World Music A Cappella Songbooks and Sheet Music

A great way to expand your ensemble’s repertoire is to include arrangements from other countries which can also add a little international flavor to your concerts. Always fun to sing we have collected a wide variety of folk songs from all corners of the world.

The King's Singers: World Folk Songs

Loch Lomond - Scotland (Arr. David Overton) - Scotland SATB div.
She's Like the Swallow - Canada (Arr. Bob Chilcott) SATBBB
I Love My Love - England (arr. Philip Lawson) SATB div.
Furusato - Japan (arr. Philip Lawson) SATTBB
Grandfather's Clock (Arr. Philip Lawson) SATTBB

This gently flowing setting of the traditional Scottish folksong "Loch Lomond" is a perpetual favorite in King's Singers' concerts. This arrangement by David Overton is simple and straightforward offering contrasts between the flowing interludes and the homophonic choruses. The haunting melody of the Canadian folk song " She's Like the Swallow" is accented by a lyric vocal accompaniment. Perfect for large group or ensemble use. This lilting English folksong " I Love My Love" is one of a group of great arrangements in the King'singers' repertoire. "Furusato (Homeland) is a tender tribute to home, this Japanese folk song's sentiment is touching to all. Includes Japanese and English lyrics. " Grandfather's Clock" - This childhood favorite still delights listeners of all ages. Cleverly arranged, it makes a great closer or encore.

9058 SHEET MUSIC $7.95

Various Arrangers: A Cappella Songs From Around the World

Barb'ry Ellen (Scotland - arr. Stephen Hatfield)
Ya Faraoule (Egypt - arr. Stephen Hatfield)
Danny Boy (Ireland - arr. Brian Finley)
Kungala (Australia - arr. Stephen Leek)
Quenn Jane (Kentucky - arr. Stephen Hatfield)
Three Chinese Songs (arr Liu Zhuang)
- Lan Hua Hua (Blue Flower)
- Da Mai Hao Zi (Threshing Wheat Song)
- Yang Gyan San Die (Song of the Tang Dynasty)

Treble a cappella

Several variants of the famous English folk ballad "Barb'ry Ellen" are incorporated into this evocative setting for women's voices. First performed by the Varsity Women's Choir of Appleton North High School, James Heiks, conductor. "Ya Faraoule" is a combination of Christian Lebanese songs of romantic longing with Muslim Egyptian songs of romantic joy. There are plenty of sensuous, serpentine Middle Eastern lines for singers. The gentle and expressive arrangement of "Danny Boy" works equally well highlighting a solo or small ensemble. A music that celebrates the Australian continent and its peoples. "Kungala" is a typically energetic and inventive piece, using gesture and stage movement as well as vocalisation to create an atmosphere of energy and joy. "Queen Jane" - A slow melody of breathtaking beauty of an old ballad on Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. Lots of opportunity for storytelling - the sopranos are Jane, 2nd sopranos the Narrator and the altos are Henry. Moving and sad.

9295 SHEET MUSIC $10.95

Steven Sametz: Unaccompanied World Folk Songs

Ne Sedi, Djemo (Bosnia)
Ngam Sang Duan (Thailand)
Pai Duli Vwihdui Ja (Russia)
Kein Feuer, Keine Kohle, Kann Brennen, So Heiss (Germany)

SATB a cappella

Steven Sametz has earned increasing renown in recent years as both composer and conductor. He is the Ronald J. Ulrich Professor of Music and director of Lehigh University Choral Arts, one of the country's premiere choral programs. He also serves as Artistic Director for the elite a cappella ensemble, The Princeton Singers and is the founding director of The Lehigh University Choral Composer Forum, a summer course of study designed to mentor emerging choral composers. This is a wonderful collection of folk songs with songs from Bosnia, Thailand, Russia and Germany that will add a nice international flavor to your program. With English text.

9101 SHEET MUSIC $6.95

John Rutter (Edited by): Folk Songs For Choirs Vol 1

Editied by John Rutter these songs come from the British Isles and North America, ranging widely in regional origin and character.

Among the Leaves so Green, O arr. John Byrt
Bushes and Briars arr. Donald James
Black Sheep arr. John Rutter
Bobby Shaftoe arr. David Willcocks
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron arr. John Rutter
Early One Morning arr. David Willcocks
Greensleeves arr. Vaughan Williams
Londonderry Air arr. Percy Grainger
My Sweetheart's like Venus arr. Gustav Holst
O Waly, Waly arr. John Rutter
She's Like the Swallow arr. Edward T. Chapman
Sourwood Mountain arr. John Rutter

6606 SONGBOOK $15.98

John Rutter (Edited by): Folk Songs For Choirs Vol 2

Editied by John Rutter all these songs come from the British Isles.

Afton Water arr. David Willcocks
Brigg Fair arr. Percy Grainger
Ca' the Yowes arr. Vaughan Williams
Faithful Johnny arr. John Byrt
I love my Love arr. Gustav Holst
Strawberry Fair arr. Donald James
Swansea Town arr. Gustav Holst
The Keel Row arr. John Byrt
The Oak and the Ash arr. Edward Bairstow
The Sailor and Young Nancy arr. E.J. Moeran
The Three Ravens arr. Edward T. Chapman
The Turtle Dove arr. Vaughan Williams
Yarmouth Fair arr. Peter Warlock adapt. C. Armstrong Gibbs

6607 SONGBOOK $15.98

The King's Singers: Folk Songs of the British Isles

Bobby Shaftoe
Dance To Thy Daddy
O My Love is Like A Red, Red Rose
Londonderry Air
Barbara Allen
Early One Morning
Migildi Magildi
She Moved Through The Fair
The Oak And The Ash
Nae Luck About The House

In celebration of the King's Singers anniversary, this is a beautiful collection, complete with photos and stories from members of the King's Singers over the years. This makes for enjoyable reading as well a interesting singing. SATB a cappella

6119 SONGBOOK $6.95

Sir David Wilcocks: Five British Folk Songs

The Lass Of Richmond Hill
Barbara Allen
Drink To Me Only
Early One Morning
Bobby Shaftoe

SAATBB a cappella

A fine collection of traditional British folks songs arranged for unaccompanied voices by Sir David Wilcocks and were originally performed by the Choral Scholars of King's College, Cambridge.

9641 SONGBOOK $6.95

Edward Higginbottom: Three Folksongs

Down By the Sally Gardens
Early One Morning
O Waly Way

SATB a cappella

Edward Higginbottom writes a highly accessible and mellifluous arrangement of "Down By the Sally Gardens". The delicate scoring, smooth vocal lines, and well-judged splashes of harmonic color allow the simple beauty of the tune to be heard. The traditional Somerset folksong "O Waly Waly" is given a delightful treatment and "Early One Morning" features both a solo baritone and solo soprano part that will make the singers shine!

9516 SHEET MUSIC $4.50

Daryl Runswick: Five English Folk Songs

Dance To Your Daddy (Dance To Thy Daddy)
The Frog And The Crow
Scarborough Fair
Bobby Shaftoe
She Moved Through The Fair

SATB a cappella

From the Faber Choral Programme Series. Each volume presents a group or groups of compatible pieces designed to form the basis of a “block” within a choral concert program. Imaginative, versatile and a wonderful addition to SATB a cappella concert repertoire.

9540 SHEET MUSIC $3.95

Various Arrangers: Traditional British Favourites

Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron - arr. John Rutter
I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside - arr. Andrew Carter
The British Grenadiers- arr. John Rutter
Teddy Bear's Picnic- arr. Andrew Carter

SATB a cappella

This reviewer is the owner of Primarily A Cappella and an ExPat Englishman living in the US and each of these songs are ones I remember fondly from my youth growing up in England. These are all very popular traditional songs that most every Englishman knows and are classics of their kind. They are highly enjoyable songs that will add lots of fun to your repertoire and certainly will be thoroughly enjoyed by not only any British folks in the audience.

9010 SHEET MUSIC $6.95

Louis Halsey: Four Folksongs from the British Isles

Dance To Your Daddy (Dance To Thy Daddy)
The Frog And The Crow
Scarborough Fair
Bobby Shaftoe
She Moved Through The Fair

SATB a cappella

The English lecturer, conductor, adjudicator, composer and arranger, Louis Halsey, studied music at Cambridge, where he sang in the celebrated King’s College Choir, before embarking on a music career which has taken him all over the world conducting, lecturing, examining and adjudicating. Here are a collection of follk songs from each of the four countries in the United Kingdom.

9511 SHEET MUSIC $7.50

Stephen Foster: American Masterpieces

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, arr. Gregg Smith
Camptown Races, arr. Jack Halloran
Nelly Bly, arr. Jack Halloran
A Sephen Foster Medley, arr. Jon Washburn
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
My Old Kentucky Home
Beautiful Dreamer
Oh, Susanna

SATB divisi. a cappella

Stephen Foster was America's Schubert - the lyric laureate of the 19th Century South. With Foster sentiment was a virtue, expressed in sweet harmonies and haunting tunes. The underlying emotion of these songs is nostalgia - a pervasive longing for things lost which seems to permeate the very intervals of the melodies. When Foster - like Schubert - died young and poor, it seemed as though he was fulfilling the prophecies of his own melancholy songs. Jon Washburn's medly of favorite Stephen Foster songs was composed in 1985 for the Vancouver Chamber Choir and premiered on a concert called the music of the Great Songwriters. Gregg Smith edits/arranges 'Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming,' which was elected by the National Endowment for the Arts as an one of the “American Masterpieces” of choral music. Halloran's arrangement of camptown races is very fun to sing, great opportunity for a soloist along with some excellent vocal accompaniment. Halloran's arrangement of Nelly Bly is equally fun with an energizing chorus, and the men get the melody in the verses!

9524 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various Arrangers: Traditional American Songs for Vocal Jazz Ensembles

Aura Lee arr. Steve Prosser Level 3 (SATBB)
Amazing Grace arr. Bill "Orange" Lyons Level 3 (SSAATTBB)
Shenandoah arr. Steve Prosser Level 3 (SATBB)
Danny Boy arr. Deke Sharon Level 4 (SSATTB)
The Water Is Wide arr. Deke Sharon Level 4 (SSATTB)

An English/American folk standard, this arrangement of 'Aura Lee' is a group feature and begins as a ballad with octave unison, then some traditional harmony continues with ever-increasing reharmonization and works its way into a medium-swing setting with tight, rich harmony. 'Amazing Grace' is a traditional gospel, shuffle arrangement with jazz harmonies is sure to satisfy. The larger the ensemble, the better this one will sound. The 6/8 meter keeps the gospel flow and the harmonic structure will keep the jazz ears awake with its reharmonization. The opening and closing solo melody may be as free as your gospel ear desires. The 'Shenandoa' arrangement is here in a spiced up ballad setting. It begins with a tenor solo with later group entrance featuring diverse, harmonic settings, key changes, soprano solo, short tenor/soprano duet and, at the end of the group harmony, gently fades just like the ol' river. Close harmony chords and arpeggiated textures combine to make for a lush, complex, and moving rendering of, the Irish ballad, Danny Boy. A tenor solo and baritone duet share the melody with the ensemble. The simple folk melody in 'The Water is Wide' is the foundation for this complex choral work. Each verse has its own flavor, ranging from flowing arpeggiated textures to rich close harmonies.

4780 SHEETMUSIC $13.98

Libby Larsen: Western Songs

Buffalo Gals
Green Grow the Lilacs
The Ol' Chilsholm Trail

SATB a cappella

There are three songs making up this cycle entitled ‘Western Songs’ - Buffalo Gals, Green Grow the Lilacs, and Ol’Chisholm Trail. The arrangements by turn spin contrapuntal and antiphonal textures then relax intomeltingly beautiful chords, while glissandi and yipping vocal slides evoke the sounds of the barn dance the cattle drive. Lots of fun!

