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"Toxic Audio is a 5-member theatrical mixed vocal band who combine popular and original songs, musical improvisation, and comedic sound effects in their high energy performances without the use of musical instruments. The Toxins create their unique sound by combining tight a cappella harmonies with vocal percussion and voice effects processors. Styles include contemporary pop, rock-n-roll, jazz, hip-hop, comedy, and improvisational songs. They've traveled across the country performing their concert show and opening for the likes of Tony Bennett, Ziggy Marley, The Rippingtons, and The Bobs. Their self-titled debut CD is a mix of original and cover tunes with unique twists. They've performed in a variety of venues across the country including New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C. and Colorado as well as appearing at Walt Disney World."

In the year 2003, Toxic Audio's album, Chemistry was named "Album of the Year" by the Contemporary Acappella Society of America. The group has made national TV appearances with Ed McMahon and Wayne Brady, and even got to sing a reggae-style weather report on ESPN2's morning show "Cold Pizza". Toxic Audio won the 2004 Drama Desk Award for “Unique Theatrical Experience” for their Off-Broadway Show in New York’s John Houseman Theatre where they continue to electrify audiences by exploring the boundaries of the human voice.

Listen to Toxic Audio Perform "Route 66" at the 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes.


Word Of Mouth

(Put The Lime In The) Coconut
Bring Me To Life
Stand By Me
Why Don't We Do It In The Road
All I Gotta Do
Route 66
Putting Words In My Mouth
Turn The Beat Around
Voices Carry
If I Only Had A Brain
You Can't Stop The Beat

First launching its quirky show at the 1998 Orlando International Fringe Festival, where they caught the attention of Disney executives who hired them as featured performers at Disney/MGM Studios, Toxic Audio began making major waves in the a cappella world in 2000 with a stunning win at the Harmony Sweeps Finals in San Rafael, CA. Their CD "Chemistry" was named 2003 CASA' Album of the Year. After national TV appearances with Ed McMahon and Wayne Brady, the group won the 2004 Drama Desk Award for "Unique Theatrical Experience for their Off-Broadway Show in New York's John Houseman Theatre. "Word of Mouth" is essentially a "Best of Toxic Audio 1998-2004" CD, which features tracks from their previous releases in addition to "Chemistry," "Captive Audience," and "Toxic Audio," as well as 6 new tracks recorded exclusively for "Word." 13 songs, and a list of favorites would have to include a pair of amazing originals written by group members Jeremy and Shalisa, "Caffeine" and "Putting Words in My Mouth," who also sing lead on them; a funky, salsa-flavored "(Put the Lime in the) Coconut;" an ethereal, soaring arrangement of "Stand By Me," a pair of Lennon/McCartney winners, "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" and "All I've Got to Do," one of the best live covers of "Route 66" we've ever heard, the group's live concert favorite "Turn the Beat Around," a bluesy-jazzy "If I Only Had A Brain" with a sweet, meandering lead by Paul; and a boogying "You Can't Stop The Beat" from the Broadway musical "Hairspray." One of the most dynamic live shows we've seen, at the Sweeps and at the A Cappella Summit, Toxic Audio makes equally wonderful CDs, and this is their best yet, "Word!"

Listen to "If I Only Had A Brain" in Real Audio.

7447 CD $15.98


Blinded Me With Science
Listen to the Music
Voices Carry
Putting Words In My Mouth
God Must've Spent a Little Less Time on You
Paperback Writer
Easter Island
Stand By Me
Autumn Leaves
Do It in the Road
Tunnel Vision
Turn the Beat Around

2000 Harmony Sweeps Champions, (and hilarious hosts of the 2001 Finals), the third CD of the 3 men and 2 women who are Toxic Audio has been much anticipated here, and we are happy to report that "Chemistry" is a smash! The CD begins with a wonderfully wacky "She Blinded Me With Science," the Doobie Bros' hit "Listen to the Music," "Hush" with a really cool vocal "bass" solo, "Words," with a very cool "rap" sequence, a sneakily funny parody, "God Must Have Spent A Little Less Time On You," with the line, "you're so ugly, when you were born, instead of slapping you, they slapped your mom," "Paperback Writer," Throat Culture's "I want a head like the heads you see on Easter Island, I want to stare at the seaside and do nothing." Next is "Stand By Me," a jazzy "Autumn Leaves," first in French and then upbeat in English, an ultra funky "Why Don't We Do It in the Road," a Michael Jackson song, and the disco hit, "Turn the Beat Around," which vocally segues into the drum solo from the surfer hit, "Wipeout." "Chemistry" is a winner and highly recommended!

Listen to "Putting Words In My Mouth", "Blinded Me With Science" and "Turn the Beat Around" in Real Audio.
6995 CD $14.98

Captive Audience

Sound Check
Walk the Dinosaur
Route 66
Super Groovy Alphabet Soup
Come Together
50 Ways
Baby One More Time
Abracadabra / You Can Do Magic
It's Too Late
The Water Is Wide
Lean On Me
Turn the Beat Around

This phenomenally talented mixed quintet just "captured" the 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes, and the fourteen songs on this CD show exactly how they did it. Recorded in front of a live audience, this Florida based group, who earns their bread and butter at Disney World, absolutely tear up the floorboards. With material that is mostly popular "Lean On Me," "Turn The Beat Around" and "Come Together" - their style is emphatically jazz-inflected, as are many of their arrangements, most of which are their own (though they include two by Yumiko Matsuoka-Young, Vox One's alto and one of the finest arrangers in a cappella). However, it's as performers that Toxic Audio dominate. Their professionalism and confidence are apparent, and they get inside each song and exploit every nuance. They have the experience to go for it, and the savvy to back it up. Co-produced by Jeff Thacher of Rockapella.

Listen to "Route 66" in Real Audio.

2604 CD $14.98

Toxic Audio

A Toxic Tribute To Pat And Debby Boone
Can't Win
Loving You
Hooked On A Feeling
Ordinary Life
Take A Chance On Me/ Dancing Queen
My Cherie Amour
Big Yellow Taxi
Outta My Mind
Say Goodbye
The Super-Phat Low-Cal Disney Rap
A Dream Is A Wish

The release of this CD has been eagerly awaited - fans of the group's live performances have been clamoring for it! This mixed quintet, based in Florida, has all kinds of chops, as singers as well as entertainers. They have a contemporary sound, including vocal percussion, but a jazzy influence can be detected, such as on the track "Loving You," (no surprise, as the song was arranged by Yumiko Matsuoka). Indeed, it is this facility that fleshes out the arrangements and gives the finished product substance. "Hooked On A Feeling" chugs along with its "ooga chaka" pulse - an example where humor also works musically. "My Cherie Amour" shows once again the tightness of the "rhythm section," "Big Yellow Taxi," arranged by the group, proves their facility in this area. Several original songs show another facet of the group's talent.

Listen to "Spooky" in Real Audio.

2143 CD $14.98

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Toxic Audio:
One Night Only

Toxic Audio performs "One Night Only" from Dreamgirls at Standing Ovations 2 (2.28).
Toxic Audio:
Promotional Video

Fun promo video from one of our favorite Harmony Sweepstakes Champions. (3.23)

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