December 7, 2005

Slammin All-Body Band

Oakland, CA-based mixed-voice sextet Slammin All Body Band, which we caught at a recent A Cappella Summit, is at its best liveľas "Slammin," their debut CD proves. In fact the idea for the band came out of a raucous jam session at Jazz Camp/West, where the creation of a full and textured sound using no instruments outside the body "was just too happening to ignore." Slammin concerts were immediately rowdy, funky, humorous, vibrant and fresh. We particularly liked the opening cut, "Overjoyed/ Cabra da Peste," riffs on the reggae anthem "Pressure Drop," "Thank You/Just Be Thankful/What Is Hip" medley and "Freedom Jazz Dance." Exciting, cutting edge stuff! 7468c CD 14.98
Listen to "Body Music"

Posted by acapnews at December 7, 2005 10:44 PM