9655 SHEET MUSIC $6.95

Various Arrangers: Prairie Songs

The Wild Prairie Rose - arr. Edwin Fissinger
The Wind in the Wheat - arr. Edwin Fissinger
The Prairie - arr. Edwin Fissinger
Night on the Prairies - Walt Whitman - arr. Daniel Pederson
Sing As The Prairie - arr. Mary Goetze

SATB a cappella

Edwin Fissinger's music has a distinctly American sound, and his choral set “Dakota Prairies” uses poems that describe some of our north central states' most beautiful scenery. “The Wild Prairie Rose” uses a poem by Alice Sinclair Page. The madrigal-style writing is excellent for choirs of all sizes, from festival to chamber groups. “The Wind in the Wheat” is based on a poem by Jessamine Slaughter Burgum. One can almost smell the air of the northern plains through the poetry and music of this classic Fissinger selection, published here for the first time. “The Prairie” captures the essence of America's great open spaces in a text by Anne Murry Marius. “Night on the Prairies”, a Walt Whitman setting, returns us to our American heritage roots and the thoughts and feelings the prairie invites. “Sing As The Prairie” was written by John Neihardt, who was revered by Nebraskans as their poet laureate. Because his love of nature is evident in each phrase, the music incorporates the enchanting sounds of nature and the prairie. Arrangement by Mary Goetz.

8008 SHEET MUSIC $9.95

Various Arrangers: American Folk Songs Vol 1

Home on the Range, arr. Greg Gilpin
My Old Kentucky Home, arr. Donald P. Moore
Poor Wayfarin' Stranger, arr. Michael Richardson
Auction Cries, arr. John Biggs
Battle Hymn of the Republic, arr. Robert Edgerton

SATB a cappella

The a cappella arrangement of 'Home on the Range' bursts with colorful harmonies and textures which expertly interpret the text. Described by some as a “perfect melody,” this American standard gives your ensemble a chance to show off their impeccable tuning and blending abilities for concert, contest, or festival. 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' captures the triumphant sound of the original tune with great drum-like sounds coming from the men and the beautiful melody and harmony coming from the womens' voices. The legato feel and beautiful harmonies in 'My Old Kentucky Home' are breathtaking. This is a great tribute to Stephen Foster's original tune. The old southern tune 'Poor Wayfarin' Stranger' is simple but elegant. The unison sections add great contrast to the sections with more vocal harmony. John Biggs' 'Auction Cries' is a hillarious interpretation of text taken from auction advertisements in the Emporia Gazette (Kansas). This is a fast tune, with each voice part doing something totally different from the other. A great encore piece!

9448 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various Arrangers: American Folk Songs Vol 2

Camptown Races, arr. Melida Bargreen
Bagels & Biscuits, arr. Theodore Lucas
The Cuckoo, arr. Robert E. Heninger
Famine Song, arr. Matthew Culloton

SATB a cappella

This excellent collection of songs is sure to add some wonderful breadth to your choir's folk music repertoire. 'Bagels & Biscuits' is an exciting piece that should be performed with fun, laughter, and abondon; it includes a solo in the middle of the song that can be sung by either a tenor or soprano. Stephen Foster wrote 'Camptown Races' for a minstrel show around 1850, subtitling it 'Gwine to Run All Night' and composing the text in a minstrel-show dialect. This standard english version, by Melinda Bargreen, pays great tribute to the original. 'The Cuckoo' is a simple mountain ballad and should be sung in a flowing, legato style. The pianisimos in measures 10 and 25 are to remind singers not to "pounce" on the melodic leaps, but rather to maintain the quiet reflective mood of the song. Inspired by stories of Sudanese basket weavers, 'Famine Song' exprresses the pain and hope experienced by those in the famine of the 1980s. In the midst of hardship, a wonderful new sense of creativity emerged when women began weaving baskets as a means of survival. Central to the song is a section of improvisation over shifting chors - VIDA's (the folk vocal group who wrote this piece) recorded improvisation is written as a guide on the top of the staves. VIDA saw the two improvising voices as the voices of women from other cultures raised in empathy.

9453 SHEET MUSIC $6.95

Various Arrangers: American Folk Songs Vol 3

Harriet Tubman - arr. Kathleen McGuire
Glee - arr. Eric Lane Barnes
Coffee Grows On White Oak Trees - arr. Jack Boyd
Cindy - arr. Jerry Weseley Harris
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing - arr. Kevin D. Thompson
Songs Of Thanksgiving - arr. Chuck Bridwell
Meeting Is Over - arr. James E. Clemens

SATB a cappella

Kathleen McGuire has created an outstanding arrangement of the glorious song "Harriet Tubman", originally penned by Walter Robinson, about the famous leader of the famous Underground Railroad. A cappella vocals that build with a “come on up” followed by rhythmic vocals under the hypnotic melody. Optional cabaca part suggested. Layered under that is the sound of percussion imitating a train and vocal nuances resembling the sound of chains and also a train whistle. Incredibly powerful and moving! It’s a must for every choir’s library. Eric Lane Barnes has a very unique writing style and he has done it again with the choral, Glee! This creative a cappella gem is quite entertaining, hearkening back to the days of the glee club songs of Yale and Harvard. This work is an excellent tool to teach harmonics. Listen to the middle section that contains a sequence of ascending diminished 7th chords with lyrics announcing the definition of the word, “glee.” Novel, yet eloquent in its style and performance possibilities, Glee is “gleefully” a winner for any program. There is an early American feel to "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" that coordinates wonderfully with the text and adds a sense of authenticity to the whole. This treatment is a welcome addition to other versions of this piece because of its unique approach. Use during Pentecost or for general use. For harvest time, consider this medley of Thanksgiving favorites arranged by Chuck Bridwell. Contrasting sections include We Gather Together set to the tune Ash Grove, a fresh harmonization of Now Thank We All Our God sung a cappella, and a lovely arrangement of Handel’s Thanks Be to Thee. Gracious and festive, Songs of Thanksgiving is the perfect adoration medley for the season of gratitude. The sturdy American folksong "Meeting Is Over" has been given new life through the skillful arranging of James Clemens. Maintaining the hollow, open harmonies and steady rhythmic movement of Early American music, Clemens adds some fresh counterpoints and syncopations to really liven things up. Meeting Is Over is dynamic!

8088 SHEET MUSIC $10.95

Various: American Folksongs for Women's Voices

Poor Lonesome Cowboy - arr. Marilyn Crabb Epp / Norman Luboff
Sacramento Sis Joe - arr. Jackson Berkey
All The Pretty Little Horses - arr. Emily Crocker

SSAA a cappella

“Poor Lonesome Cowboy” is an original arrangement by Norman Luboff of this famous cowboy’s lament. “All The Pretty Little Horses” is a traditional Southeastern American folksong featuring canonic imitation, vocal ostinati, and delicately intertwining melodies, this a cappella setting is stunning. “Sacramento - Sis Joe” is a wiry, spiky combination of two American folk songs; one very well-known; one somewhat obscure. The better known is Stephen Foster’s “Camptown Races” but it’s appearance here, however, is with a completely different text that captures the excitement of a mid-1800’s trip to California in search of gold! “Sis Joe” is a traditional railroad song that was used by Aaron Copland in “Rodeo”.

8015 SHEET MUSIC $4.95

Imant Raminsh: Earth Chants - Native American Songs

The Lands Around My Dwelling
War Song
Upward Going
Two Dream Songs
Pleasant It Looked
Love Song
As My Eyes Search

SATB divisi a cappella

This set of seven movements uses a broad palette of choral orchestration. The first piece, "The Lands Around My Dwelling" (Inuit), features free and changing meters and frequent divisi. Movement two, "As My Eyes Search" (Chippewa), is energized by close canonic entries. Movement three "War Song" (Sioux), is a vigorous piece with canonic imitation and some tone clustering, starting with a single voice parts and expanding to full SSAATTBB texture. Movement four, "Love Song" (Nahuatl), in alternating 8/8 and 9/8 is a lyrical, rhapsodic setting of a ravishing text. Movement five, "Pleasant It Looked" (Winnebago), features a soprano soloist (imitating a boy soprano) and is a quiet meditation. Movement six, "Upward Going" (Tewa), is again move vigorous, and Movement seven "Two Dream Songs" (Wintu), concludes the work in a quiet benediction.

8064 SHEET MUSIC $11.95

Imant Raminsh: Northwest Trilogy

Nootka Paddle Song
Bye, Bye Baby

SATB a cappella

Born in Latvia, Imant Raminsh came to Canada in 1948 and has become one of Canada’s most highly regarded choral composer and arrangers. “Northwest Trilogy” is a wonderful set of songs from British Columbia. “Nootka Paddle Song” is a native welcoming song that features free incantation along with evocative choral writing. The piece contains some modern effects such as whispering and tone clusters, and is characterized by a feeling of building excitement and jubilation. "Bye, Bye Baby" - Based on a traditional Russian lullaby and would have been sung by members of the Doukhobar communities. A gentle, tonal work with rich harmonic background with varied textures and voicings bring this song of warmth and simplicity to life. “Sunset” - Folksy, poignant, and slighty tongue-in-cheek, this lament portrays the thoughts of a dying British Columbian cowboy. Replete with imitations of wailing coyotes, muffled death march drums, and other instances of word painting, this is a fun piece to perform.

8012 SHEET MUSIC $5.50

Various Arrangers: Canadian Folk Songs

Petty Harbour Bait Skiff - arr. Marcella Osmond
On The Rooms - arr. Stephen Hatfield
Land of the Silver Birch - arr. Olli Pohjola
Nukapianguaq - arr. Stephen Hatfield
Oolichan - arr. Stephen Hatfield

SSA a cappella

"Nukapianguaq" (pronounced Nuhk-ah-pee-ang-guaq) attempts to present Inuit music in a choral setting that remains as faithful as possible to the aesthetics of the original tradition. Inuit chants are usually reflective in nature and spiritual in intent. "On The Rooms" - An audience need not be familiar with the history of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's easternmost province, to get the sense that an epic story is unfolding before them. Based on the maritime heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador, this modern folk song creates an atmosphere of sea air and hard work. The arrangement of this beautiful Indian song "Land of the Silver Birch" was made by the Finnish music educator Pentti Paalanen in the 1970s for his high school choir in the town of Joensuu. Since all three verses are set to the same music, the necessary contrasts must come from a careful consideration of the text. These contrasts, or variations, need not be very great, however, as a certain monotony and mystery belongs to the character of this song. This Canadian Folksong "Petty Harbour Bait Skiff" describes the tragic sinking of a Bait Skiff near Petty Harbour in 1852, losing all but one of the crew.

8017 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various Arrangers: Canadiana for Mixed Voices

Log Drivers' Waltz - arr. Ron Smail
The Maple Leaf Forever - arr. Ron Smail
O Canada - arr. Stephen HatfieldS

SATB a cappella

A fabulous arrangement "The Maple Leaf Forever" by a very experienced composer. Before the arrival of "O Canada", this patriotic song was Canada's unofficial national anthem. In 1997 it received new lyrics by V. Radian, who won a contest run by CBC for the express purpose of finding new lyrics. Four part a cappella setting of Canada's national anthem "O Canada" with both French and English versions included. "Log Drivers' Waltz" is a showstopper of a piece! This work is a piece of Canadiana, is funny and exciting, and includes a coloratura soprano solo.

9714 SHEET MUSIC $6.50

Various Arrangers Traditional Irish Folksongs for Mixed Voices

She Moved Through the Fair - arr. Daryl Runswick
The Irish Blessing - arr. Joyce Eilers Bacak
O Danny Boy - arr. Fred Prentice
Irish Lullaby - arr. Keith Abbss
Tell My Ma - arr. Jon Washburn

SATB a cappella

Rollicking and upbeat, this playful setting of 'Tell My Man,' a traditional Irish children's song, is accented with hand-clapping and foot-stomping. Limited ranges and familiar harmonies enhance its accessibility and make it a winner! The King's Singers bring home a winner with their arrangement of 'Irish Lullaby.' Both fun and challenging, this soothing 6-part gem is sure to be enjoyed by all. Fred Prentice's compelling arrangement of 'O Danny Boy' has a beautiful tenor solo and rich 8 part harmony throughout. Another King's Singers classic, 'She Moved Through The Fair,' this beautiful Irish ballad is one of the their favorite and most-requested concert selections. With 'The Irish Blessing,' Joyce Eilers Bacak uses the traditional lyric, “May the road rise to meet you.” Her a cappella creation makes a moving, easily-taught concert closer.

