolian prayer.

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