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Various Composers: Music from Les Choristes (The Chorus)

Song NameVoicing
In MemoriamSSAAPreview
Vois sur ton chemin (See Upon Your Path)SAPreview
Caresse sur l'ocean (Caress Upon the Ocean)SSAPreview
Cerf-volant (Kite Flying)SSAPreview
Lueur d'ete (Summer's Warm Light)SSAPreview
Compere GuilleriSAPreview

The highly successful French movie Les Choristes (The Chorus) was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and "Vois sur ton chemin (See Upon Your Path)' was nominated for Best Original Song with the musical theme reoccurs throughout the movie and expresses the central image of the story: Joys of childhood, too quickly forgotten erased. A golden light shines steadily at the very end of the path. "Caresse sur l'ocean" is an enchanting melody with wonderful interwoven harmony, this expressive song paints an evocative image of a bird aloft on the wind, traveling far distances, from snowy far-off lands to castles in Spain. "Cerf-volant " is a buoyant song that beautifully depicts the image of a kite flying high in the air implying a child's imaginative wishes and dreams. "Lueur d'ete" dramatically portray the emotions, dreams and fears of the children in the story. Images of summer, like our childhood memories, remain always in our heart. Includes the original French and English lyrics.

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