9276 SHEETMUSIC $7.95

David Mooney: Irish Choral A Cappella Series

The Coulin
The Salley Gardens
My Lagan Love
Roisin Dubh
Oro, 's e do bheatha 'bhaile
Silent, O'Moyle

SATB a cappella

David Mooney’s stunning arrangements of Irish traditional music were an instant success. As head of music department of the Conservatory of Music and Drama at Dublin Institute of Technology, Mooney is well known in Ireland and the UK where his arrangements have appeared on record, TV and radio. Those items which can be sung only in Irish Gaelic have an English text transliteration underlaid, and a complete IPA pronunciation guide as well as an English translation in the front matter. All items in these pieces are appropriate for multicultural concert occasions, and are of moderately easy to moderate difficulty.

9701 SHEET MUSIC $12.95

Carsten Gerlitz (Edited by): The Celtic Choirbook

Londonderry Air
Auld Lang Syne
Amazing Grace
Early One Morning
Dacw "Nghariad I Lawr Yn Y Berllan
Sally Gardens
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
Whiskey In The Jar
An Irish Blessing
All Through The Night
Gin A Body
Believe Me
Scarbourough Fair
The First Noel
Botany Bay
The Wild Rover

Celtic music is enjoying a well-deserved revival. This revival may have been inspired by historical Hollywood epics, by popular dance acts such as “Riverdance”, by Michael Flatley or purely by the emotional power of Celtic melodies. The songs all tell stories that have been passed down through successive generations, with more facets than any other kind of traditional music: some are melancholy dirges, some playful and lively dance tunes. This book brings together 20 of these traditional melodies in contemporary, modern arrangements for mixed chorus. In them you will find homophonic movements, sweeping melodic lines, vocal imitations of Celtic instruments and rousing rhythms. The irresistible charm of this music will leave no choral singer unmoved and is bound to find favour with audiences. SATB a cappella

9119 SONGBOOK $12.95

The King's Singers: Irish Songbook

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) SATB divisi a cappella
Eriskay Love Lilt SATB divisi/piano
Irish Lullaby SATTBB a cappella
Mairi's Wedding SAB/keyboard
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) SATBB a cappella
Phil The Fluter's Ball SATB a cappella
She Moved Through The Fair SATBB a cappella
The Star Of The County Down SSATB a cappella
'Tis The Last Rose Of Summer SATB a cappella
Wexford Carol SATB/piano

England's King's Singers are known for their impeccable musicality. Coupled with the enthralling traditional melodies of Ireland, this intermediate to advanced level collection of ten arrangements will be challenging as well as rewarding and are some of King's Singers favorite and most requested concert selections. This songbook is not only an excellent value, but will become an invaluable addition to your choral library as well.

6120 SONGBOOK $6.95

Various Arrangers: Celtic Folksongs

Danny Boy - arr. Philip Lawson
Celtic Lullaby - arr. David Fanshawe
Geordie (How the Lady Saved her Man) - arr. Stephen Hatfield
An Irish Blessing - arr. Audrey Snyder

SSA a cappella

Beautiful lyric lines and warm harmonies are the centerpiece of Philip Lawson's stunning a cappella setting 'Danny Boy'. This work is sure to leave your listeners spellbound! 'Geordie' is a colorful and lively Scottish ballad telling the tale of Lady Ann, gone to Edinburgh to save her man Geordie from wrongful execution. Each of the four vocal parts has its chance to sing! In 'Celtic Lullaby,' english composer David Fanshawe has crafted a song of delicate beauty and rich nuance based on a traditional Celtic melody. May be performed for Christmas and other concert programs. The beautiful 'Irish Blessing' text is creatively set in an expressive a cappella original work by Audrey Snyder.

9514 SHEET MUSIC $5.95

Doreen Rao's Choral Music Experience: Scottish Folk Songs

Skye Boat Song - arr. Lee Kesselman
Loch Lomond
Auld Lang Syne
The Birks of Aberfeldy
Afton Water

SSA a cappella

"Loch Lomond" is one of the most famous of all Scottish song – a song of friendship, of love, and of parting. While "Auld Lang Syne" has become one of the most familiar in our culture, oft used for ushering in the new year, it remains a heartfelt air, extolling enduring friendship and waxing nostalgic over the passage of time. "The Birks Of Aberfeldy" is a dance piece! Let the rhythm and accents hold sway as the piano rolics and the singers tease, tempt, cajole and invite the Bonnie Lassie! Also Included in this package is the hauntingly beautiful "Skye Boat Song," and "Afton Water."

9282 SHEET MUSIC $8.50

Fred Onovwerosuoke (Edited by): Songs of Africa

Abanije (The Bully)
Agoro Yede ('Tis Good to Play)
Aluwa sio (Alleluia)
Angigye aba (The High Life)
Awa eshelele
Barka (Goodwill)
Bolingo yanga na Yesu (All my loove for Jesus)
Efuo (Holy)
Hepepe (Hurray!)
Je! ajua, Yesu anipenda (Jesus, we love you)
Kaanamajoo (We Thank You)
Kayra Sillo (The Way of Peace)
Leo kuna faraha (Lots of Joy)
Mayingo (Womanhood)
Om' Oba ni (The Prince)
Otu b'oma (Unity is Strength)
Oyele ma (Dear Mother)
Pata, pata (Touching)
Safari Ya Bamba (A Voyage to Bamba)
Tuli, tuli
Yesu sore (Jesus, wake up)
Yogho (Achievement)

Songs of Africa offers an exciting collection of 22 diverse pieces of African choral music that every singer, choral director, music educator, and enthusiast will find invaluable. Fred Onovwerosuoke and the St. Louis African Chorus have transcribed and created these arrangements, which represent a wide spectrum of Africa's regions and cultural practices. The songs cover subjects such as spirituality, religion, community, work, and play, and are selected from many African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Benin Republic, South Africa, Namibia, and Gambia. They offer not only a welcome addition to choral repertoire but also a refreshing alternative for concert settings and church services. This collection includes useful notes on performance practice and cultural context, percussion charts, translations, and a pronunciation guide. SATB

7044 SONGBOOK $19.95

Robert DeCormier: Choral Folk Songs From South Africa

Hey,T'hola, T'hola
Inkosi Yamampondo
Bayeza (Oonomot'hot'holo)
Ingoma Ya Bakweta
Oalla Mohololi
Hey, Tswana
Ut'he Wena
Isileyi Sam
Father, Father, Goodbye
Hey, Motswala
Here's to the Couple
Vul' Emnyango

In the huge continent of Africa, the cradle of the human race, there are hundreds of different languages, hundreds of different instruments, many different types of melody, different types of antiphony (gospel churches call it “answer-back” or “call and response”). South Africa especially likes to sing in rich harmony. Three parts, four parts, five parts, six parts or more. The songs in this collection were selected, compiled and arranged by the great folk singer and musician Pete Seeger and edited by Robert DeCormier for use in schools, churches, community gatherings and homes. Through music and singing, we can experience a world of beauty, vigor, subtlety and rich variety. All a cappella with rehearsal piano. SATB

5010 SONGBOOK $9.95

Mike Brewer: Oalla Mohololi - Three Songs From Africa

Oalla Mohololi (Sotho ceremonial song from South Africa)
Meguru (Kavango song from Namibia)
Yelli bo'dek dhaya fikri (Love song from Tunisia)

SATB a cappella

Mike Brewer’s Choral World Tour brings together traditional songs from around the world in exciting a cappella arrangements that will both challenge and stimulate your choir. Each piece is accompanied by a translation and pronunciation guide. In this collection, feel the pulsing rhythms of South Africa, experience the solid harmonies of a Namibian chorus, and experiment with the vocal techniques used in Tunisian song.

7323 SONGBOOK $6.95

Mike Brewer: Hamba Lulu - Five African Songs

Mangwani M'Pulele - Sotho Children's Song
O-re-mi - Nigerian Highlife Song
Karanga Walking Song
Hamba Lulu - Zulu Wedding Song
Askha Thali - Zulu Freedom Song

SSAA a cappella

Hamba Lulu is a fantastic addition to the choral repertoire. A breath of fresh air in the classroom and for many a choir wanting a challenge. These stirring songs are additive, so you can tailor performances to local resources, increasing technical demand according to their experience. Easy to learn and sure to make an instant impact on audiences, the songs tap into the rich seam of African culture.

7317 SONGBOOK $6.95

Mike Brewer: Banuwa - Three African Songs

Babevuya / Walamba

SSAA a cappella

Banuwa is a vibrant collection that presents choirs with a terrific opportunity to experience the excitement and energy of African music. Building on the success of Hamba Lulu, this volume taps into the rich seam of African culture and includes the festive song 'Banuwa', alongside Zulu bird song 'Izintakana' and the South African wedding song 'Babevuya' - coupled here with the infectious 'Walamba'.

7322 SONGBOOK $6.95

Various: African Folk Songs Vol 1

Two South African Folk Songs, arr. Bruce More
-Shweelo ellee makanana (See, coming at a distance, the German ship)
-Tulan, numamele! (Keep quiet and listen!)
Kpanlongo, arr. Derek Bermel
Freedom Come, arr. Ben Allaway

SATB a cappella

The first two South African Folk Songs are in Shangani. The first seems to be in recognition of the arrival of the first white settlers off the west coast of Africa, ostensibly in the 17th century. The second, Tulan, Nimamele!, speaks for itself. They are both best done in a strong, boisterous fashion. Freedom Come is The closing movement of Bandari: Inside These Walls, a five-movement work encompassing a variety of African styles and combining Swahili and English texts. Freedom Come is written in the style of a South African freedom song; it creates an atmosphere in which hope can increase, healing can occur, and connections to our common humanity can be strengthened.

9454 SHEET MUSIC $4.95

Various: African A Cappella

African Processional
E Oru O (Nigeria)
Ning Wendete (Kenya)
O Sinfuni Mungo
An African Song Game (The Coca Cola Song)
African Noel


Selected for the Ron Kean Multicultural Series, "African Processional" utilizes sounds from African folk songs and a joyful chorus emerges with an occasional solo interjection. "Ning Wendete" is a traditional folk song from Kenya and is a conversation between a man and a woman. “I love you, but you do not love me. How is that? If you do not love me, you had better tell me so.” Dynamic contrast, percussion and a wide range of layered vocal textures make this an appealing concert choice. "The Coca Cola Song" is a playful contemporary African folksong and is a lot of fun to perform with layered vocal parts, African percussion, and humorous references to the choir members singing. Celebrative and highly rhythmic, “African Noel” shines with energy and excitment. Contrasting dynamics and optional percussion make this one a real creative and refreshing Christmas selection. Beautiful in its simplicity, your choir will have fun with this one!

2224 SHEET MUSIC $9.98

Various: Zulu Songs

Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain - arr. Joseph Shabalala - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Amavolovolo - Traditional- arr. Rudolf de Beer
Imaliyam - Traditional - arr. R. Douglas Helvering

SATB a cappella

Choirs will enjoy recreating the evocative classic "Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain". The famed South African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo led by Joseph Shabalala creates moments of transformative beauty with their unique sound and vivid imagery. "Amavolovolo" is a popular Zulu traditional song as arranged by Rudolf de Beer, former conductor of the Drakensbeg Boys Choir of South Africa. What a vivid connection to the people and culture of that part of the world! Authentic percussion and movement suggestions give this selection great visual appeal. The Zulu dowry song "Imaliyam" will be a challenging and impressive concert feature. An excellent choice for better high school choirs and up.

7216 SHEET MUSIC $5.50

Various: African Folk Songs Vol 2

An Afro-Celtic Diddle, by Michael Coolen
One by One (Rhythm of the Pridelands), arr. John Leavitt
Dubula, arr. Stephen Hatfield
Wimoweh (Mbube), arr. David Dusing
Hamba Lulu (Five African Songs), arr. Mike Brewer
Mangwani M'pulele
Asikha thali
Hamba Lulu
Karanga Walking Song
African Celebration, arr. Stephen Hatfield

SATB a acppella

Two distinctive cultures combine in the unique choral change-of-pace known as 'An Afro-Celtic Diddle.; Featuring African percussion and Irish-inspired vocals, this delightful piece is fun, fun, fun! Disney's powerful African song, 'One by One.' will bring down the house. 'Dubula' is a folk song of the Xhosa people of South Africa. The style is boisterous, party-hardy and open-throated. The South African Zulu song, 'Womoweh (Mbube),' was first recorded in the early 1940s by Solomon Linda. Pete Seeger later transcribed the song for The Weavers. Once adapted to their own style, it become one of their greatest hits. The Five African songs in 'Hamba Lulu' have a rhythmic energy that propels the music and stirs the human spirit. With a variety of performance options, this collection will be an outstanding addition to your choral library. Stephen Hatfield's fun tune, 'African Celebration' is gem that can be used in any concert series needing that extra world music flavor, it comes complete with a pronunciation guide to help you and your choir learn the music!

