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King's Singers: Good Vibrations

Song NameComposerArranger
Good VibrationsBrian Wilson / Mike LoveBob Chilcott
CeciliaPaul SimonAndrew Jackman
Father to Son Phil CollinsBob Chilcott
The Boxer Paul SimonAndrew Jackman
Texas Girl at the Funeral of her FatherRandy NewmanBob Chilcott
Seaside Rendezvous Freddie MercuryPaul Hart
And So It GoesBilly JoelBob Chilcott
American Pie Don MacleanDaryl Runswick
Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy Paul SimonAndrew Jackman
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover Paul SimonAndrew Jackman
That Lonesome RoadJames TaylorSimon Carrington
Freddie Feel-GoodRay StevensPaul Hart
M.L.K. Clayton / Hewson / Evans / MullenBob Chilcott

Produced by Simon Woods

The arranging of the King's Singers is applied to a wide variety of music from the world of pop and rock. Shocking! It's fabulous. The Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations" is a natural for a group whose capacity to harmonize puts to shame almost anyone who hasn't also shared a lifetime of musical study, practice and performance, as have the King's Singers. There's vocal percussion, acrobatics worthy of the most avant garde practitioners of extended voice techniques, perfected trills and runs that only endless training achieves; and the harmonies, aah such harmonies. Perhaps one reason for this is the counter-tenor voice at the high register rather than needing to rely on the falsetto. It creates a harmonic purity to the chords that is sweeter. Then, of course you have to listen to the "kazoo" chorus and all the rest of the sound effects in Freddie Mercury's "Seaside Rendezvous to realize that these singers can do it all! Be sure to catch Ray Stevens "Freddie Feel-Good" for a fabulous vocal jazz band. Take that, rock 'n rollers, you'll love it!

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Choral | Male | 6 x 8 | England
090266093823 | 09026609382

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