9526 SHEET MUSIC $14.95

Dan Damon: Njalo (Always)

God, We Thank You
If The Lord Would Appear Before Me
He Is There Forever
Let Us Praise The Lord Our God
There's No One In The World Like Jesus
If I'm Without Love
This Is Not Our Homeland
Holy Spirit Come By Here
Shepard God To You We Pray
I Have A Good Friend
It's Jesus
The Light Of God Comes
Those Who Wait Upon The Lord
Life Is Broken At It's Core

"Njalo" is a 16 song glimpse into the world of Christianity as it presently exists in the African tradition. The production of this book was a cross-cultural collaboration between Patrick Matsikenyiri, a Zimbabwan missionary and Dan Damon, who provided very singable, English translations of these songs. Together, they created a volume with a variety of worship expressions, including songs of praise ("Baningyeti Bayawe"), thanksgiving ("Wonai"), invocation ("Mweya Mutsvene Uyai Pano"), and commitment ("Ndai Wona Hama Yakanaka"). These songs also bear the brokeness of Zimbabwean society where so many people live under the burdens of political oppression, economical turmoil, family brokeness, and the scourge of HIV/AIDS. See especially "Zviro Zvacho Zvanyanya."

9451 SONGBOOK & CD $9.95

Various Arrangers: Praise and Worship Songs from Africa

Selections from African Sanctus, by David Fanshawe
The Lord's Prayer
Kyrie: Call to Prayer
African Sanctus
Finale and Gloria
South African Praises, Selections from Anders Nyberg's 'Freedom is Coming,' arr. Stephan P. Barnicle
Thuma Mina
Halleluya! Pelo Tsa Rona

SATB a cappella

Acclaimed by audiences and choral directors around the world, African Sanctus was premiered in 1973. It is an unorthodox setting of the Latin Mass integrated with authentic traditional African music recorded by the composer on his now legendary journeys up the river Nile through Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, here you can have your hand at 4 movements from this amazing work! South African Praises is a trilogy of songs taken form the collection 'Freedom Is Coming, Songs of Protest and Praise from South Africa,' colelcted and edited by Anders Nyberg. These three prayers are intended to begin as a simple litany asking God for motivation, guidance, and healing. petitions may be added, deleted or repeated as desired depending on the setting in which they are used. This is a fun and educational collection of music!

9527 SHEETMUSIC $9.95

Doreen Rao's Choral Music Experience: African Songs for Childrens Chorus

Ghana Alleluia (arr. Kathy Armstrong)
Kenya Melodies (arr. Robert Hugh)
Mbiri Kuna Mwari (Zimbabwe) arr. Lee Kesselman
Thula, Babana - Xhosa Lulaby (arr. Hendrik Hofmeyr)
African Celebration (arr. Stephen Hatfield)

"Mbiri kuna Mwari" is composed in the spirit of choral music heard at the Episcopal Cathedral in Harare, Zimbabwe, in the summer of 1993. Shona is the majority tribe in Zimbabwe and its language. The text is the Shona translation of the opening section of the Gloria of the Mass Ordinary. This traditional lullaby, "Thula, Babana," is from the eastern coastal region of South Africa. The singular sweetness of the melody has made it a favorite with South African choirs and audiences. In this arrangement, the melody is repeated several times, passing from one voice to the other, with a gradual variation and accumulation of accompanying texture, before fading into silence. Also included in this package is "Ghana Alleluia," "Kenya Melodies," and "Afican Celebration."

9280 SHEET MUSIC $9.95

Anders Nyberg (Edited by): Freedom is in Your Hand

Performance Suggestions
Freedom Is In Your Hand
Ewe Thina (We Walk His Way)
Oh Yini (Where Are You?)
Sithi Jabula (My Joy Is Jesus)
Hosanna Nkosi Phezulu (Hosanna Praised Be God on High)
Azisenzeni na? (What Have We Done?)
We Shall Never Die
I Live and Move

Here is a new and powerful collection of songs from South Africa, celebrating the country's freedom! Following the popular first collection Freedom Is Coming, the songs in this new set are for mixed voices with solos, finger-snapping, optional drum accompaniment and more! In English and African languages. SATB

8722 SONGBOOK & CD $19.95

Anders Nyberg (Edited by): Freedom is Coming

Freedom Is Coming
Gabi, Gabi
Siph' amandla
Vula Botha
Nkosi, Nkosi
Haleluya! Pelo Tsa Rona
Thuma Mina
We Shall Not Give Up The Fight

15 moving songs from South Africa arranged for four-part voices, complete with a foreword, musical instructions, illustrations and commentary.

9182 SONGBOOK $10.95

Margaret Hamilton: Sing Freedom!

Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika (Lord Bless Africa)
Inzima Lendleha (This Road is Heavy
Uthando Lwakhe (God's Love)
Thuma Mina (Send Me)
Tumelo Yaka ha Nkeke ka e Lathla (My Faith, I Will Never Lose It)
Abasunda Nabamhlope (Blacks and Whites)
Thula Sizwe (Be Silent, Nation)
Tshollela Moya wa Hao, Jesu ( Pour Down Your Spirit, Lord)
Hamba Vangeli (Spread the Word)
Monateng Kapele (In Joy We Will Be Together)
Say'ilim' Ingqolowa (We Are Ploughing Wheat)
Lerato la Jeso le a Makatsa (The Love of Jesus is Wonderful)
Siku rin Gwana (One Day)
Ehlatin'e Lusaka (In Lusaka Bush)
Studente sal Nooit Verloor (Students Will Never Lose)
Stop Killing Our Children

This unique collection of songs from South Africa contains 35 songs of the people, performed in churches, workplaces and at gatherings. This book provides the first opportunity for churches, schools and colleges to perform these wonderful songs of liberation and Christian praise. Transcribed and introduced, including performance notes, by Maggie Hamilton and written for unaccompanied voices with guitar symbols for use with unison or two-part singing. The simplicity of many of the tunes and remaining parts makes them suitable for playing on glockenspiels, recorders or other melodic instruments. Published by Novello in association with Christian Aid. Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

5034 SONGBOOK $19.95

David Fanshawe: African Sanctus

African Sanctus
Kyrie: Call To Prayer
Gloria: Bride of the Nile
Credo: Sudanese Dances and Recitations
Love Song
Et In Spiritum Sanctum
Crucifixus: Rain Song
Sanctus: Bwala Dance
Agnus Dei
Call To Prayer: Kyrie
Finale & Gloria

Acclaimed by audiences and choral directors around the world, African Sanctus was premiered in 1973. It is an unorthodox setting of the Latin Mass integrated with authentic traditional African music recorded by the composer on his now legendary journeys up the river Nile through Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.Contains the complete 13-movement work (SATB).

9439 SONGBOOK $9.95

Various: The Folk Rhythm - South African Folk, Church and Protest Songs

Hamba Ka Ncane
Ikhon' I Ndawo
Ithemba Lami
Jo We
Khotso Ya Morena
Lesang Magwala A Cheche
Sesi We
Thina Sizwe E Zi Minyama
Umandela Uth'a Ihlome
The South African National Anthem

The result of months of collaborative work between Patty Cuyler (Village Harmony) and Matlaka Bopape (Polokwane Choral Society), The Folk Rhythm, Volume I is a choral director's dream. 16 rich, arresting songs arranged for SATB choir, accompanied by CDs to guide choruses toward an “authentic” sound (and, where appropriate, dancing) style. One of the main characteristics of South African folk and traditional music is the syncopated nature of rhythms, which often defy the measure system. An accompanying dance often adds a new rhythmic pattern to the mix, with song and dance together forming a complex and not easily defined rhythmic structure. Because of this, most songs are best understood through careful listening and close observation if one wants to capture the essence of the performance. Recordings and video therefore accompany Folk Rhythm , to assist in this regard, as notation alone cannot adequately capture all these nuances of the rich South African folk music tradition.

8414 SONGBOOK & CDs $39.95

Various: Caribbean Calypso

Big Bunch a Little Bunch (Adderley)
Ripe Tomata Green Peas (Adderley)
Jamaican Noel (Shaw)
Three Bahamian Folk Songs (Adderley)
- A Wen' Down Da Road
- Ol' Lady
- One A' Twenty

SATB a cappella

"Big Bunch a Little Bunch" is a traditional Bahamian song about the many beloved recipients of a woman's roses. This lively, rhythmic arrangement for mixed choir is ideal for a world music concert or other festival performances. "Ripe Tomata Green Peas" is a traditional market song by Bahamian composer/conductor Cleophas Adderley offers a light-hearted treatment that is sometimes solemn, sometimes frenzied. With optional hand percussion, this a cappella setting will bring your concert to a spirited conclusion! "Jamaican Noel " is a bright and cheerful original that will surely be heard resounding throughout the halls of your school – it's that irresistible! The delightful settings of "Three Bahamian Folk Songs" are by the founder and director of the Bahamas National Youth Choir and will add a little caribbean calypso to you program. What fun!

2228 SHEETMUSIC $7.98

Deke Sharon: Latin A Cappella Vol 1

Cielito Lindo
Sin Ti
La Bamba

SATB a cappella

With music from Latin America growing in popularity, here is a fun way to integrate an important cultural phenomenon into your program. This collection of four traditional songs, arranged for contemporary a cappella groups, represent but four of the many Latin musical styles: from Mexico, mariachi (Cielito Lindo), bolero (Sin Ti) and Latin rock (La Bamba), and from Cuba, Son (Guantanamera).

9466 SHEET MUSIC $2.95

Oscar Escalada: A Cappella Latin American Choral Series

La Chaparrita (arr. Vivian Tabbush)
Candomble (Oscar Escalada)
La Ninez De America (arr. Alberto Balzanelli)
Se Equivoco La Paloma (The Dove Was Wrong) (Carlos Guastavino)
Cancion Con Todos (A Song For All People In The Americas) (Cesar Isalla)

SATB a cappella

A wonderful collection of contemporary Latin American choral music arrangements selected by noted Argentinian conductor and composer Oscar Escalada. "La Chaparrita " is a brisk Venezuelan folk melody and is fun to sing and includes the vocal imitation of a typical pattern played on a "cuarto". "Candomble", from Uruguay, is written in a rhythm very close to the tango and the habanera. "La Ninez De America" is based on a poem of Argentinian poet Alberto del Carril and is inspired by the Incas. "Cancion Con Todos " is a two-part song based on two different rhythms. The first part is calm and recognizes each area of the Americas with characteristic elements such as copper for Chile, sun for Peru etc. The second part is rhythmic and exultant with the hope of bringing all the peoples of Latin America to sing together!

9214 SHEET MUSIC $8.50

Various Arrangers: Latin Accents

Maquerule - arr. Julián Gómez Giraldo
Casita de Campo - arr. Juan-Tony Guzman
Chanflin - arr.Juan-Tony Guzman
La Lluvia - arr. Stephen Hatfield
Son de Camaguey - arr. Stephen Hatfield
O Sapo - arr. Stephen Hatfield

SATB a cappella

"Casita de Campo" is one of the most popular love songs from the Dominican Republic. It describes a modest, and yet beautiful, little rural house in the Cibao region where the composer evokes the consummation of a passionate and virginal love. It is a “canción-bolero,” a typical Caribbean romantic song form in quadruple meter, slow-paced, which is also a centerpiece of serenades. "Chanflín" is a typical Dominican merengue in its melody and form. Chanflín is a young woman, very good looking. The merengue section refers to a “neighborhood gossip.” The jaleo section refers to Chanflín dressing in a finicky manner. "La Lluvia" is a folk melody from Ecuador traditionally played on the siku – the double row of panpipes that have been used in the high Andes for over a thousand years. With percussion. "Son de Camaguey" is a Cuban folk song from which the composer takes the refrain and then frames it with kaleidoscopic patters of ostinati inspired by the song, and by Afro-Cuban music in general. "O Sapo" - In this irresistible Brazilian song setting, vocal lines imitate percussion patterns to create a truly infectious groove. Newly arranged for SSATB chorus. With optional percussion.

8047 SHEETMUSIC $10.95

Various Arrangers: Latin American Folk Songs

La LLuvia (Ecuador) arr. Stephen Hatfield
Las Amarillas (Mexico) arr. Stephen Hatfield
La Cucaracha (Mexico) arr. Michael Hennagin
Guayacanal (Dominican Republic) arr. Francisco Nunez
Gloria a Dios (Mexico)
- A La Puerta del Cielo
- El Senor Nacio en Belen
- Gloria a Dios en las Alturas


"La Lluvia" is a folk melody from Ecuador traditionally played on the siku – the double row of panpipes that have been used in the high Andes for over a thousand years. Hot-blooded and haughty, a mixture of delight and disdain. The central paradox of performing "Las Amarillas" it that the rhythms must be very incisive and exact, yet the precision must be combined with the devil-may-care festive attitude that prevents the precision from sounding clinical. Mangulina is a dance derived from Zapateado Español (a Spanish heel-tapping dance). "Guayacanal," originally written in the 1950's by Dominican songwriters Luis Kalaff and Bienvenido Brens, embodies what is known as the Mangulina today, and is so famous that when asked, people often think it's a folk song. This piece is best accompanied with tamborra (a double-headed drum from the Dominican Republic) and güira (a metal scraper from the Dominican Republic, scraped with a metal fork.) These delightful miniatures are wonderful for concert, contest and small ensembles. Careful part-writing and attention to range make these a good choice for younger treble groups. Includes: "A la puerta del cielo (At the Gate of Heaven)," "El Señor nació en Belén (The Lord Was Born in Bethlehem)," and "Gloria a Dios en las Alturas (Glory to God in the Highest.)"

9279 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Mike Brewer: El Cascabel - Three Songs from the Americas

El Cascabel ('Son Jarocho' from Mexico)
Pueblo Sunrise Song (from New Mexico)
Tango Cappella (from Argentina)

SATB a cappella

Mike Brewer’s Choral World Tour brings together traditional songs from around the world in exciting a cappella arrangements that will both challenge and stimulate your choir. Each piece is accompanied by a translation and pronunciation guide. In this collection, feel the driving rhythms of Central America, let the emotive plainchant of North America awaken your senses, and experience the passionate Argentine tango.

7227 SONGBOOK $5.50

Gabriela Montoya-Stier: El Patio de Mi Casa

Singing Games
Song Tales (Romances)
Pinata Song
Rhythm And Melodic Analysis Charts
About The Author

This endearing collection of folksongs from Mexico is perfect for any teacher looking to broaden the multicultural dimensions of their elementary or preschool music class with time-tested authentic music. Each song and rhyme includes teaching suggestions, English translations, game directions, and background information. Songs are categorized as rhymes, chants, singing games, song tales (romances), or lullabies, and there is even a piñata song.

6868 SONGBOOK $14.95

Various Arrangers: Spanish Carols, Lullabies and Folksongs

A Belen Pastores (Villancico) - Teofilo Becerra Medina
Canticos De Navidad Juan Orrego-Salas
Maquerule - Julián Gómez Giraldo
Fum, Fum, Fum - arr. Alice Parker / Robert Shaw
Four Spanish Lullabies - Francisco Nuñe
- Criome Mi Madre
- Tengo Sueno
- Nana Para Guitara
- Cucyu

SSA a cappella

“Come, come, shepherds let us go! Let's run to Bethlehem.” Written in the “Bambuco Fiestero” rhythm of the Andes Mountains of Columbia, the characteristic dance rhythm of 6/8 against 3/4 is the main feature of this a cappella setting. In Spanish, with English translation. "Canticos De Navidad" - Juan Orrego-Sala, a noted Latin American composer, is Professor Emeritis of Composition and Latin American Music at the Indiana University School of Music. This charming set of Christmas pieces reflects his native country, Chile, not only in the language, but in the characteristic rhythms and harmonies. The second of the three, Alleluya, can be extracted for year-round performance, and, although diminutive in length, deserves a place along side the well-known “Alleluia” by Randall Thompson with whom the composer studied. The original settings of "Four Spanish Lullabies" create the feeling of tenderness and sorrow so typical of the Spanish lullaby. A litling Brazilian style lullaby, a 3-part a cappella chorus, a flight of imagination and a comical nursery rhyme make up this compelling set. The energetic Colombian folksong "Maquerule" tells the tale of a friendly baker who learns the hard way to collect the cash upfront! Strong syncopation and a staccato singing section add to the fun. Includes suggestions for using optional percussion.

7041 SHEET MUSIC $9.50

George Hernandez: Songs of the Philippines

Caturog Na, Nonoy
Paruparon Bukid
Rosas Pandan
Pasko Na Naman!
Ay, Ay, Ay, O Pag-Ibig! SSAATTBB
Tatlo Sa Buhay - arr. Sidney Marquez Boquiren SSAA
- Pen-Pen de Sarapen
- Salidummay
- Pamulinawen

SATB a cappella

An all a cappella collection of folk songs from a land where singing is second nature to most of it's inhabitants! Traditional folk song "Rosas Pandan" is a song of joy and love. George Hernandez, conductor of the Saringhimig Singers from San Francisco has captured the native Visayan flavor in this rousing and playful arrangement "Caturog Na, Nonoy" is a beautiful lullaby which features an alto solo accompanied by the choir. The joyful, Filipino Christmas Carol "Pasko Na Naman!" is a welcome addition to the season. George Hernandez, has masterfully arranged a simple SATB, a cappella setting that simply works!. High school, college and community choirs will love this piece. "Ay, Ay, Ay, O Pag-Ibig!" is a fun and lively arrangement of a traditional Tagalog folksong. Includes pronunciation and translation notes. "Tatlo Sa Buhay" (Three Philippine Songs on Life) consists of a children's song, a lullaby, and a love song, this collection of folk tunes is full of lively rhythms and enchanting melodies. "Paruparon Bukid" (The Field Butterfly) is a humorous song comparing a butterfly to a Filipina dressed in her glamourous formal dress with tall butterfly sleeves as she moves down the aisle of the church, swaying her hips as every one looks on.

9528 SHEET MUSIC $10.95

Various Arrangers: Songs of the Pacific Rim

Toshima Rice Pounding Song - arr. Wendy Bross Stuart
Pen-Pen de Sarapen - arr. Sidney Marquez Boquiren
Salidummay - arr. Sidney Marquez Boquiren
Pamulinawen - arr. Sidney Marquez Boquiren

SSAA a cappella

"Toshima Mochi Tsuki Bushi" is a Japanese folk song from Tokyo-To (Tokyo District). It is celebratory in nature, and implies that it might be sung as a work song while pounding rice into rice balls (mochi). The making of mochi is a collaborative family activity associated with the new year. Comprised of a children's song, a lullaby, and a love song, this collection of Filipino folk tunes is full of lively rhythms and enchanting melodies.

8018 SHEET MUSIC $3.95

Various Arrangers: Chinese Folksongs

Looking for Plum Blossoms in the Snow - arr. Jon Washburn
Kang Ding Love Song - arr. Jon Washburn
Hsiao Cheng Ku Shih - arr. Philip Lawson
Diu Diu Tang - arr. Philip Lawson

SATB divisi Cappella

Unusual and charming but not unduly difficult, this fun arrangement by honored Canadian choral master Jon Washburn can be sung in either transliterated Chinese or in English. Includes 'Kang Ding Love Song' and 'Looking for Plum Blossoms in the Snow.' "Hsiao Cheng Ku Shih" and "Diu Diu Tang" are skillfully interwoven in this unique setting for Philip Lawson of the King's Singers.

8066 SONGBOOK $3.95

Zhou Long: Four Seasons

Spring - River Scenes on a Spring Evening
Summer - The True Face of Mount Lu
Autumn - Moon Song at Mount Emei
Winter - Snowy River

SSAA Cappella

Zhou Long (b. July 8, 1953, Beijing) is internationally recognized for creating a unique body of music that brings together the aesthetic concepts and musical elements of East and West. Deeply grounded in the entire spectrum of his Chinese heritage, including folk, philosophical, and spiritual ideals, he is a pioneer in transferring the idiomatic sounds and techniques of ancient Chinese musical traditions to modern Western instruments and ensembles. This is a collection of traditional Chinese folk songs selected to reflect the four seasons that will add a nice touch of the orient to your repertoire.

9103 SONGBOOK $3.95

Zhou Long: Two Poems from the Book of Songs

The Peach Tree (Tao Yao)
Gathering Plantain (Fou Yi)


The text from this work is selected from The Book of Songs, China's earliest anthology of poetry consisting of 305 songs popular between the 11th and 6tth centuries B.C. More than half of them are folk songs from various parts of the country, while the rest are ceremonial or festive songs sung at court or at banquets and hymns used during sacrifices to the gods or one's ancestors. Most of the poems are written in a simple and natural style to times and have been highly appreciated throughout the ages and have exerted a profound influence on the development of Chinese literature. The composer has chosen an English translation of the two poems so that this oldest of China's literary classics may be better understood. The musical style is not restricted to the traditional folk song form in pentatonic scale: freer melodic expression is achieved through atonal means and the style of a rustic song is retained. "The Peach Tree" (Tao Yao) is concerned with the popular marriage customs, where woman are considered the possession of men. "Gathering Plantain" (Fou Yi) is a work song sung by women as they gather plantain grass.

9617 SONGBOOK $8.95

Chen Yi: Two Chinese Folk Songs

A Horseherd's Mountain Song
A Single Bamboo Can Easily Bend

SATB Cappella

Commissioned by and dedicated to the Singapore Youth Choir, under the direction of Jennifer Tham, who premiered the works in July 2004 for their 40th anniversary celebration. Chen's unique musical language brings ancient texts and melodies into the current day; the resulting blending is still indicative of both realms. For better concert choirs looking for a diverse yet challenging program.

9434 SONGBOOK $3.95

Various Arrangers: Sea Chanties

Blue Whale
Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish
All For Me Grog (arr. Stephen Hatfield)
The Drunken Sailor (arr. Robert Sund)

SATB a cappella

Add a breath of salty sea air to your repertoire with one of these traditional sea chanties. Lots of fun to sing and with performance notes. Originally from England, where "All for Me Grog" was heard in music halls as well as on ships, the shanty was sung while working the capstan and the halyard. Swedish composer and conductor, Robert Sund wrote this playful arrangement of "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?" leaving ample room for both women and men to excel in this well-known sea chantey. The tongue-twisting text brings this arrangement to an impressive ending!

2223 SHEETMUSIC $7.95

Ward Swingle: Swingle Folk

Pastime with Good Company
The Agincourt Song
Country Dances
Music History 101
El Piasanito
L'amour de Moi
Tout Garcon Qui Sert Bien Son Maitre

SSAATTBB a cappella

'Pastime With Good Company' is an evocation of Renaissance vocal and instrumental styles in which some of the singers are asked to imitate recorders, tabors and shaums. 'The Agincourt Song' recounts the victory of Henry V over the French at Agincourt. As in 'Pastime with Good Company,' the singers must imitate the sounds of Renaissance instruments. 'Country Dances' is a fast-moving potpourri of traditional country tunes. One theme that recurs is that of the Arkansas Traveler. The accompanying sounds evoke various country-music instruments: fiddles, banjos, jugs, etc. 'Music History 101 is a trip through Music History to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," treated as a Gregorian Chant, a Medieval Round, a Madrigal, a Bach Chorale, a Schubert Lied and many other styles including jazz and rap. El paisanito features an alto duet with an accompaniment that imitates strumming Spanish guitars. In the men's version, the duet is sung by two male altos. 'L'amour de moi' features a soprano solo with a string-like accompaniment along with vocalized bass and drums. The three melodies in 'Tour garcon qui sert bien son maitre' come from the province of Quebec. These arrangements were commissioned by the McGill Univeristy Chamber Choir in Montreal.

6287 SHEET MUSIC $13.95

Various Arrangers: Scandinavian Folks Songs

Pseudo-Yoik - Jaakko M”ntyj”rvi
Olaf's Belt - Ludvig Lindeman
Yallibrui - Ludvig Lindeman
Home Of The Spirits - Ludvig Lindeman
Dallabu Johnson - Ludvig Lindeman

SATB a cappella

From the great tradition of Norske Kjempeviser (hero ballads), these four Ludvig Lindemann settings are arranged with English texts for a cappella mixed choir by Frank Pooler. Delightful programming for the advanced choir. “The text exists merely to give form to the music and is meaningless,” says Finnish composer Mäntyjärvi, whose “El Hambo” in 1999 was an instant success with American high school choirs. In “Pseudo-Yoik” he takes a humorous look at the stereotype of the Lapland folk music.

8069 SHEET MUSIC $4.95

Various Arrangers: Scandinavian Folk Songs for SSAA

Danny Boy, arr. Philip Lawson,
Geordie, arr. Stephen Hatfield
Celtic Lullaby, arr. David Fanshawe
An Irish Blessing, arr. Audrey Snyder

SSAA a cappella

Norway is a country rich in folk tradition, and in these piece, elements of folk dance and instrumental music are clearly represented. These tunes are fun, singable, and would fit perfectly on a program of multicultural music, or as a stand-alone on a concert of a more diverse nature. Complete IPA guide included. “The text exists merely to give form to the music and is meaningless,” says Finnish composer Mäntyjärvi, whose “El Hambo” in 1999 was an instant success with American high school choirs. In “Pseudo-Yoik” he takes a humorous look at the stereotype of the Lapland folk music. Fun stuff!

8020 SHEET MUSIC $3.95

Various Arrangers: Russian Folk Songs

Kalinka - arr. Joan Gregoryk
One Day By The River A Young Cossack Roamed - arr. Lana Walter

SSA Cappella

"Kalinka" is about a young man sitting under a red berry bush (Kalinka), singing of his feelings for his sweetheart. The expressiveness of the song is achieved through the contrast between a lively and rhythmic chorus and the more legato and subdued verses. The Russian folk song "One Day By The River A Young Cossack Roamed" is transcribed and arranged here based on a version sung by Olga and Kristina Bashirin in Irkutsk, Russia, in July of 1993. Includes both English and Russian text with pronunciation guide for the Russian.

8021 SHEET MUSIC $3.95

Various Arrangers: Eastern European Folk Songs

Rytmus, arr. Ivan Hrusovsky
Sednalo e Djore dos, arr. Sara Shakliyan
Chindia, arr. Alexandru Pascanu
Erik A Som (The Cherries Ripen), arr. Lajos Bardos

SATB a cappella

Lajos Bardos' Hungarian composition, 'Erik A Som,' has easy melodies and harmonies, the challenge comes with the text, as the Hungarian language is a bit more difficult, than others, to learn. Hungarian words are always accented on the first syllable. There are no diphthongs; if two vowels appear together, each is distinctly pronounced. A helpful guide to learn how to speak the text is included. 'Chindia,' is perhaps Pascanu's most famous composition. It is based on an instrumental Romanian folk dance by the same name. 'Chindian' besides being the name of a folk dance, refers both to the time of day just before the sun sets and to the place in the sky where the sun goes down. The dance is perfomed by both men and women in a closed circle, the dancer's arms on each other's shoulders. A vigorous dance, it uses small steps, and may include amusing, somewhat athletic stunts. This wordless piece is very exciting to sing! 'Sednalo e Djore dos' is based on a very famous Bulgarian folk tune that has circulated in the oral tradition of Bulgarian folk singers for many years. It is characterized by its short and repetitive melodic line flavored with a lot of humorous energy. In this arrangement, the arranger has paraphrased the melody slightly thus allowing it to become a good foundation for harmonic variations. Ivan Hrusovsky's 'Rytmus' has excellent, fun rhythms along with great (but relatively simple) harmonies. The latin text moves niceley with the melodies.

9456 SHEET MUSIC $7.95

Various: Georgian Folk Songs Vol 1

Ch'ich'e T'ura
Didavoi Nana
Kash Kruli
Mival Guriashi

The history of Georgian music is primarily that of folk song. Polyphonic singing has always had its place in Georgian social life. Genres include hunting songs, labor songs, ritual songs, laments, love songs, wedding songs, marching songs, and historical ballads. This unique collection of ten traditional three-part folk songs from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia provides a broad sampling of these genres, from several of Georgia's distinct regions.

8412 SONGBOOK $19.95

Various: Georgian Sacred Chorales

Ats Qovliturt Aghivso
Da Vitartsa Meupisa
Ghmerti Upali
Jvarsa Shensa
Kriste Aghsdga
Motsikuli Kristes'agan
Movedit Da Vsvat
Romenlni Kerubinta
Shen Khar Venakhi
Tsmindao Ghmerto

Georgia has one of the world's most ancient polyphonic singing traditions. Polyphony refers to music where each vocal line is equally important, sharing the melody among them; (as opposed to homophony, in which melodic interest is concentrated in a single line). The singing tradition in the Caucasus is unique in its harmonic and -- especially in western Georgia -- its extreme polyphonic approach. Many songs have distinct archaic traits dating from pre-Christian times, and in most traditional music the intervals are flexible and do not coincide with tempered scale intervals (with the exception of the fifth). The harmonies are unlike anything in European music, with untempered intervals and striking harmonic convergences.

8413 SONGBOOK $19.95

Various: Traditional Songs of the Balkans

Ajde Cure Kolo Da Vodimo
Alaj Alaj Jano
Smiljem Gora Oobrascena
Crven Fesic
Cvice Moje
Divojka Je Mileduv Brala
Ej Zito Zela
Tri Jetrve
Majka Maru
Maramica Na Stazi
Cija Li Je Taraba
Oj Djevojko
Oj Livado Rosna Travo
Slavonska Poskocica
Oj Savice
Tri Curice Zito Zele
Zapevala Sojka Ptica
Zora Se Bjeli
Podravina Wedding Suite
More Sokol Pie
Ladom Se Goro Zalade
Majka Rada
Ozdolu Idu
Trgnala E MAlka Moma
Nikolo Le Nikolcho Le

Includes 29 traditional Balkan village songs from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. With full musical transcriptions, translations and pronunciation guide. Mostly transcribed from village sources; but also included are a few Kutev and Lado arrangements. Songs for women's voices as well as for mixed voices. Twenty-three of these songs are recorded on the companion Village Harmony album.

8415 SONGBOOK $19.95

Bela Bartok: Hungarian & Slovak Folksongs

5 Slovak Folksong
3 Hungarian Folksongs

SATB a cappella

9246 SHEET MUSIC $6.50

Veljo Tormis: Four Estonian Lullabies

Laulan lapsele (I Sing for My Child)
Marjal aega magada (It's Time for the Little Berry to Sleep)
Lase kiik käia! (Let the Cradle Swing!)
Aiutus (Lulling)

SATB a cappella

Veljo Tormis (b. 1930) is recognized especially for his vocal and choral works. For him, music begins with words; he does not have "purely musical" ideas. Tormis is a real master of large-scale choral composition. His music is often connected with ancient folk songs of Estonian and other Balto-Finnic peoples.

9315 SONGBOOK $8.95

Various Arrangers: Musica Sacra Hungarica

The choir book Musica Sacra Hungarica provides a survey of the broad spectrum of sacred vocal music produced in Hungary during the 20th century. Following on from the romantic heritage an individual Hungarian vocal style was developed, which became known internationally through the sacred and secular vocal works of Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and Lajos Bárdos.

7221 SONGBOOK $43.95

Bela Bartok: Four Hungarian Folksongs

The Wooing of a Girl
Enchanting Song
Mocking of Youth

SSA a cappella

"Many people think it is a comparatively easy task to write a composition on found folk tunes... This way of thinking is completely erroneous. To handle folk tunes is one of the most difficult tasks; equally difficult, if not more so, than to write a major original composition. If we keep in mind that borrowing a tune means being bound by its individual peculiarity, we shall understand one part of the difficulty. Another is created by the special character of folk tune. We must penetrate it, feel it, and bring out its sharp contours by the appropriate setting... It must be a work of inspiration just as much as any other composition." - Bela Bartok

9270 SHEET MUSIC $6.50

Imant Raminsh: Slavic Folks Songs

All Throughout the Great Wide World
America's Like a Sister, Canada's Like a Mother
In a Pine Forest
The Black Raven
Along the Peterskaya

SATB a cappella

The pieces of the first set are arrangements of folk-songs from the Russian and Doukhobor traditions and were prepared for the Vancouver Chamber Choir's 1989 tour of the former Soviet Union. Of the three, "All Throughout the Great Wide World" and "Along the Peterskaya" are well-known Russian tunes, highly rhythmic and vigorous; and employ quasi-instrumental accompaniment effects, whistling, and optional sleigh-bells and slap-stick (whip). The second (The Black Raven) comes from the Doukhobor community of British Columbia, Canada, and is a poignant lament of great lyricism and power. It uses a contralto soloist to introduce and carry melody through a piece.

7002 SONGBOOK $8.95

Matyas Seiber: Yugoslav Folksongs

The Unfaithful Lover
Handsome Mirko
Eighteen Shining Buttons
Heaven Above
Fairy Tale

SATB divisi a cappella.

A collection of folksongs from the former Yugoslavia for unaccompanied mixed voices.

8001 SONGBOOK $15.95

Tina Harrington: Two Serbian Folks Songs

Sano Duso
Ajde Jano

SATB a cappella

Selected for the Ron Kean multicultural series, these Serbian folk songs have been tastefully arranged by educator, Tina Harrington. Although these pieces can be performed alone, it is actually a partner with “Sano Duso.” “Ajde Jano” is a playful love song that frolics and skips as its text celebrates dancing and singing. Even as the music shifts from F minor to major and back again, the ethnic modality transports you to Serbia. A more tender love song than its partner piece, they program perfectly together.

8716 SONGBOOK $4.25

Johannes Brahms: German Folk Songs for Unaccompanied Mixed Voices

The Ardent Suitor
One Day I Went a-Riding
By a Lone Woodland Spring
Saint Emmeran
A Dove So White
A Lullaby Prayer
Saint Raphael
One Quiet Night
The Lover's Vision
O Sweet, Delightful Maytime
Morning Song
The Reaper
The Heavenly Hunter
Invite Me, Sweet Maiden
The Fiddler
Below In the Valley
At Night
A House Stands by a Flowing Stream
Roses and Pearls
The Knight and the Ladys
The Young Carpenter
Battle Prayer

Throughout his life Brahms harmonized and arranged German folksongs for mixed choir. In these masterful versions the elegant simplicity of the originals always maintained, yet Brahms weaves well-shaped vocal lines and adds delicate harmonies to make polished songs of great charm. In this edition, John Lewers has fashioned highly effective and poetic English singing translations, which adhere to the rhyming scheme of the original. The result is a collection of instantly accessible yet little known repertoire, exploring a variety of scenes and moods, which will appeal to all mixed-voice choirs looking for imaginative concert repertoire. SATB a cappella with German and Enlish text.

9640 SONGBOOK $15.95

Johannes Brahms: Fourteen German Folk Songs

Von Edler Art
Mit Lust Tat Ich Ausreiten
Bei Nachtlicher Weil
Vom Heiligen Martyrer Emmerano: Komm Mainz
Taublein WeiB: Es Flog Ein Taublein WeiBe
Ach Lieber Herre Jesu Christ
Sankt Raphael
In Stiller Nacht
Acschiedslied: Ich Fahr Dahin
Der Tote Knabe: Es Pochet Ein Knabe Sachte
Di Wollust In den Maien
Morgengesang: Wach Auf, Mein Kind
Schnitter Tod: Es ist Ein Schnitter
Der Englische Jager: Es Wolld Gut Jager Jagen

A collection of unaccompanied choral works for SATB choir with German text.

7008 SONGBOOK $6.95

Various Composers (Ed. Judith Blezzard): German Romantic Partsongs

Da Unten Im Tale - Johannes Brahms
Dein Herzlein Mild - Johannes Brahms
Dem Dunkeld Schoss Der Heilgen Erde - Johannes Brahms
Erlaube Mir - Johannes Brahms
Im Herbst - Johannes Brahms
In Stiller Nacht - Johannes Brahms
Das Edle Herz - Anton Bruckner
Du Bist Wie Eine Blume - Anton Bruckner
Walspruch - Anton Bruckner
Aetherische Geisterstimmen - Peter Cornelius
Der Fichtenbaum - Peter Cornelius
Der Traum - Peter Cornelius
Die Sternlein - Peter Cornelius
Fruhlingsglaube - Peter Cornelius
Nichts Ohne Liebe - Peter Cornelius
So Weich Und Warm - Peter Cornelius
Ave Maria - Robert Franz
Er ist's! - Robert Franz
Es Ist Ein Schnee Gefallen - Robert Franz
Die Wasserrose - Niels Gade
Ritter Fruhling - Niels Gade
Im Vorubergehn - Carl Loewe
In Der Marienkirche - Carl Loewe
Abschied vom Wald - Felix Mendelssohn
Fruhzeitiger Fruhling - Felix Mendelssohn
Herbstlied - Felix Mendelssohn
Morgengebet - Felix Mendelssohn
Ruhetal - Felix Mendelssohn
Ei, du Lutte - Arnold Schoenberg
Chor der Engel - Franz Schubert
Das Grab - Franz Schubert
Der Rekrut - Robert Schumann
Der Schmid - Robert Schumann
Jagerlied - Robert Schumann
John Anderson - Robert Schumann
Sommerlied - Robert Schumann
Des Menshen Trost - Louis Spohr
Frohliche Fahrt - Hugo Wolf
Gottvertrauen - Hugo Wolf
Grablied - Hugo Wolf

As the nineteenth century progressed, there was an unprecedented flowering of the partsong in Germany, inspired by the development of the rich repertory of German Romantic poetry in the hands of Goethe, Ruckert, Heine and others. Here are forty of the best 19th-century examples of the genre, from the country where partsongs caught the imagination of most major composers and delighted their audiences. The collection starts with Schubert and ends with early Schoenberg, including pieces by Brahms, Mendelsohn, Bruckner, Schumann, Wolf and Cornelius along the way. Many of the exquisite pieces are about the archetypal Romantic themes: love, often lost or unrequited; nature and the seasons; life and death; religion and folklore; human ideals and aspirations. Some items are previously unpublished, whilst others have never been widely available. All the material appears with thoroughly idiomatic English singing translations as well as prose translations, and notes on the composers and their pieces. The majority of the items are in short-score format, for the convenience of the rehearsal accompanist. SATB a cappella.

9643 SONGBOOK $14.95

Various Arrangers: Hebrew Songs

Shir Hama'alot - arr. Charles Davidson
S'Vivon Traditional - arr. Betty Bertaux
Eili, Eili - arr. Rena Shapiro

3 part mixed a cappella

Cantor Rena Shapiro’s take on the Israeli classic "Eili, Eili" is a fantastic a cappella addition to any repertoire. The setting's savvy utilization of just three voices gives it lots of mileage with a beginning choir but provides plenty for an advanced one to work with in terms of expression and nuance. The piece includes sections in both Hebrew and English. The flowing, contrapuntal movement in Cantor Davidson's setting of Psalm 121 (“A song of ascents...”) is at once modern and madrigal, and provides options for singing in English, Hebrew, or both. The song S'Vivon depicts the Hanukkah dreydl, a small top with four sides. Each side of the dreydl contains one of the four Hebrew initials of the phrase, “(A) Great Miracle Happened There.”

8019 SHEET MUSIC $6.95

Various Arrangers: Songs of Africa for Male Voices

Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain - Joseph Shabalala
Harambee - arr. Robert I. Hugh
Bwana Awabariki - arr. Eugene Butler
Gabi, Gabi - arr. William Powell

TTBB a cappella

"Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain" - The famed South African vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo led by Joseph Shabalala creates moments of transformative beauty with their unique sound and vivid imagery. Choirs will enjoy recreating this evocative work. "Harambee" - In Kenya, the Swahili word harambee has multiple meaning. When a group of people gather to complete a difficult physical task, they often say, “one, two, thre ... harambee!!” In this context the words means: “let's go, let's get it done.” A special gathering to raise money for building a church or school is also called a harambee. These gatherings often feature long speeches, music and dancing. In the context of this composition, harambee means unity – working together. In a time of increased multi-cultural awareness, Bwana Awabariki offers an ideal piece of African culture for both churches and schools. The song emphasizes rhythm, blend, and African-style vocalism with broad, open chords and the familiar low, low bass part. This warm a cappella blessing would be especially effective with added percussion. This a cappella setting of a traditional South African praise song "Gabi, Gabi" just bursts with joyful energy. Dynamic contrast, percussion and a wide range of layered vocal textures make this an appealing concert choice.

7229 SHEET MUSIC $6.95

Various: World Folk Songs for Male Voices

Bonnie Mary of Argyle (Scotland) arr. Ken Berg
African Processional (arr. Montoya)
Evening (Sweden) arr. Hugo Alfven
Sailor Songs (Vijay Singh)
- Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her
- Her Bright Smile
- Bangidero
Songs From Karad (Hungary) Kodaly

TTBB a cappella

"Bonnie Mary of Argyle", from the Scottish Folksong Suite, is a stunning ballad perfect for male chorus. The SATB edition of "African Processional" was one of the best-sellers of all time and continues to be so. Part of the Ron Kean Multicultural Series, this TTBB edition was commissioned by Charles Bruffy and the Phoenix Bach Choir for the educational outreach program. This song of welcome uses African percussion and provides a plethora of creative staging ideas. "Evening" is a great classic of 20th century Scandinavian choral literature, evoking pastoral voices echoing in the mountains, now available for male voices. Engish lyrics by Norman Luboff. "Sailor Songs" is a set of three a cappella songs which will be a fun addition to you program and "Songs From Karad" by the master Zoltán Kodály is an English Version by Nancy Bush after a translation by Matyas Seiber.

9247 SHEETMUSIC $8.50

Various Arrangers: World Folk Songs for Male Voices 2

Freedom Come, arr. Ben Allaway
Back To Ethiopia, arr. Paul Rardin
Kpanlongo, arr. Derek Bermel
Johnny Schmoker, arr. James Rodde
Hol' You Han', arr. Paul Rardin

TTBB a cappella

The TTBB version of 'Freedom Come' is the closing movement of 'Bandari: Inside These Walls,' a five moevement work encompassing a variety of African styles and combining Swahili and English text, and is written in the style of a South African freedom song. The piece begins a cappella; the conga drum is added after the first verse to create new energy and to delineate subtle rhythmic changes, particularly during the ending which alternates between 3/2 and 5/8. 'Back to Ethiopia' bears numerous attributes associated with the African-American spiritual, and might thus be effectively treated as a Jamaican equivalent. The text plaintively longs for a homeland; the 'verses' in the verse-and-refrain structure are meley repetitions of a single line of text; and the melody suggests very slow harmonic rhythm. The appeal of this tune lies in its ability to strike the ear as being both astonishingly simple and proundly moving. The moving folk song 'Kpanlongo' should be sung with a somewhat nasal and straight tone with strong accents on each syllable to clearly define the rhythm. This piece comes along with a very helpful pronunciation guide. The Pennsylvania Dutch folk song, 'Johnny Scmoker' is a fun song indeed. Through its seven verses, Johnny describes and accumulates all the instruments he can play. Simple choreography along with the accelerandos (to as fast as possible) give this piece its trademark - your choir and audience are sure to enjoy. The Jamaican folk song 'Hol' You Han'' is quite authentic and will be exciting for your choir to tackle, it even incorporates vocal/body percussion! An opotional piano part is included for this piece.

9461 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various Arrangers: World Folk Songs for Male Voices 3

Three Folksongs For Men's Voices - arr. Curtis Heard
Pseudo-Yoik - arr. Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (Finland)
Barbara Allen - arr. Mac Huff (England)
The Game of Cards - arr. Stephen Hatfield (Newfoundland)
Chickens In the Garden - arr. Stephen Hatfield (England)

TTBB a cappella

"Barbara Allen" - Singers can display expressiveness and beauty of phrasing in this lovely a cappella setting of the beloved English folk ballad. It tells the story of the unrequited love between Barbara Allen and Sweet William. Originally composed for a festival in Newfoundland, "The Game of Cards" is based on an old English folk song. It should be sung with a storyteller's sense of delight in his own story; part wide-eyed wonder, part knowing smile. "Chickens In the Garden" is a carousing English toasting song, hearty and robust and perfect for the pub with raised glass in hand – or, if the chance arises, perhaps for your next rollicking encore or concert piece! “The text exists merely to give form to the music and is meaningless,” says Finnish composer Mäntyjärvi, whose “El Hambo” in 1999 was an instant success with American high school choirs. In “Pseudo-Yoik” he takes a humorous look at the stereotype of the Lapland folk music.

7039 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various Arrangers: Men's Folk Songs

Home On The Range, arr. Greg Gilpin
Skye Boat Song, arr. Jameson Marvin
The Minstrel Boy, arr. Jameson Marvin
Tenting On the Old Campground, arr. Leonard Van Camp
Let's Drink! (Beviamo!), arr. William Tortolano
What Wondrous Love Is This, arr. J. Harold Moyer

TTBB a cappella

Written for the Harvard Glee Club, this arrangement of 'Skye Boat Song' is men’s choral singing at its best! Jameson Marvin sets this beautiful Scottish folksong combining both the jauntiness of a sailor’s air and the sensitivity of a lullaby. From the Mark Foster catalog, 'What Wondrous Love Is This' is another well-loved folk hymn arrangement from J. Harold Moyer. Written for the Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus, Moyer has taken a beautiful folk hymn and crafted it into an exquisite choral anthem. Using the modal folk melody, he has embellished the harmony with broad, open chords and scalar movement, giving the piece a chant-like quality. The a cappella arrangement of 'Home on the Range' bursts with colorful harmonies and textures which expertly interpret the text. Described by some as a “perfect melody,” this American standard gives your ensemble a chance to show off their impeccable tuning and blending abilities for concert, contest, or festival. Features unison phrases, brief solo sections, and lush, unexpected harmonies. A traditional Irish folksong, 'The Minstrel Boy,' is a fun and exciting four part men's arrangement. The baritone solo in the middle of the piece is definitely noteworthy! 'Tenting On the Old Campground' is known as the most popular 'melancholy song' of the Cival War. It was written in 1862 by a concert ballad singer from New Hampshire wh was deferred from army service because of 'feebleness of constitution.' But he did sing it for Union troops in the field. The song appealed to soldiers on both sides of the conflict. This would be a great addition to your concert! 'Let's Drink!' is a fun three part men's piece that can be sung during your concert or even at the after-party!

9436 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various: World Folk Songs for Women's Voices

Danny Boy, (Ireland) arr. Phillip Lawson
Geordie, (Scotland) arr. Stephen Hatfield
Whitest Stockings, Whitest Roses, (Latvia) arr. Imant Raminsh
Kumbaya, (Congo) arr. Kirby Shaw
Three Flower Songs, (US) arr. Mrs. H.H.A. Beach
- The Clover
- The Yellow Daisy
- The Bluebell
Three Yorkshire Folk Songs, (England) arr. David Andrews
- The Lass of Richmond Hill
- Scarborough Fair
- On Ilkla Moor Baht'at

SSAA a cappella

Beautiful lyric lines and warm harmonies are the centerpiece of the stunning a cappella setting of the beloved Irish folk melody "Danny Boy" and this work is sure to leave your listeners spellbound! A colorful and lively Scottish ballad "Geordie" and tells the tale of Lady Ann, gone to Edinburgh to save her man Geordie from wrongful execution. Each of the four vocal parts has its chance to sing! The second selection "Whitest Stockings" is from a set of Five Latvian Folk Songs, this song tells of a young woman picking the whitest of garden roses for a wreath. Its rhythmic 2/4 is playful, with off-the-beat accents strewn in and the melody line weaving through the four-part women's arrangement. Featured in the 2001 National ACDA concert, this makes a fine festival or competition selection. Moderately difficult. The a cappella classic "Kumbaya" starts with a vocal rhythm pattern behind a solo, gradually building in intensity into a duet, a trio and finally a triumphant SSAA 4th verse. All the parts have interesting vocal lines, the drama is constant and the lyrics are inspiring – a unique and powerful arrangement! "Scarborough Fair" is one of the most famous of British folk songs and with good reason which this arrangements showcases and the "Three Flower Swongs" are American classics and these arrangements are published by the Library of Congress. Showcase your group's talents with a wordly touch.

9211 SHEETMUSIC $11.95

Various: World Folk Songs for Women's Voices Vol 2

Freedom Come, arr. Ben Allaway
Waly, Waly, arr. Joan Szymko
Poor Wayfaring Stanger, arr. Shane Warby
Melodijas, arr. Peteris Barisons
Sulle Mulle, arr. Alo Ritsing
Wana Baraka, arr. Shawn L. Kirchner

SSAA a cappella

This eclectic collection contains six diverse gems for female singers. "Freedom Come"is in the style of a South African freedom song: creating an atmosphere in which hope can increase, healing can occur, and connections to our common humanity can be strengthened. "Waly, Waly" is a masterful setting of a well-loved, Scottish ballad that is rich in harmonic texture. "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" is a beautiful arrangement of an American folk hymn written for the Brigham Young University Women's Chorus. "Melodijas" is a Latvian text by J. Sudrabkalns wherein musical concepts become metaphors for the complexities of life. Peteris Barisons's arrangement enhances the meaning of the text while simultaneously evoking rich, warm tone and expressive delivery. "Sulle Mulle" features Barbershop-style singing, composed by Alo Ritsing, esteemed teacher, composer and conductor at the Heino Eller Music School in Estonia. Finally, "Wana Baraka" is a popular, religious Kenyan song, arranged by Shawn Kirchner to express the quality of joy and improvisation that comes with spontaneous music-making.

9457 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Various: World Folk Songs for Women's Voices Vol 3

Malolo (Lullaby on a Samoan text), Annea Lockwood
Artsa Alina, Nina Gilbert
K’wae-jina ching-ching nah-neh, arr. Nina Gilbert
Shenandoah, arr. William G. Lycan
Suo Gân (traditional Welsh lullaby), arr. Thomas Edward Morgan

SSAA a cappella

Mellifluous Samoan lull words, like "manulele" (bird), and "suamalie," (sweet) are the basis for the hypnotic lullaby of repeated and recombined pentatonic patterns, titled 'Malolo.' Accessible to average choirs, this piece, with its subtle rhythmic interest and carefully crafted dynamic changes, is rewarding for more advanced choirs as well. The "macho march" setting of the Israeli pioneer song, 'Artsa Alina,' makes fine use of rapid alternation between unisons and vigorous chords. This one is a rouser! The Hebrew text is phonetically underlaid, with full Hebrew text and translation, with prononciation guide, included. Because 'K’wae-jina ching-ching nah-neh' builds on repeating short verses and refrains, this song of warning and complaint is accessible to western singers. Suggestions for performance alternatives give additional flexibility.The Korean text is underlaid phonetically, with full Korean text and translation, and guides to pronunciation, given as well. The haunting melody of 'Shenandoah' is variously placed against pedal points, with unison phrase closings, in the alto line, and at close imitation, to give the acoustic feeling of the singers' listening and longing for the sound of the beloved. Lush voicing and the subtle rhythmic texture of the choral accompaniment highlight the simple appeal of 'Suo Gan.' With full Welsh text and phonetic rendition underlaid in the score, and word-by-word and prose translations.

9497 SHEET MUSIC $8.95

Sweet Honey in The Rock: Continuum

Would You Harbor Me?
We Are...
Cum Ba Yah
Young and Positive
Inner Voices
Fulani Chant
Dream Songs Of Love
Wodaabe Nights
Prayer To The One
Goin' To See My Baby
Motherless Chil'
Ella's Song
I Remember, I Believe
No More Auction Block

Long awaited, the 20 arrangements contained herein are a joyous testimony to the significance of this African-American female ensemble. Compiled and edited by Ysaye M Barnwell, whose bass register and poignant compositions are an integral component of the Sweet Honey character, the songbook also includes performance notes, a discography and several essays. The voice ranges vary, depending upon the arrangement, but are typically five part, and reach down into the bass clef, notated as SATB plus lead. Their songs are living and breathing entities, and the texture of their sound requires flexibility. As said of Sweet Honey in the foreword, by Harry Belafonte, "their melodies make the soul sing!"

8515 SONGBOOK $24.98

Libana: Night Passage

Whatever Circles Comes from the Center
Dark of the Moon
Oh Mama Bakudala
Summer Solstice
I Have A Million Nightingales
Bim Bam
Learned of Angel
V'asu Li Mikdash
The Breeze at Dawn
We All Come from the Goddess
Vem Kan Segla
Er a la vo
Night Goes Back
Ise Oluwa
Deep Peace

The women's ensemble Libana performs music from around the world: African, Hawaiian, Native American, Rennaissance and Shaker are just some of the diverse groups represented in these rounds, chants and songs. Arranged for treble voices, with some harmony parts - though many are rounds or unison - these arrangements are simple enough for a beginning group to enjoy. They have been selected not only for their musical value, but also their historical merit and spiritual meaning as well.This songbook features all the arrangements of the songs from the same titled recording.

9753 SONGBOOK $12.98

Libana: A Fire Within

Fire Within
Hotaru Koi
Treeplanter's Round
Con El Viento
Good Friend
Kona Kai Opua I Ka Lai
O Virgo Splendens
Rise Up O Flame
Clear Horizon
Ode To Contentment
I Will Be Gentle With Myself
Now I Walk In Beauty
Be Like A Bird
Lo Yisa Goy
And She Will Rise

The 18 songs on the CD by the same name are all found within this songbook. Twelve of the songs are rounds or chants, with the others largely three part harmony settings. So this collection will be appropriate for womens' or girls' groups looking for straightforward harmony settings of women-oriented songs. While the songs are accessible to all levels of singers, we think even advanced ensembles will find material here that will round out their performances. The songs include Native American chants ("Neesa," "Now I Walk In Beauty"), two Renaissance Spanish pieces ("O Virgo Splendens," "Con El Viento"), a Swedish "Lullaby," and a Shaker hymn "Ode to Contentment."

1223 SONGBOOK $12.98

Libana: A Circle Is Cast

It Joyed My Heart
Ah, Comme C'est Chose Belle
Sure As The Wind
A River Of Birds
Autumn Time
Fly, Fly, Fly
In May, That Lusty Season
Full Moonlight Dance
Kore Chant
Ma Belle Sinkwanee
Young Rider
As I Mee Walked
A Perfect Fire
The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water
A Circle Is Cast
The Earth Is Our Mother
Ancient Mother
Russian Lullaby
Round And Round
Sisters, Now Our Meeting Is Over

The 22 songs on the CD by the same name are here as well. All of the songs are rounds or chants, with three of the chants including additional harmony lines. As with "Fire Within" the collection is appropriate for entry level groups as well as advanced women's ensembles looking to add some deceptively simple material to their repertoire. The songs are drawn from a diversity of cultures: Renaissance France ("Ah, Comme C'est Chose Belle"), Native American ("Mowtay," "The Earth is Our Mother," "Ancient Mother"), Israeli ("Eyli"), Eastern European ("Russian Lullaby"), as well as recent works and folk songs of unknown origins.

1224 SONGBOOK $12.98

Various Arrangers: World Folk Songs for Women's Voices Vol 4

Charlottown - arr. Charles F. Bryan
Loch Lomond - arr. Vijay Singh
Ning Wendete - arr. Lana Walter
Wayfaring Stranger - arr. Robert DeCormie
My Heart Is Full Of Merriment And Joy - arr. Jerry Wesley Harris

SSA a cappella

The need to provide our students with exposure to the music of all of the world's cultures has never been greater. Lana Walter brings us the rhythmic work "Ning Wendete" for women's choir from Kenya. All of its authentic charms are captured in the rhythmic variation. A complete translation and pronunciation guide are provided. A new treatment for women's choir of the renowned Scottish air "Loch Lomond". Beautiful, flowing harmonies and solo opportunities combine to create a lush yet sensible setting of this classic folk favorite. Gentle flashes of 'Simple Gifts' add a grace and charm that make this a truly unique setting! Robert DeCormier's a cappella setting of the American folk melody "Wayfaring Stranger" has been part of the choral repertoire for many years. If you haven't performed this recently, do it now!

7020 SHEET MUSIC $9.95

Various Arrangers: Folk Songs for Treble Voices

Barbara Allen - arr. Mac Huff (England)
My Love Has Departed - arr. Kim Lundberg (Canada)
Three Ugric Folk Songs - arr. Veljo Tormis (Hungary)
J'ai Cu Le Loup - arr. Stephen Hatfield (France)
Friendship Song - arr. Doreen Rao (Czech)

Treble a cappella

Singers can display expressiveness and beauty of phrasing in this lovely a cappella setting of the beloved English folk ballad "Barbara Allen". It tells the story of the unrequited love between Barbara Allen and Sweet William. "My Love Has Departed" is about the sorrow of an Ojibway lady when her lover leaves her for Saul Ste. Marie. She thinks she hears his returning, splashing oar, but it is merely a loon splashing water. With optional drum part. Veljo Tormis has perfected the craft of choral composition in devotion to his native Estonia and similar heritages. These short, vivid songs come from related Ugric nationalities: the Hanti and Mansi of Siberia, and the Hungarians. The fleet-footed setting of a medieval French folksong "J'ai Cu Le Loup" is packed with energy and self-assurance. Sure to please!

7042 SHEET MUSIC $7.95

Mary Goetze: Folk Songs For Children's Choruses

Scarborough Fair
Hold The Wind
Old Joe Clark


Acclaimed arranger Mary Goetze presents here a setting of the most familiar variant of this traditional folk ballad, "Scarborough Fair," in which two lovers make impossible requests of each other. The texture shifts from homophonic to imitative counterpoint. Brief dissonances created and resolved by stepwise progression of the accompanying voices reflect the bittersweetness of the text. "Hold the Wind," a simple yet stirring melody in the mixolydian mode, was sung by a blacksmith. The simple harmonization highlights the beauty of the melody. "Shenandoah" is set with very simple ideas which complement and support the motion of the beautiful melody. The accompanying voices can be learned quickly, for they sing like melodies and progress by step. "Old Joe Clark," a familiar fiddle tune of our American heritage is arranged in a playful setting which captures the flavor of the jocular text.

9076 SHEET MUSIC $9.95

Michael Burkhardt: Part-Singing: Global Style - 15 Songs from around the World for Children's Choirs

Alabre - Spain
Dievo Avineli - Lithuania
Gloria - Argentina
Gloria a Dios - Peru
Gloria in excelsis - France
Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading - Tanzania
Kyrie - Russia
Nimemwona Bwana - Tanzania
Ososo - Korea
Rise to Greet the Sun - China
Santo, Santo, Santo - Argentina
Sing unto the Lord - Slovakia
There Shall a Star from Jacob Shine - United Kingdom
Wakatanka taku nitawa - United States
Yo Soy la Luz del Mundo - Mexico

This collection is designed to give children initial experiences in part-singing using choral settings of global songs that are reflective of the style and culture of each song's origin. Burkhardt's always-fresh approach provides accessible global music for children's choirs for use throughout the church year and as part of the liturgy. Gathered here are songs from Spain, Lithuania, Argentina, Peru, France, Tanzania, Russia, Korea, China, Slovakia, United Kingsob, United States and Mexico. The Teacher Cdition includes Accompaniment and optional instrumentation for each song, a copy of the music as it appears in the Student Edition, extensive teaching instructions for each song, vocalises and rhythm charts based on each song, Reproducible accompaniment and instrumental pages and pronunciation guides, maps, and background information.

6503 SONGBOOK $24.95

Christmas Carol arrangements from around the world

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